The BEST YouTube Channels ever

The Top 10 YouTube Channels for women

After giving it a long thought and changing my decision several times I have finally decided to give this the title „ Top 10 YouTube channels for women” but the fact of the matter is, not all these channels are especially dedicated to women. On the contrary a couple of them are perfectly enjoyable for guys as well and while some are hacks and DIY based, others talk about adventures, life in general and even discuss psychology and daily topics. This is the list of my favorite YouTube channels ever. My rating system goes along the lines of a channel being interesting, entertaining, professional, fun and/or simply pleasant to watch, And trust me, I have checked out many-many YouTube channels over the period of time, while I was working from home spending days, weeks, months in front of the computer.  I hope you will like this list and I do hope I can teach something new for everyone. These are all the YouTube channels I think are REALLY worth checking out.


Casey Neistat


I’ve recently got to learn about Casey Neistat: funnily through other youtubers just when he actually announced to finish his daily vlog series, which he was doing almost every single day for over 1 and half years. What I have noticed during watching his videos and vlogs is that this guy is full of positive energy, he is always on the go, he is absolutely family oriented, loves his wife and daughter and he has exceptional camera and editing skills. Casey is also an adventurer who travels around the world and every single one of his vlogs are great: fully of energy, adventure, life advices and fantastic journeys!  This guy gave me TONS of inspiration. I am very thankful for him for that. Casey recently sold his company to CNN and he is to make videos for them, while setting up a new company on his own. I wonder what the future brings for him and most importantly I’m looking forward to his YouTube videos.

Check out one of his latest skit called „Human Flying Drone” which has been shot in a beautiful picturesque village in the mountains of Colorado representing … well a human flying drone.

JP Sears


I came across one of the funny videos of JP Sears a couple of months ago. That’s actually his video that went VIRAL and has over 5 M views on YouTube. In that video he was making fun of vegetarians. The clip is called „ If meat eaters acted like vegans” and for me it’s widely funny. He has tons of other skits.  Apart from his entertaining videos (Ultra Spiritual) he actually has tons of serious videos where he as a psychologist discusses tons of valid emotional problems offering solutions for resolving them. They are extremely interesting and teaching. I do love JP, he’s one of my favorite vloggers ever today. His Facebook profile contains his series called „ The Purposeful Pointlessness” where he is talking about all sorts of different topics and I’m an avid listener. Apart from his style being thoughtful and entertaining I also love listening to him because the calm, relaxing tone of his voice actually acts as a great help for me to fall asleep at times.

Good Mythical Morning


This show is being done by two guys called Rhett and Link from North Carolina (who since then moved to California) who originally started up as independent filmmakers and commercial editors. I came across one of their viral videos ( Shift it) which went viral on YouTube having over 20 Million views today and that’s where I’ve learned that they in fact have a daily show called Good Mythical Morning ( the 10-15 min show has a sequel on their second channel called Good Mythical More. They are funny, entertaining have tons of topics to discuss on a daily basis and you can in fact learn tons of things while watching their shows. Their latest series is called „ Will it..?” and it’s mostly food related. In the past 2 years they have grown so much that today, they work with a whole team and they have also started to get some of the guys working for them get involved in the show. (Good Mythical Crew) The Mythical guys did not give up film making. Their new series called the Buddy System is available to watch on YouTube Red. Interesting fact: they are in fact very talented as musicians as well. Check out their short movies and songs on their other channel called Rhett and Link



The widely funny and original character who calls herself by her nickname Bunny lives in Houston. She has originally become widely popular thanks to her series „ Does this thing really work?” where she tests out Topshop or other trending products. Thanks to these she has become one of the largest female youtubers ever. Today, she is dealing with all sorts of vlogs and videos, from challenges to make-up tutorials and she is also testing out weird products, following the latest YouTube trends (testing out Asian beauty products, testing Japanese candy and so on). I love Bunny she really does put her heart in her videos. She has a dark taste in terms of movies and dressing and her earliest videos discuss her paranormal adventures quite a lot. But she has a shining personality and her videos will definitely make your day.



Lilly Singh is a real multi-talented woman who is an excellent actress, comedian and also a singer. She’s been doing world tours with her band for many years now. She is also working as a movie editor and has also other projects on the go. Despite all this tons of work she manages the time to post twice (or once) a week on her main blog channel. She also has a separate daily vlog channel where we can get to see how she spends her day. This Christmas she has been working very hard to provide us with high quality funny collabs with world famous actresses such as Hillary Duff or Bridgit Mendler while she also represents us with some extra funny characters such as Miranda or the upcoming cross dresser comedian called „ Joanne the Scammer „ (one of my favorites, too bad he does not have his own channel). Lilly has a diploma in psychology so you will definitely laugh a lot while she is talking about all types of people in a highly entertaining way. She recently relocated to Los Angeles from Toronto, Canada. She is also a great advocate of world peace and helps several charities (she recently set up her own charity campaign for the children of Kenya).



This is in fact not one person. It’s a TV sort of YouTube channel and this is by far the best I could ever find originating from Asia with everyone speaking a perfect English. The Singapore based channel has tons of series which range from DIYs (Hack it or Tried and Tested with links to some of my favorite vids of these series) to more Singapore oriented topics (Budget Barbie, Foodporn, Hype Hunt or XiaXue’s Guide to Life) I do love learning about different countries and cultures and I do love Singapore! I love most of the series and watch them whenever they are released. They work with personalities who are pretty famous in Singapore. Give it a try!



She was formerly known as “Cutiepie” Marzia and she is best known for being the long-term girlfriend of the world’s biggest youtuber of ALL TIME PewDiePie who is the first ever youtuber to ever go above 50 Million subscribers. Despite this fact Marzia is an identity on her own and she doesn’t try to build her fame on her boyfriend. While she has lots of vlogs and videos representing both of them, she is also actively working on DIY, fashion and make-up related videos and I love her travel vlogs too. Marzia is a huge fan of Japan which you will be able to see in her style (given the fact you know about Japanese style) All in all, I do love her videos, they have a great, relaxing vibe to them and they are cute as well with professional editing. Although I like some of her boyfriend’s videos to me he is a bit over the top.



Wengie is a first generation Australian Chinese woman who is based in Sydney and who is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular female youtubers of all time. Of course she looks absolutely stunning too! I did fall in love with her videos. First of all they are HIGHLY professional. Her and her boyfriend who helps her along the way put tons of effort to provide REAL HIGH QUALITY videos which I highly appreciate. Her DIY and hacks are useful next to being fantastic and most importantly they are also widely entertaining to watch. If you would like to get to know her more, you can follow her vlog channel called Wengie Vlogs too where you can learn more about how they make and edit their videos and you can see more about her travels too. Wengie is definitely one of the favorite youtubers of mine. I appreciate the great choice of songs and color filters for her videos!! Props all the way! I will not link any single video of hers because her last 20 vids are ALL my favorites. Check her out!  She also has a separate beauty blog too.

Lisa Koshy


I came to learn about Lisa Koshy by her Christmas Collab video with Lilly Singh where both of them were really funny and I came to realize that I really love her style. As they both said several times, due to having Indian roots many people in fact thing they are sisters with Lilly and while this is not true, she is one of the very few who are women and legit funny in their blogs. She also has a vlog channel where you can get to learn more about her. Of course, it should come as no surprise that her boyfriend is also a vlogger (but earnestly he is not that funny so I will not include him in this list – at least for now) J

Check out this funny skit of hers.

Rosanna Pansino


Rosanna is a real cutie who is also a baking talent on her own right! She is one of the most famous female youtubers out there with over 7 Million subscribers and she has tons of collabs with other vloggers and youtubers. Apart from cooking she’s also doing challenge, DIY and music videos. Imagine her most popular video How to make a Frozen Princess Cake has 142(!!!!) Million views!! I really find her style endearing and entertaining and the cookies she makes are absolutely fantastic. I do wish I knew even a tiny segment of what she knows about baking because then I would definitely be a pro! Up until then, I just really enjoy watching her baking and other fun videos.

Honorable mention:

Carly Kloss (top model)


It’s very rare to find a top model or supermodel so humble that she is eager to learn about how to make YouTube videos and who actually lets us see how she lives. She had a good teacher in her friend Casey Neistat who regularly helps her. I do really enjoy her videos. But hence she doesn’t make videos with a high frequency enough for me to include her on this Top 10 list. But let’s hope it will happen. Carly also engages in tons of projects helping women who want to study which I find really amazing.

I hope you enjoyed the list of my top 10 YouTube channels and if you can suggest me more channels please do it in the comment section of this blog. This is not the end: there are lots more to come. I want to do a full introduction of my favorites also based on genre and style.

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