The Top Spanish YouTube Channels for women today

The Top Spanish YouTube Channels for women today

This time around I’d like to introduce you all to my favorite Spanish YouTube channels. Spanish YouTube or YouTube Latino is a totally different phenomenon from the English one and I must say that the two worlds only rarely meet. However the Spanish-speaking community on the internet is extra-large, it’s definitely the second largest in the world and it’s just as interesting as its English counterpart.

While I will do my best also to release a Spanish version of this blog, I thought to give you a basic clue as to who and what to listen to when you would like to listen to Spanish on YouTube and have fun in the same time.  Some of the bloggers I will introduce here I came to know recently and some others I’ve been listening to for a while now. I will follow this up with the introduction of my top 5 Asian blogs on YouTube and expect more Top 5s and Top 10s to follow.  I will also include the links to the YouTube channels, which you will be able to find by clicking on the names solely.

  1. Yuya  – Mexico  DIY, beauty, lifestyle


I’ve recently came to know about this blogger and vlogger who is definitely one of the most popular Latin youtubers rocking with 16 Million subscriptions. The channel is definitely for females, it has some exceptional ideas for DIY ideas, beauty tips and tricks, make-up and fashion. What I like about Yuya is that she is not the typical Latina who is heavy on makeup and surgical enhancements, her style is rather Japanese which you will instantly be able to hear when you hear her, as she speaks with the artificially higher pitch of voice (something that’s considered hot in Japan). But luckily, this doesn’t take away from the charm of her channel. I definitely would like to suggest you to visit her channel and blog. As an extra, her Spanish is very nice, very clear and easy to comprehend to. Yuya has an additional blog and a more personal daily vlog channel too. With whooping 16 (!) million subscribers I think she is the most famous female bloggers of ALL time on YouTube.

  1. Sandra Cires –  Cuba/ Miami beauty, lifestyle, fashion and music


Sandra who has just recently reached her first millions of subscribers is just getting popular but she is definitely a must watch for everyone. A very temperamental Cuban woman living in Miami with her boyfriend, Sandra is originally a singer but released her channel as a beauty and make-up channel a few years ago. She is just finding her style in terms of video making and finding fun ideas. As an extra I do love her representation of Miami and the view from her apartment is AMAZING! Makes me want to move to Miami instantly. Sandra also has many nice collaborations from other Latin youtubers from all around the Latin world and her music is also very nice. It’s a great channel to watch especially on a cold winter day.

  1. Mariale  – Mexico – funny videos, DIYs, hacks
  2. mariale

I couldn’t yet figure out where exactly she is from, although I may say Mexico Mariale is a vlogger who is just becoming very popular and who seems to have found her real vibe since doing blogs for years. As I’ve written before Spanish YouTube is a smaller, different world on its own right and there are lesser vloggers who can do it big over there. Mariale is a funny woman, who has 2 additional YouTube channels (I wonder how someone can possibly have the time and the energy to deal with 3 channels). On her main channel she is basically representing funny videos according to the latest trends (she is going along the lines of Top 10s and Top 20s) but I like her. She is a fun personality, easy to understand and she elaborates a bit more on each topic she is talking about. I’ve always preferred those female vloggers who go beyond the usual make-up and beauty blogs and represent some other ideas too.

  1. Musas – Mexico, funny videos, challenges, DIYs


This is another Mexican channel (it really does look like Mexicans basically rule YouTube Latino) of teenage girls (plus a guy but more about that later on) of two young girls who are representing various DIY ideas on their own. These are cheaper and easy to make ideas which are attractive to a larger crowd of your girls. While Lesslie is the one who is at home with the cosmetic and craft-related DIYs, Karen is the one who represents cooking related ideas and recipes. The two girls are part of their own project which they do with an additional guy calling themselves Los Polinesios (just today I watched one video of theirs explaining that Karen and his brother in fact have Polynesian origins). They have two extra channels, Los Polinesios and ExtraPolinesios where they do funny challenges mainly.  While they are still young they have altogether over 10 Million subscriptions, so we can definitely say they are one of those ruling the Latino YouTube. I like this channel because they ideas are definitely very funny and the channel is the most authentic when it comes to Mexican lifestyle.

  1. Rosy McMichael  USA/Mexico – make up, challenges, lifestyle


Despite the English name this is one of the biggest make-up and style related channels. I’m not yet sure where she is from but what I think is, that she lives in either the Californian or Texan regions, where there are lots of 2nd, 3rd generation Latinos. Her Spanish is very nice, clear easy to understand as she speaks with Mexican dialect (judge me not, I have no clue of the exact region but I feel it’s a Northern Mexican accent).

Honorable mention: Jackie Hernandez:


if you want to see the real prototype Latina who perfectly fits usual “Latina” labels (sexy, looking great and having tons of make-up related videos) then definitely check her out. I’m only starting to get to know about her channel. All I know now, is that she lives somewhere in the Southern states of the US and that’s it.

I do hope you like this article. Next time around I will represent you with some of my other favorite channels per genre or per type. And trust me, I do have a LOT to talk about. Follow me for more! Comment, subscribe and share!

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