10 types of clothes we should get rid of – yet mostly manage to keep for years

ClothesHave you ever wondered why your closed is incredibly stuffed yet you never have a thing to wear? They keep on hanging everywhere, occupy your storage places and you in real have no clue why this happened. Well, let me help you out with this guide which you should also use to be the first step in sorting your clothes followed by a huge decluttering, even if it’s only to make more space for the next generation of clothes you are to buy. And this also stands for shoes… yupp!

  1. They looked great in the shop – but never on you

Well, us women all know the ups and downs of impulsive shopping. When you get to see something that looks SO „IN” and you just have to buy it. If you have a friend with you who’s shopping, that can also have a destructive effect on you. I bought lots of clothes this way and I regretted it later on.

Tip: next time you get to see something looking good, try it on, move around in them and be very honest with yourself on whether you have to buy it or not and if it suits you or not. Do not ever be good with „ it’s almost perfect”. You have to feel great, comfy wearing it.

  1. They were just so cheap!

Oh yeah all those discounts and sales we get emails about. Some stuff is just so cheap it’s hard to resist. Not to mention the second hand stores, where I myself have committed tons of shopping failures just because something was just so cheap. And then we end up not wearing these clothes, or stuffing them into a box or deep inside out closet then only accidentally finding them again.

  1. You want to be out of your dress comfort zone – but apparently it’s too much too soon

Yes, we all go through periods when we just want a change that’s visible. And it’s either our hairstyle or our wardrobe we would like to change. I have a couple of extra high heeled shoes and boots for this very reason. And I never ever wore them. And this is just a fragment of all the things.

  1. They are branded

Oh yes, it’s hard to get rid of those, even if they don’t really suit us. I keep a pair of Gucci slippers which I got to wear perhaps once ( they mess up the feet) and some Hilfiger clothes, the first ones I ever got to purchase online. Half of the things never actually fitted and others looked like they were actually worn before.. still got to keep them for a long time because they are branded.

  1. You never fitted in them but still has the strange wish to do so one day

We all have some of these types of clothes in one or more stages of our lives. I kept a pair of jeans, dresses, cardigans which were obviously way too small for me to wear them. Until I finally got to the point to free my life from them. And make some more free space in my wardrobe.

  1. You have a real good memory about them

The dresses, garments, shirts, clothes which connect with a special event are indeed hard to get rid of. So, you don’t even have to. Only make sure they have a good storage place, possibly outside your apartment or home.

  1. You want to wear them for one SPECIAL event

I think almost all of us have these sort of clothes. Cocktail dresses and dresses for other special occasions which we either get to wear once or maybe never. Some of these can in fact be pretty useful but from time to time we need to make sure they are still wearable, they fit and we look stunning in them. Keep trying these on every year or so, just to make sure you are not mistaken to still keep them.

  1. You wore them once – but never again

I still have the long dress I wore to a company party about 15 years ago. I never wore it again but I just don’t have the heart to get rid of it. I’m pretty sure we all have these either clothes or shoes.

  1. They used to fit fine but not anymore

Clothes change with each washing and most of them get worse. I have plenty of these. The secret to these is to keep trying them on every 6 months or so.

  1. They are way out of trend

While there are always clothes that come circulating back to being trendy again from time to time, there are other pieces which are trendy only once then never again. Try keeping up with trends with easy to wear pieces which are more versatile and can be used for a longer time, or stay classy and try to buy clothes, which more or less always stay trendy.