Why I love Halloween?

Why I love Halloween

I have always been crazy for Halloween. I think the whole obsession started back in the day when I was young and we used to regularly go to the cemetery on this very day, to light candles. There is a very particular mood or atmosphere on this very day, the Day of the Dead which I have always loved. It was beautiful and spooky in the same time. I have always believed the ghosts of the souls who rest in the cemetery are among us at that night. After this all, I came to hear about the US Halloween traditions.So, let’s see some of the main reasons I love Halloween so much.

The pumpkins


I have been obsessed by the look of the American Halloween pumpkins especially because we did not have the classic Halloween pumpkins sold here for a long long time, I used our regular pumpkin, cut off its long „tail” and started to carve my very first pumpkin lanterns this way. If you have ever tried to make a lantern from a regular pumpkin you will instantly realize that it’s in fact double as hard to do so. Because the US Halloween pumpkin is particularly soft, light and very easy to work with. I was so amazed when I got the chance to work on my very first American style Halloween pumpkin… I love carving pumpkins and they look simply awesome when you put one or more candles in them. I only wish they lasted somehow longer. As an extra I do like pumkin foods too, my only sadness is, that noone in my family seems to share this passion of mine.. so what I cook, I must eat it. On a footnote why writing pumpkin



I have always loved spooky and dark things. Nothing can attest to this fact more than the fact that I used to be a goth and still like dark music ( to a certain extent though as we all must have the equilibrum to avoid to fall on one side way too much) we even tried to call the ghosts when I was around 15 (although I guess most teenagers go through that period).. I only feel sorry I didn’t know of the Ouija boards back then.

All the fun activities at home

But my Halloween love is here to stay and over the past few years I have successfully made it to become a sort of a family tradition. We have no trick or treating but it’s a fun little party for the kids and some great chance for me to prove my carving and decorating skills. I have not attended any parties of such, neither can my kid go to do trick and trade, but we regularly throw a small party for his friends where they can dress up in costumes and decorate the house as well as we can for the very day. I have browsed through tons of DIYs while being absolutely sure I won’t have time or the tools to make most of these happen, but hope dies last doesn’t it..

Autumn colors and atmosphere

I love autumn and the autumn colors and this is a season I have always was keen on. This is the start and the end of many things. The leaves fall the school starts and this is also the end of Halloween is also becoming an almost official start to all the Christmas preparations too. All in all autumn is fantastic.

This season’s preparations are soon hitting off ( I know I am late and I am well aware I won’t be able to perform even the half of what we are planning to do.. my son wants to experiment with dry ice this year and I’m way too cautious to try it.. but hey we will see how it works) I will do my best to post some of the better parts of it, as soon as I can. We also plan to watch Ghostbusters and if I find Hocus Pocus in Hungarian then that one too. Hopefully, one day, I will have a proper house and fireplace for me to decorate my patio and my fireplace for it to look just like in the American movies.

I would be glad to learn if you like Halloween and if you do so, why you like it and if you have any easy to do Halloween recipes I will be more than glad to try it.

As an extra here is a little picture which I have managed to find on Pinterest on how different nations celebrate the Day of the Dead ( I love Dia de los Muertos sugarskull decorations, I ve painted pots a few years ago). Hope you will all like it. Have a very happy Halloween / Day of the Dead everyone.