Let’s cook together!

Introducing you to my blog dedicated to Moroccan meals and my FIRST EVER cooking project I’ve performed today in the past 3 hours. I am pretty proud of myself!!!

This is going to be just a short post over here as my original blog can be found on my Cooking Moroccan blog on Moroccan Cuisine and Traditions.

But I thought to let my followers over here to know about it. This has been an idea I’ve been preparing for, for a year now and now as the year 2017 is closing I have managed to make it come true.

My idea is the following:

  • I take a valid recipe
  • I will let you know how this works for me and what ingredients can we substitute with what.
  • I will prepare the meal
  • I will let you know how much I liked it how much I disliked it and draw a final conclusion whether I’d do it again and if so, how would I change the recipe or my cooking method.

In my opinion recipes are all fine and well but it all gets all the more difficult when it comes to actually cook a recipe. There are loads of stuff you can leave out or substitute. I’ve literally made these two basic meals or pan bread from home leftovers yet they turned out to be just fine.

Please visit my Moroccan Cooking for dummies -tried and tested and let me know your opinions. It’s great to cook when you have some free time. And it’s always nice to start cooking something authentic which is in fact easy to prepare!

For more interesting posts and recipes I also include the homepage of my Cooking Moroccan website. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to everyone!

PS: I had no time for photo editing whatsoever so please excuse the poorer quality

Trying to show off the layering of Msemen Moroccan pan bread