Why I love black

This is just a shortie, with the hidden agenda to represent you to this FANTASTIC gif. LOL

I want to write down why I love to wear the color black.

  1. It’s the most versatile color of all: it goes with any other colors
  2. It’s evergreen – yup black will NEVER go out of fashion that’s for sure
  3. It’s a fashion statement on its own right – look at most fashion designers, they wear black
  4. Jewellery looks the most fantastic when worn with black
  5. It can be elegant, classy and extravagant in the same time
  6. It goes well with any skin color. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t look good wearing black.
  7. Dirt doesn’t show on it as much as on other clothes
  8. I can freely spill my coffee on it and noone will notice
  9. There is nothing more classic than black leather
  10. It’s the representation of night and it’s mystical

PS: every guys and men should have at least one black shirt

Do you guys like the color black? If so why? If not why? Let me know.

And now let’s keep on staring at this fantastic gif which has been named as Arabian night

Have a great Sunday everyone!