Fashion blogging – the pros and cons

this is just a funny little blog, a sort of a rambling on why I’d like and dislike to become a fashion blogger. I’ve decided to make two lists, a pros and cons to make things all easier for you to read. Look forward to everyone’s opinions.

Fashion Blogging pros

1.) I would become high maintenance

If there is someone whose job is practically to ensure that I look good all the time, it would definitely save tons of time and energy for me having to do that or so I think.

2.) Lots of travelling

I love travelling and was always fond of it from an early age. These bloggers tend to travel a lot, which must be tons of fun all in all, not to mention all the great photo, gift buying and experimenting that can go on in the same time.

3.) I’d get lots of freebies and invitations

It would be sweet to get free handbags and all sorts of high end designer stuff all the time. I know there’s much of work behind this but still, thinking about this gets me envious. Although looking at all the high end brand stuff most blogger has, I come to the conclusion that these pricey stuff too, can become a new standard in a way

4.) I’d get to stay at great quality hotels – probably for free

Looking at all the fantastic hotels fashion bloggers stay at, this is definitely something which is very tempting. Up until you reach the stage of having a family and actually preferring to stay at home instead of going out.

5.) long-term investment

All the designer stuff is also a great way to invest in fashion, as like a good wine, much of the haute couture and high end designer stuff gets all the pricier as time passes by.

6. ) having a good relationship with many high end designers, stylists and fashion gurus

It would be actually great but would I get used to it? I guess I would definitely do. From then on it would be something considered normal.

Fashion blogging cons

I love fashion and I would be more than open to get gifts from all the big fashion labels. However after following a gazillion accounts of famous fashion bloggers,out of which I would like to represent you with the best ones in the future, I found that the life of fashion bloggers is definitely not for me. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

  • I would need to have a photographer with me at all times plus I would need to look impeccable at all times.

It’s nice if someone takes photos of you but if you have this as a job, you will need to practically have a photographer with you at all times. This is something which would definitely be very tiring for me on the long haul as I’m someone who doesn’t like to be in others’ company for too long of a time, definitely not in 24/7. Also I have never considered myself as being a photogenic person therefore I think out of 100 photos at least 90 should be re-taken. I think being photographed is something which would eventually prove too exhausting for me. As an extra, I cannot walk in high heels either.

  • I would need to change more than ten times a day – I’m definitely too lazy for that

Although I have my times when I m cleaning the home non stop and make an effort to have everything nice and tidy at home, I must admit I have my lazy times. I would not be ready for the task of having to change a hundred times a day, choosing the correct dresses at all times and look great for being photographed on top of that.. being a model is a tiring job no matter what anyone says. And looking fantastic all day every day is something I do not feel I would be up for.

  • I would need to be amazed by every designs and designer

During the few months I’ve been following fashion bloggers I’ve realised a few things. One of these is, that most fashion bloggers are amazed by all designs. Literally. It’s because it’s their job to be so. I have also seen many of them wearing outfits which are practially unwearable and some of them were also unbearable for my personal taste. I have always found it funny, that most fashion designers, even those who design the most colorful, extreme clothes prefer to wear black themselves. I think when you are to advertise something it’s definitely not the time and the place to tell your honest opinion about the said brand. But there are creations which belong to the „yikes” category and the lack of honest opinions are definitely something which are missing from this industry, which I do find sad. I think we should create an „honest fashion blogger” category who offer their honest, subjective opinion on what they really think about some creations.

  • I would need to actively socialize

I’m not a social person and I am not at all times ready to socialize and be among people. I would find it hard to be nice and chatty with everyone I would need to communicate on a daily level. I have my utmost respect for all the extrovert people out there, who like socializing or who in fact live for being social at all times. It’s something that would take way too much energy from me.

  • I’m too damn old

I am over 40 which makes me definitely way too old to be a fashion blogger. I would also need an active self-maintenance routine which I definitely lack. I have a delay in asking for dentist appointment and have no budget to make my teeth snow-white either. Although I have switched all organic in terms of cosmetics the Botox I would need to help everyone believe I’m below 30 is unfortunately something I still can’t afford. So, all in all, I will stay a lonely fashion critic on a low budget for a while now.

  • When unique becomes generic

I see fashion bloggers going all the fab and most beautiful locations practically all the time. And I think after all, when you have way too much freetime and way too much money to go to all these places, they will just become all the same. What’s so special about even Bora Bora, when someone can afford to travel there every month?  These bloggers travel to these places all the time. It’s getting boring instead of being special.

  • Too much travelling

I think everyone in life reaches the stage when they just don’t want to travel all that much but would rather prefer to stay at home. Or am I the only lazy person in the world?

  • Fashion is not THAT important

I see all the bloggers whose life practically revolves around fashion and even watching all the photos I think that it’s too much. After even a couple of weeks, I don’t think fashion would be all that exciting for me.  It’s only fashion after all. Something that essentially and only concentrates on how someone looks like from the outside. It’s focusing on the appearance. It doesn’t care how much of a personality someone is on the inside. That’s why I think there is a certain amount of emptiness in fashion and I also think it would grow on me after a while. All those bloggers getting tons of branded handbags and other accessories for free, most of which cost thousands of dollars in branded stores somehow diminishes both the real value and the importance of all such things. There are so many important things in world: happiness, joy of life, health, love, family, home, inner values and learning about ourselves. Fashion is just one tiny fragment of life. I would not be able to be someone who non-stop cares about my appearance providing this as a single statement for people to judge me how I am.

  • Fashion blogging is basically Asian territory

I have come to the realization that the women who are the most crazy for fashion and fashion blogging are of Asian descendance. And they are very good at fashion blogging because they are petite and their figure is very versatile and suitable for representing tons of styles. They are by far the best in this genre with great blogging and photographing skills, always representing high quality photos on instagram. I also believe that it’s Asian women who spend the highest amounts of money for buying branded and high quality fashion items, so this is where both ends meet. They have that utter and permanent amazement and obsession about fashion perfectionism which I find bizarre and exhilarating at the same time. I will soon represent you my most favorite Asian fashion bloggers from all around the world.

  • I would need to watch my diet at all times…

Not much to add in here. It must be horrible..