The Best Arabic Beauty YouTube Channels


The Best Arabic Style Beauty YouTube Channels

Arabic makeup is really iconic, with the heavily enhanced eyes an especially strong and powerful make-up which was to enhance the only feature which other people could see. Today, the situation has however changed for many. More and more women choose not to wear the niqab or closed hijab style which traditionally covers also the face except for the eyes. But the importance of strong, beautiful make-up has stayed all the same. Arabic women are some of the most avid buyers of make-up products and this leads us to the necessary conclusions that there are tons of great YouTube channels which are all about Arabic makeup, overall beauty and style. I couldn’t really find any comprehensive list on Arabic beauty channels on YouTube in English, therefore I did my research and compiled the list which in my opinion includes the very best Arabic beauty, makeup and style channels out there. I hope you will like this list and visit the channels to see them for yourself.

Let me also add, that this list includes non-hijabi Arabic and Arabic style makeup, beauty and fashion channels. Also, I have also added a Pakistani/Indian Muslim makeup artist as her look and style is identical to that of the Arabic makeup and beauty channels and she is one of the best in all DIY products for skin care too. I am planning to do a separate blog representing only hijabi make-up artists too.  And the third blog will be to represent beauty and fun channels IN ARABIC only.


Huda Beauty – in English and Arabic


When it comes to Arabic make-up then you just cannot miss out on Huda Kattan’s channel because it’s by far the biggest and most popular beauty channels of this kind on YouTube. As I have mentioned in the list of my Best Arabic YouTube Channels, Huda grew up in the US but is from Arabic parents and now she lives and works in Dubai where she is re-embracing Arabic language too. You will find lots of English and a nice and growing number of Arabic videos on make-up and beauty on her channel. It’s a definite must-visit! For all her English videos Arabic subtitles are also available. Huda is also famous for her tons of cooperation with famous and talented make-up artists from all around the world. Some of them you will be able to find in my upcoming blog on the best make-up channels on YouTube.

Farah Dhukai – English


Farah is of Muslim Desi descent but quite interestingly she looks predominantly Arabic and not Indian or Pakistani. All in all she is really beautiful and a REAL expert of homemade DIY cosmetic remedies, which can clear skin, help to brighten skin and get rid of acne too. Her make-ups are wonderful as well, she has a couple of fantastic Eid make-up tutorials too. Her channel has quickly become one of my favorites. Farah lives in Canada. Unfortunately she doesn’t really have recent uploads but the fact of the matter is, that all her videos are highly useful whether you just look for home remedies for your skin or if you would like to learn more about make-up.

Melisa Aylin – English


Melisa is a real Arabic style beauty and a real example of today’s Arabic beauty standards too. Her makeup is very defiant, expressive and it’s a perfect example on how make-up can really bring a change while enhancing someone’s positive features! I like her tutorials, they are clear, easy to understand and also entertaining. Definitely check her channel out. She doesn’t have tons of videos out just yet, but I believe that will change soon, as she is getting more and more popular as on YouTube as on Instagram.

Nazan Asghar – English


Nazan is a professional make-up artist and she is an expert when it comes to Arabic style make-up. Check out her EID make-up video she did for Huda Kattan! On her own channel there aren’t that many videos yet but I am confident this number is to further grow. She is using the professional make-up palette of Huda as well. Her make-up is strong, confident and colorful, just like a great Arabic style make-up should be.

Eman  -English


Eman is an Egyptian girl who works as a model and a real representative of the Arabic beauty ideal with the olive skin tone. She lives in the US and she is making her videos in English. This is why it’s so useful to check her videos out not only on make-up but also to get a couple or more skincare routine tips. Her channel is also a lifestyle channel so next to make-up you can also get to see tons of fun videos on her travels, fashion advice and more. Next to Arabic style make-up she is also teaching everyday make-up which is a little bit toned-down.

Duniati – in Arabic!


This is a fun channel which is primarily intended for the younger or teenage girls. There 3 girls represent tons of fun ideas, make-up looks , hairstyle and all sorts of cosmetic DIYS which I have watched on their channel and I found that it is no wonder that this channel is one of the most popular YouTube channels in Arabic for girls out there. If you are looking for make-up tips, hair styling, lifestyle and other fun girlie videos in Arabic then this is definitely a go-to option for you. As I could see she is also not living in an Arabic country, but I don’t know where exactly she is from. Apart from normal make-up tips she also gives some fantastic theatre make-up tiős and she is crazy for changing hair style and hair colors. Overall her videos are much fun to watch and definitely a go for the Arabic teenage girls.

Joelle Hajj – in Arabic!


Joelle is a young Lebanese girl, living in Lebanon with beautiful hair and skin and has tons of DIY hairstyle and make-up tips and tricks on offer. As I can see her expertise is especially in showing tons of different fun hairstyles but she also has make-up and dressing trick and tips and her channel is overall much entertaining to watch.

Maya Ahmad – In English and in Arabic


She is a Lebanese make-up artist and I came to like her channel on the first sight! She is featuring tons of make up tutorials, travel videos, hairstyle and lifestyle hacks on her channel. So if you would like to see some amazing places such as Morocco, or Mykonos in Greece among many others please check her channel out. She also features videos on minor cosmetic surgery which was performed on her ( specifically botox.) The fact that she has videos both in English and Arabic is very refreshing. And with over 300 K subscribers I can say that she is one of the definite favorites among the Arabic beauty vloggers. She also features interviews with fellow make-up artists and unboxing videos.

Loolia – in Arabic!


Loolia is one of the largest and most popular Arabic beauty, make-up and lifestyle vlogs on YouTube she is also using English words so I think she lives in Canada or in the US. She is a young girl who is very effective in teaching all about the application of make-up, on all the different make-up styles and a little bit of fashion too. Also, if you watch her videos you can clearly learn about the most current Arabic make-up trends and the most popular quality products to use for actually applying the make-up ( including pre and post- make-up skin care routines too).

Originally I intended to make this as a top 10 but I think I rather make this as a blog which I will return to later on, when I find more interesting channels about Arabic style beauty. I hope you will all like this one. In my upcoming blog I will represent you with solely Hijabi YouTube Channels which I find entertaining and education in terms of beauty, fashion and lifestyle.