Top YouTube trends in 2017

Representing some of the top YouTube trends which went viral in 2017

Well, while I’m not stating that 2017 is soon coming to an end, the truth of the matter is, that the large majority of the year has passed by and we are right now on the 9th months which means . Halloween is soon here!!!! The autumn-winter season is my most favorite season so I’m happy closing the year every year ( if this makes any sense at all). As the year is soon to be over, I thought to enlist some of the most viral trends on youtube this year. While 2016 was the year of eating, pranks, Pokémon and Suicide Squad, this year we had a couple of different trends coming up, some of which will surely dissappear by 2018. I do my best with those which went the most viral and also some of those which just appeared in the past weeks.

Hope you will like this blog, let me know if I’ve left anything out. I will also do you all a favor and include the link to the best vid I could find on most of the trends. Don’t forget if you see tons of Wengie vids, as she is the queen of Youtube trends ( her Glowing knife experiment has a whopping 27,7 Million!!! Views). Not surpisingly, most youtubers I’ve included here are also included in my earlier blog on my favorite Youtube channels.

  1. Slime

After carefully accessing all the trends and their lenght and popularity, I’ve found that 2017 is the year of slime. Yes, they may  have been around here and then, but this year, every single beauty and lifestyle blogger was doing slime all over the place in multiple videos. The slime fever started around spring and new videos are still appearing on the net! I think slime was originally created by someone who has decided to make it, in order for it to become a helper in relaxation and to heal anxiety or depression related issues ( and all the bad habits stemming from this state of mind including: over-eating, hair pulling, nail biting). If you haven’t yet seen what slime is all about then check this video out. It’s basically like making a dough which you won’t bake in the end. As an extra, it’s absolutely not eatable but it will not make your hands greasy either. The normal ingredients include: glue, shaving foam, contact lense solution,food colorings and other glitters/balls if wanted. You will need plenty of experience to bring this on, but I think it must be fun otherwise it wouldn’t be so viral.

  1. Fidget spinner

If slime is the number one then fidget spinner is definitely follows suit as a strong silver medallist. The mania is strongly receding now, it was at its highest around late spring. My kid has 4 of them. This litte moving object is also something that’s originally been invented to help cure anxiety, depression and the feeling of „ennui” that generally is a by-product of all mood disorders. This way, fidget spinner went viral, in all sorts of shapes, forms, DIYs. I find it fun and it’s definitely much better than biting nails or binge eating. If you need something to divert your mind while watching TV or working give it a try.

  1. School supplies DIYs

OMG this has turned to become a mega-MANIA this year. It was big last year but nowwhere near to where it is this year. The mania has multiple stages namely:

  • School supplies DIYs
  • Edible School supplies
  • School supply pranks (plus edible school supply pranks)

The number of vids is so high on each topic that I was considering making all these a category on their own, but then I changed my mind as they initially belong together.  I feel all the youtubers do a HUGE business for all the school supply and DIY store suppliers as so many kids will literally pay tons of money to try to make some of these edible school supply tricks come true. Let me show you what this is all about through this hilarious parody.

  1. The Vegan editions ( recipe, makeup etc)

All the vegan craze has made me do a couple of blogs on what’s really healthy and what’s really not for us humans. Today vegetarian is not a novelty anymore so many hipsters decided to go full vegan ( or even better – raw vegan) making this a trend, which it should not be. Vegan craze was never as high as these days. Therefore I will include one very funny 2 min long parody video on them because I feel it’s the one that summarizes the situation perfectly. And one last thing: Vegan products do not mean they are healthier for you by ANY means. But more on that in my blog which is fully dedicated to this particular topic.

  1. The „what’s in the box” vids

This is one that’s started recently but getting bigger and bigger over time I think it will peak within a few weeks. This is a game which one or more youtuber plays ( perfect for co-op vids) when all they can do is to touch the item ( the viewers can see the item) and they have to find out what that is It’s a fun game so it’s entertaining to watch.

  1. The glowing 1000 degree knife experiment

This trend rocked around February /March among the DIY youtubers all around the world and it went viral all around the internet. One of the best examples of shocking clickbait which goes viral I m sure each one of you has watched at least one of these videos a few months back. I include the one from Wengie, first because I really appreciate the quality of her videos and second of all is because I think this is the one which has the highest number of views as well.

  1. The liquid Nitrogen experiment

This trend was done especially by those DIY youtubers who were really committed and had a garden or other free space to make this experiment happen. This also involved school supplies ( I guess they are fun to destroy). Liquid nitrogen is really not easy to get without any licence or medical certificate ( or at least I guess) as it has serious freezing qualities, so we have to appreciate this viral trend also for the sheer bravery of those who have performed it.

  1. Life Hacks / Travel Hacks,/ Summer Hacks/ Airplane Hacks/Survival Hacks

After 2016, hacks and DIY keeps on flourishing and I can tell that the DIY youtube channels are those which get the highest number of views all over the world. You can read about some of my most popular DIY channels in by Top 10 Youtube channels blog. Hack videos are useful, you can learn from them and actually they are inspirational for us to be more creative and start thinking a little bit outside the box.

  1. The makeup tutorial with boyfriend/friend voiceover

This trend was especially toppling around January but many makeup youtubers are still releasing these sort of videos. They can be very funny or extremely dull, depending on the exact channel. I will present you with a fun one from one of my favorite youtubers Marzia ( girlfriend of PewDiePie).

  1. Imitating Tumblr/IG/any photos

This is also a newer sort of a trend and I think it was born by someone who clearly wants to revive some of the populariy of Tumblr, which is clearly going downhill in the past couple of years. There are funnier vids in this and it is particularly popular from among the Latin Youtubers but I think it will become something that will go viral within the next few months.

  1. SIMS videos

Last year was all about Minecraft among gamers and this year is all about SIMS. If you don’t know about this game, it’s a totally life imitating game, although it has some of its particular things. Tons of Youtube stars are releasing SIMs related videos ( randing from playing SIMS to being a SIMS character and living like one for a day and so on. All in all, this is definitely one trend that’s viral and which connects the gamer and non gamer audience a little bit.

  1. The wavy eyebrow/ McDonalds eyebrow

Another one of the new viral trends among makeup youtubers is the rather funny looking wavy eyebrow which now is starting to include the McDonalds eyebrow. This is a clear example of a trend going viral on Instagram then migrates to Youtube. Check them out for yourself on both sites.


  1. Gummy food vs real food

Japan was the first country which started to make real life like food from plastic or gummy. This is another sort of challenge and co-op video which is just starting to come in, but I m sure within a few weeks everyone will do it who hasn’t done it before.

  1. Fenty makeup review

This is a brand new wave. Since Rihanna’s own brand was released last Friday ( 08st Sept or so) ALL the youtubers who are into makeup are releasing makeup reviews like crazy! The product seems to prove itself though so much that even I, am considering to buy some items. If you like make-up reviews definitely check out Habiba da Silva’s channel, I think hers is the best review I’ve watched so far.

So, that’s about it from the most popular trends I could lay my hands on. Let me know if I’ve left anything out. I will also be happy for any comments and suggestions on what sort of channels and social media related info you guys would like to learn more about.