Majorelle Garden – the landmark of the biggest Photoshop fails and the burial place of Yves Saint Laurent

The main star of Majorelle Garden, the villa itself

Majorelle Garden – the landmark of the biggest Photoshop fails and the burial-place of Yves Saint Laurent


Majorelle Garden, the iconic attraction of Marrakech is a little bit like Las Vegas in terms of trying to give back what you experience… The reality is too twisted itself, in terms of colors. Therefore, you can only really experiment this place once you are there. Therefore Majorelle Garden is by far the Nr.1 on the list of places where people just can’t help and overdo their photos. I’ve seen some of the worst Photoshop fails in terms of the Jardine du Majorelle and the problem is, the more over-edited photos you see, the less connected to the reality you will be.

Why is this place so iconic?

If you are from Miami, Florida the land of Art-Deco buildings , this place won’t tell you all that much, except for the outstanding colors and the observation on how Art Deco and Islamic Arts can possibly mix, but in all honesty, when you think of Morocco, it’s generally not Art Deco you associate it with. In fact, your thoughts couldn’t be any further from Art Deco in all. That’s why this attraction is also a bit of a surprise for many.

As an extra, apart from being some of the most photographed attraction from the outside, on the inside, the building gives home to the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech too.

An interesting fact:  The world-famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent owned the Majorelle Gardens until he died in 2008. His wish was to spread his ashes throughout the garden and this is exactly what happened.

A capturing combination of colours


Some History:

The Majorelle Garden was the dream of the French painter Jacques Majorelle and through hard work, dedication and an exact plan in mind, forty years later, this work of art was born.

What we are talking about is an Art Deco Villa, that includes elements from the Moroccan-Islamic architecture too, but above all that, this place has become a real landmark for its outstanding colors. You will see the cacophony of blues and yellows which are somehow brought in harmony with the large botanical garden that embraces it all.

The blue and the shades of blue is so outstanding that after a while you just can’t help, you want to bring out more and more from your photos and this is the  Nr.1 reason why so many fail. The object is far from being plain that’s why it’s such an excellent target of overdone photos.

Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech
detail from Majorelle Garden, Marrakech, Morocco


The garden, which is a park on its own right also gives home to the Berber Museum which you can easily reach with a ten minute walk from the central villa building.

This attraction occupies a twelve acre (522720 square feet) land and is located in the uptown district of Güeliz, located very close to the other key attractions of Marrakech such as Al Koutoubia or Jamaa El F’na. The easiest way to get there is either by foot from the Central Bus Station (Gare Routiére) or simply take a cab.

A beautiful example on why Majorelle Garden is the most popular photo-spot in Marrakech