My Top 10 Beauty Advice

which you should keep or incorporate in your beauty regime.. and so do I!


They say it’s always easier to say what not to do instead of what to do. So, now I am sort of testing myself of this. Right after writing about the stuff which you should not do, now, I thought to get another list together of what to do. Let’s see how this works and I hope my advices will help everyone out there. For any questions please contact me or a good beauty expert in your own area.

  • Study your skin and learn what it needs

The fact of the matter is, that everyone’s skin is different and so, we all cannot follow the generalized videos if those do not discuss skin types. The large majority of people do have either dry or oily skin but even more people do have oily skin only on their so-called T-line which means the forehead and the nose areas where our skin tends to get more oily and pimpled than anywhere else.

  • You generally know you have a dry skin when you feel your skin dry and it’s either visibly or sensibly „thirsty” and needs to be creamed more than once a day (you need to get a very good moisturizer such as Moisture Surge from Clinique or L’Oréal’s new hydrating water) or any other good hydrating treatment to have your skin relieved from dryness.
  • Those who have oily skins generally know it from two main signs: they are more pimpled than the average and the skin has an oily gloss when it’s without powder. Oily skin needs a very different sort of treatment than dry skin does otherwise the pimple or acne situation will get much worse.
  • There are various pore cleansing treatments devised specifically for the T-zone. If you are one of the many who have large pores paired up with acne or so, use these and a good cleansing toner and soap in order to get rid of acne ASAP.

Many stores like Clinique do actually employ staff who have a cosmetician degree and can help you defining your skin type. Alternatively visit a good cosmetician and ask for advice.

  • Try to use shampoo which does not contain the below chemicals:

This used to be a real challenge but luckily nowadays there has been a movement which advocates the use or less or different chemicals in shampoos. The below chemicals are especially bad for your hair:

  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Any other sulphate

Luckily also larger brands are coming out with shampoos which do not contain these chemicals. Studies show that these sulphates have a specific bad effect on the hair, still they are used in the large majority of shampoos (looking at you Aussie, L’Oréal, Garnier etc.) check the list of ingredients and try to get a more natural shampoo.

  • Use a good cleanser at the end of the day

Using face soap or face cleanser is way more important at the end of the day, as that’s the time you remove all the dirt that has stuck to your face, neck and whole body in fact, while being outside, while being at work and while commuting, walking, shopping etc.  Nowadays cleansing brushes and so on are all very popular. I warn you to not use them on a daily level.

  • Wash your face with a good light soap every morning

Fresh running water and a very light soap will really do in the morning because you were sleeping, so the main reason to wash your face is to clean your pores from the remainder of the night crème and the minimal dust you get from the pillows ( you do, especially if you live in the city).

  • Use QUALITY products on your face

Do only use one quality crème for the day, one for the night Use serum after your thirties or if you are crazy for skin products like I am. You don’t need to spend a fortune so just buy one good crème from a good brand that you can use for months. Brands like Clinique can have membership programs giving you discounts. You can also check for discounts in your local drug stores. I suggest brands such as Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, Lancôme or Estée Lauder.

– Have a good, effective and real moisturizing day crème

– Have a very good night crème

  • Use face masks once every 1-2 weeks

I know the temptation is big but overdoing on products is never good. Implement it in your night regime once every Friday or Saturday. Use a mask according to your skin type. Hydrating masks, Korean masks and clay masks are really good.

  • Do not exfoliate more than once every two or 3 weeks

WARNING: Don’t use face scrub or a cleanser with a face scrub more than once a week. If you are using exfoliator, use it every second or even third week and do use it when you don’t plan to go out the next day. The reason for that is, that exfoliator can be really harsh on the skin and can even leave rashes (also do exfoliate with very light motions).

  • Switch products from time to time

First of all because our skin tends to get used to products, so they may have less of an effect. Second of all, what if you find a crème which is even better? Use test products to see which crème you are to buy next. Do not get confused and end up spending tons of money (which is very easy when talking about quality crèmes. Just get what you need and get out of there).

  • Steer clear from hair dryer as much as possible

It’s good for your hair to dry naturally. When you have time just wrap a textile, scarf or a towel around your hair and let it dry naturally.

  • Put a good make-up bag together with the bare essentials

This is a great way to put all those test products in use. Have an emergency kit of hydrating crème, face soap, toothpaste with you with a small mascara, kohl or eyebrow pencil, a small kit of eyeshadow and a lip balm.

And the extra advice: keep a good diet as much as possible. But make sure it is according to your skin type. For instance nuts are not good for oily skin.

Extra advice two:

Use hair conditioner for the lower half of your hair not on your roots. Also before wash apply coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil on your hair ends. If your hair is extra dry use Argan oil after your washed hair got dry.

As an extra I made two infographics with a good base morning and night routine. Hope you all like them.

Let me know if I forgot anything from here, like, comment and follow my blog for more to come!

Feminine Routine Timeline Infographic (1)