The Best Arabic YouTube Channels today

The Best Arabic YouTube Channels today

I will be honest with you: these months I had the luck to work a lot from home and I have finally managed to renew my internet subscription in the same time. These two culminated in one thing: looking for YouTube channels which I like. I have managed to go through tons of channels during these times and I could get a clear picture on which channels I like or find interesting. As the Arab world is pretty close to me, naturally I tried to look for channels which are in connection with it, this or that way. As Arabic YouTube channels are not much discussed on the English forums, I thought to come out with my comprehensive list of the current best Arabic YouTube Channels (in English or in Arabic)

I have also managed not to stick with one genre of channels. I will represent you with multiple genres ranging from beauty and make up to more discussion based channels. I will also introduce you to a very Arabic/ Muslim phenomenon which is currently trending among the Arabic YouTube channels. I hope you will like this introduction.

  • Huda Beauty – English and Arabic – beauty and lifestyle, make-up


Huda Kattan is a very specific personality, an Arabic woman from an Arabic family who spent most of her childhood far from her family who in the meantime left to Dubai and she in fact grew up in Texas, forgetting her native Arabic altogether. With tons of will and studying of beauty and make-up she has first started her beauty blog which took years to finally catch on and then she decided to start with make-up and lifestyle vlogs on YouTube. Thanks to her beauty, the professional representation and due to the rarity of English AND Arabic speaking make-up channels she has become incredibly popular. And yes today, thanks to hard studying and living in Dubai she is slowly but surely learning Arabic to speak it on a native level again. Many of her videos are in fact in Arabic. She also has an incredibly large Instagram follower base and we can say that hers is the largest English speaking Arabic beauty channel.

  • Daniela M. Biah English – DIYs, funny videos, pranks, collabs, Muslim topics


The half Jordanian, half-Mexican youtuber builds on both the Arabic/Muslim and on the Mexican fan base and she is becoming incredibly popular, thanks to her exceptional beauty and he fun videos, which range from DIYs to games, vlogs and collaborations with other youtubers. Living in Canada, Daniela is one of the rare female Muslim youtubers who does not wear a veil therefore she is one of those who have the capacity to bring together the Muslim and non-Muslim audience. She has several DIYs related to Muslim habits, such as 10 things to do during Ramadan, top 10 hijab hacks, Eid DIYs and we could go on. I love her videos because they have a nice, relaxed vibe to them.

  • Kuku ( Karim Metwaly formerly „Arewefamousnow”)


Karim is a very specific youtuber who I really came to like because he has some amazing discussions about the Muslim faith, raises several arguments and also gives a good reasoning to many things, which are base to tons of judgement and misunderstanding regarding the Islamic faith. On the other hand, he has tons of funny videos, his prank (experiment) videos are very popular and he also has several collaborations too. Formerly he was part of the „modern” American Islamic youtubers alongside world famous Muslim youtubers such as Adam Saleh (who is predominantly doing prank videos) but their relationship has worsened in the past years to the point that they don’t even talk today. Follow Karim because he is a bright young guy who has tons of goodwill and I also love his travel and discussion vlogs. He is Egyptian who was born in the United States. Although he speaks Arabic, he doesn’t make specifically Arabic speaking videos. (I honestly think it’s partly because if you speak another language than English that won’t pay much money on the long haul.)

  • Dina Tokio – UK –Muslim fashion, make-up and lifestyle plus daily vlogs


Now, don’t ask me why she has the name „ Tokio” when she is a half-British and half-Egyptian woman but I guess it has to have a good reason for it. She is a hijabi which means she is wearing the hijab, apart from that her channel is not a religious one. She represents tons of videos about hijab style, make-up, and lifestyle. She also has tons of daily vlogs and today she is definitely the most popular British female Muslim youtubers in the world. She has one other blog channels where she is representing funny videos with his husband. Other than that, her videos represent today’s Muslim lifestyle in Great Britain.


Tazzy is an American Muslima of Pakistani origin (female Muslim) who is also a hijabi but this really doesn’t keep her away from being as funny as a female can possibly be on YouTube. I love her funny videos, especially the Hijab Life series which she recently stopped. I really love her videos and if you want to have a good laugh, while being represented to some stereotypical comedies then definitely give her a follow.


Ok, so this guy is not a really big deal in my honest opinion. But he has something that definitely stand out from the crowd: he lives in Dubai and comes from a pretty rich family. One thing for sure he needs no work. As most of the people who could tell us about Dubai lifestyle are in fact the local Arabs themselves, this doesn’t really happen. The secret to Mo’s openness is the fact that he is not a Sunni and not an Arab in real: he is of Iranian Shia descent. This is why we can get to see a more open introduction from him about the Dubai lifestyle. So, if you want to see castles, villas, very expensive places and the main attractions in Dubai, then definitely give him a follow it’s worth it.

And now… About one Muslim phenomenon:

The Arabic-speaking Muslim Hand-DIY channels


Arabic women and girls are crazy for DIY videos but as the traditional Muslim women cannot show their face OR figure they do the only thing they can: they only show their HANDS. So, you can clearly see and follow the DIYs they are doing and can see them doing everything but never more than their hands (which are covered from the wrist of course). I totally love these channels which are Arabic speaking by the way:  two of my favorite ones are the “SunshinetoMidnight” which are two girls living I think somewhere in the United Arab Emirates or England and the other one is called Marshmallow another fun channel representing tons of DIYs.

So, I hope you liked this small presentation of Arabic YouTube channels. If you did, please check out my other top 10 articles about other favorite YouTube channels of mine.



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