The truth about dating sites – a personal experiment

It’s been a while now I want to put my experiment into words but I sort of forced myself to wait it all out so that I can put everything in words the way I feel about them.

To start with the good news, I succeeded in finding love although I think it was through sheer luck but I can definitely thank it to a dating site which I will enlist above.

My experimenting had to key segments. First of all I wanted to find love, second of all I was really wondering what these dating sites really had on offer. I hope this experiment of mine will help you find your future love too.

  1. Tinder – app

I’ve heard so much about this particular site before I didn’t even know it works in form of an app. I’ve spend about 2 weeks having this app and my conclusions are the following:

  • Tinder is particularly full of two of the following: married men and tourists.
  • There are lots of people who are only up for sex

I personally was not lucky and did not like Tinder. It’s very hard to get to talk to anyone not to mention meet them and yes, they are married mostly.

2. Happn – app

I did not have high hopes for Happn from the beginning and it absolutely proved my point. Nothing happens on Happn. Causally you may talk a few tourists but noone wants to initiate conversation there. It’s not an app you need.

2. Match

I don’t like sites which are somewhat free but the moment you want to do something they are not free anymore. This particular site has below average guys and below average communication rate so I did not stay there for long and did not talk to anyone either.


I signed up by curiosity because this website got tons of promotions. As soon as I got on the starting site it came out that you ought to pay for everything. Which is not my thing so I got out instantly.

4, Twoo

This is not a bad site if you want results quick enough. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it will not close you down for people from other regions therefore it causes an unnecessary chaos. Dating is way easier here and chatting is free which is a good thing. The quality of the site and the people is life-like which has its good and its bad sides.

5. Badoo

I made friends through Badoo before and finally it’s through here I met the love of my life too. This is a good site because it’s free, it has a secret comment section about guys only girls can see and it had a super high traffic. Of course this doesn’t mean it’s not full of guys who look for sex only. It is of course. But there are many people going there, talking is easy which is a good thing.If you want quick results I definitely suggest Badoo for you.

Finally let me give you some golden rules to stick to:

  • If they do not say they want to meet you, they probably don’t or they are married. Do not ever try to initiate meeting with a guy who won’t tell you they want to meet you first.
  • If they don’t ask for your phone number after the first convo you may as well forget it.
  • If they are photographers, they are pimps. Forget it.
  • If they get to the point that they tell you they are married ( so many are) or still live in a committed relationship they want to get away from, get out right then. It will never happen.
  • Most people are not honest on dating sites. Keep this in mind.
  • There are tons of people with mental disorders fishing on dating sites.
  • Do not sleep with someone on the first date. If possible not even on the second or third one.


Me and the love of my life