Will Clickbait ever die?

In my opinion, 2017 was all about Clickbait on Youtube then it went on but being more connected with actual trends going on to 2018-2019. We could get to see thousands of Best of, Top 10, Top 15, the Best videos of everything that was in trend ( to make this more relatable please check out my earlier post on the biggest youtube trends of 2017). Now, as I’m listening to one of my favorite youtuber joking about clickbait i thought why not I write about the reign and also on the slow death of Clickbait. This means I will elaborate on what I found good in clickbait and at what point did it start to really rather bother people. This also has to do with a huge Youtube algorithm change which brought tons of YouTubers down as it clearly favored the clickbait content over original content. Luckily it has stopped and things are slowly getting back to normal.

So let’s see how could clickbait reign the biggest part of 2017 ( and yes, I know it started back in 2016 but I feel it really rocked in 2017) and what leads to its slow but sure death.

The reasons clickbait could emerge and reign:

  • People have been longing for honest and unbiased opinions of other individuals, about the things they considered to be the best. This has led to a literal outbreak that changed everything, particularly on youtube, blogs, and Instagram.
  • This sudden growth of interest has also made youtube wonder, therefore they have decided to simply favor the clickbait. This has clearly led to the bankruptcy and mental breakdown of tons of YouTubers who were considered extremely popular before. This is a fact.
  • At one point youtube has only featured clickbait content on everyone’s feed, up until hundreds of YouTubers ( or creators as youtube likes to call them while trying to force them to carry on with clickbait content) have posted outraged, public messages to them to change.

Why clickbait can be considered dead today

  • Unfortunately, after only a little while clickbait started to reign we had to realize that much like most of Amazon comments, clickbait content is not honest and it’s also far from being unbiased.
  • We also came to realize that it’s highly annoying to go on clickbait videos we, in fact, do not ever want to watch, from no-name guys who obviously created their account to copy others’ clickbait to earn some bucks.
  • Clickbait is very boring at this point Especially that we do not know what to believe and what not to believe.
  • Youtube has luckily changed its algorithm so now it’s preferring original content to clickbait. As it went way out of hands.


We cannot just say the general trends will not continue. But as an avid youtuber, I do not get to see the usual clickbait sh*t I used to see some months ago. Therefore we can officially declare, click-baiting won’t lead you anywhere. Talk about things you are emotionally invested in and let the sole reason for you being on youtube or blogging not be to earn money because you will fail very badly in the end.

Please let me know what do you think? Is clickbait dead at this point? Is it not? I would love to hear your opinions.

Wishing everyone a great weekend