The biggest fashion mistakes 2017 (and ever)

The biggest fashion mistakes ever

I love fashion and has been an avid follower of fashion trends since like forever. But some of this fall’s trends have made me realize how many silly trends there are, which they try to make trendy, particularly when fashion industry feels a little bit bored. So I thought to enlist some of the biggest fashion mistakes which I think are silly and practically unweareable. Let me add that this is just my opinion which I don’t want to force on anyone of you. I look forward to your opinions and all what you have to comment about this. At the very least, let’s have a good laugh at some of these trends and hope we don’t see them appear again.
1. The color yellow

I shouldn’t even be writing more eloquently about this. fashion designers unfortunately try to come up with yellow from time to time usually around fall. And it’s disturbing for me. I have never met anyone who would have sported this color and looked good in the process. Please use yellow on walls, in interior design, on cars but do not wear it. Worst shades to wear: mustard yellow, greenish yellow.

2. The overly tomboy look

Designers want to bring in the tomboy look every 2-3 years and I admit some lighter feminine variations can look cool, however in my opinion the excessive look should be kept on the runways. Unless of course you want to definitely look like a man and have the figure and affinity to do so.  Wearing masculine clothes or very short hair only works if you balance it with some overly feminine features such as high heels, makeup and long hair. Otherwise it doesn’t really look sexy.

3. Extra wide legged trousers

It’s true that wide legged trousers have leg elongating effects but go overdose and you will look like you were to try a giant’s trousers and got lost in the process. These trousers are a no-no unless sported by someone very thin and tall wearing extra high heels.

Honorable mention:

Wide legged ankle lenght pants


No matter how I try to go around this, the fact of the matter is, that there is NO way this style looks good on anyone. Ankle lenght pants should be gone for now and forever in general, but this style is so hilarious simply for how funny it looks. There is nothing much to say about this trend. I sincerely hope it dies down soon in lack of interest.

5. High heeled wooden footwear aka. clogs

You cannot walk in clogs especially when they are high heeled. Whoever came up with this trend surely did not give it a try beforehand. They will mess your feet up , you can easily fall while wearing them and they are also heavy. Do Not!

6. Color cacophony

Forget about the runways. You dont want to look like an overdosed flower wallpaper or an extra colorful tablecloth. Most of us simply look weird when wearing too many colors all in one, as a hotel fruitplate. This is unfortunately one of the summer trends many of us end up buying while on holiday, by the sea. Then end up never ever wearing them. The reason for this is simple: they are simply not for the weekdays or the workdays.  So, think twice before you passion-buy anything while being on holidays (an advice I should also stick to) and forget about this look. same goes for shiny retro neon colored sportswear and mostly anything looks like it comes from Gucci’s summer collection

7. pattern cacophony

The same as above. be artistic as you may you will not look good or unique wearing stripes, checkers, flowers all over the place. We aint living in a Desigual ad. most of us will simply look weird. There is a reason why most designers wear black or black and white most of the time.

8. Garments worn/buttoned the wrong way
This one is said to be this fall’s biggest trend and it’s simply a sign of fashion designers nit being capable to come up with brand new ideas nowadays. honestly the most you can get from this styles is people hissing at you saying ” excuse me miss but you seem to have buttoned your coat the wrong way”  let’s all forget about this one. Sorry for the lack of photo here, as soon as I find one I will post it for your attention.

9. Large Circular glasses/sunglasses

Large circular sunglasses dont suit anyone even the smartest photographers need to apply all sorts of tricks to try to sell these. There is simply no face shape which could sport this stype with success and as an extra, noone will ever take you serious in these shades.

11. Extra- thick soled shoes/sandals

thick soled
Unless one of your feet is shorter please don’t. I am well aware that these types of shoes are absolutely adored by the girls in Asia, but still, there is no way thick soled shoes don’t look like medical shoes and there is nothing that can be any less sexier.

13. High-heeled trainers


Words cannot say how horrid these are. I’m so glad they are out of trend and I hope they never ever come back. Nothing else to add to this.

12. Handbags with bracelet handle

Another trend from this fall that’s surely be forgotten by next year because you simply cannot use such a handbag. How will you get it off and back to your arm each time you need to use it which is at the very least every 5 to ten minutes? In addition I firmly believe they will make anyone who’s wearing these for more than half an hour crazy plus they have the tendency to hurt your wrist too.

13. Extra short hair
Pixie haircut only suits for a very specific sort of younger women and most of us would simply get mistaken for a man while wearing this. Just look at Katie Perry.  Simply put, this style needs tons of daily care and other preparations lots of rebalancing with make up and feminine clothes, something most of us simply cannot do on a daily basis on workdays. A much high maintenance look. I know it’s only hair, but trust me, it takes many years for hair to grow back to being long again.

14 . Extra short bangs/fringes

Very-very few of the models or women out there can sport extra short bangs and look good. Styling bangs needs an incredible amount of time for most women. Unless you have the impeccable face shape, you feel you need to look like Joan of Arc or you have the affinity to spend an hour with styling on a daily basis do not try it. In addition this is an absolutely unsexy look on all accounts.

Other honorable mentions:

  • Polaroid aka movie style sunglasses
  • Chunky heels
  • curved high heels
  • Bohemian style long skirts
  • 70ies spaceship style
  • Wet babyhair stylistically arranged on the forehead ( awful )
  • Sporting numbered baseball or basketball shirts
  • folk style
  • military style

So, this was all for now, tell me your opinion, if you know of other big fashion mistakes , what you agree or disagree with on my list. And follow for weekly blogs (now, that it’s the end of summer).