Interesting facts about Morocco


I had been to Morocco about 6-7 times so far and it has become one of my most favorite countries, like ever. I seriously cannot wait to go back, because there are just so many fantastic places there I’m more than eager to visit AND to re-visit. During this time I’m feeling nostalgic for the country I thought to share some interesting facts with you all.

  1. The land of colors: 

Morocco is a very special country and what could show this any better than the fact that cities there have their own signature color? Casablanca is in fact white, while Rabat white and yellow. Marakech is the classic example of terracotta red while Fés is green and blue. Ourzazate is brown while Chefchaouen is extremely blue. This extreme cacophony of colors just adds up to the fact why Morocco is one of the most beautiful, unique and must-visit travel destinations

  1. People are Muslim but…

Of course, as a Muslim country the majority of people are Muslim in Morocco but, they are very natural about their religion, apart from some rare extremists, the whole country is very relaxed about religion, perfectly accepting non- Muslims per se. This is a place where you will see just as many women without hijab than with hijab. There is music, there are discos, you can buy alcohol freely in Morocco. Just do not get too much out of line, then you will be alright with partying the same as in Europe

  1. Bet you didn’t know:  that Morocco has a rich Jewish cultural heritage too

Indeed Morocco has some of the biggest Jewish population out of all Muslim-Arab countries. There are numerous cities where there are Jewish Mellahs ( Jewish districts) Jewish cemeteries too. Over the centuries Jewish people have finely assimilated to numerous primarily Berber tribes.

  1. Thought French is spoken all across Morocco?  Nope!

French is the primary foreign language that should be spoken in Morocco besides the Moroccan Arab language, however the century long French occupation which did not end so long ago ( back in the Sixties) have left a mark on the souls of many, therefore to this day, lots of Moroccans straight refuse to learn French. Apart from the primarily French speaking cities such as Casablanca or Marakech, you won’t really find that many people speaking the language elsewhere.

  1. But Spanish is an important language

Especially in the Northern regions of Morocco Spanish is widely spoken by the locals. Tangier is a beautiful example to that. The city lies just a few kms from Spain and this really shows in the whole atmosphere  of this city.

  1. In fact Spain is inside Morocco

To this day, Morocco has two cities which are held by the Spanish and as such they are considered Spanish territory inside of Morocco: the cities of Ceuta and Melilla which are fully governed by the spanish and even need EU visa for locals to be able to visit.