Top Beauty Channels on YouTube 2017

Now, I must be honest with you: I’m not a huge fan of make-up and hair products: although I spend my fair share of money on my cosmetic products make-up was never a good skill of mine and although I’d love to experiment with hair time and time again, most usually I rather stick with a ponytail or a bun. But there are some of those few who do hairstyling and make-up on a REAL professional level. Some may even totally transform their faces or hair in the process. And I can’t say I don’t enjoy learning about the art of styling or make-up and watching how this process unfolds. Of course, it’s not enough that someone is good at make-up. You ought to have the personality to engage and entertain your audience in the same time. And this all, paired up with some high level video editing skills requires a real talent. I have done my best to include those women I know who are real masters of make-up and/or hair styling and who for this reasons are really entertaining to watch. Also I did my best to include those who have an actual degree and certification in what they are doing, therefore they are not self-proclaimed.  With this intro, please check out my comprehensive list of the Top beauty channels on YouTube.  Originally I wanted to make this a top 10 but I wanted to come up with the highest quality channels without repeating myself ( see my Best Arabic Beauty Channels and the Best Hijabi YouTube channels for more professional beauty and makeup.

  1. Carli Bybel


Carli is one of the most popular YouTube make-up and beauty experts out there it’s actually a wonder she did not yet release her own brand (if she did in the meantime let me know). She is a nice girl but with make-up she looks like a real-life Barbie. Her videos are pleasant to watch and she is a real artist when it comes to make-up and beauty trends. She has a separate blog channel too where she talks and shows more about her everyday life. If you like make-up then this is a must-watch channel for you.

Update: Carli just launched her own product which is called Pravana beauty

  1. Stephanie Lange


Stephanie is Australian and despite her being a make-up artist and her main theme is make-up, she is surprisingly funny and interesting to watch. I love her videos because not only does she discusses tons of make-up mistakes most of us do ( in addition she also lets us know how to fix these) she also has hooded eyes like I do and she shares tons of special tricks we hooded eye women should do in order to look better as ever. She is also a big Guns n’ Roses fan and she just recently moved from Australia to Ireland with her fiancé. After about 3 months’ break she has started to post again, so it’s really worth checking her out if you want to learn more about skincare, beauty and make-up.

  1. Lisa Elridge


Lisa is present on YouTube for many years now and she is one of the few real life make-up artist to real stars who really shares her make-up secrets with youtubers extra-large audience. She is a real professional and no matter your age, hair or skin color, you will find a great deal of useful videos on her channel. I love her videos and the way she uses makeup just like a painter paints a picture. Lisa is the makeup artist to top models and movie stars.

  1. Kaushal Beauty


Kaushal is a British Indian youtuber who is one of the best when it comes to make-up and recent beauty trends. Apart from modern looks she also shares a couple of Indian style make-up trends with the audience and shares tons of tips and skin hacks which all help us to have a more glowing, more beautiful skin. I like her videos also because she is posting lots of experimenting and monthly favorite videos on her favorite upcoming skincare products many of which are quite affordable.

  1. Laura Lee


Laura is a US makeup artist who shares tons of makeup and beauty tips and tricks on youtube, her videos are witty and funny, you can also learn a lot about what really works, what doesn’t work and on how to apply makeup in a professional way. She has tons of like/don’t like, first impression and collab videos where she shares her personal experience with certain products. I also like her funny videos which she ocassionally does with Patrick Starr.

  1. Nikkie Tutorials


Nikkie is a real fun girl to watch, she has literally tons of collabs with fellow makeup expert and other youtubers and apart from all this, she is a dead serious highly professional makeup expert who is just a pro. I do love watching her working on either herself or others, because the transformation she is doing is really worth watching. I like her tutorials because she shares tons of tricks, tips and pro advice.

  1. Venus Angelic


This is a weird channel because this is typically about Asian make up and anime make up which is a trend on its own. This sort of makeup is all about the doll look, the extra-large eyes the fair skin and representing an overall Asian beauty ideal. Venus Angelic is popular worldwide for representing this typically Japanese ideal and you can learn tons about Japanese culture (and all its weirdness) through her videos.

  1. Michelle Phan


Although she hasn’t really been active this recent years, it doesn’t deny the fact that she is one of the best out there. I really recommend you watching her videos if you are interested in makeup because she is a real pro, not just in terms of Asian but in terms of all sorts of makeup trends. Her total transformation videos are real fun to watch.

  1. Desi PerkinsDesi

Despite her name, Desi is a Latina woman living in the US, she is a professional makeup and theatre makeup artist and as such, she is all about transforming herself to whatever she wants to do so. She did not really talk in her videos back in the day, which made them a tad uninteresting but now she is coming out with more and more videos of all sorts of beauty trend related topics, so I m confident that we can expect so much more coming from her.