The top Hijabi Instagram accounts to follow

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The best Hijabi Instagram accounts to follow

This is another post which has been in the making for a long while now. The reasons of my delay are many. First of all, I wanted to wait out because, everyone has their ups and downs and I really wanted to go with those who are actively doing well on Instagram, whose pics are on point and whose content is colorful enough to write about. You may meet some Hijabi youtubers or Influencers as they are called nowadays who are already mentioned in my previous post on the best hijabi YouTube channels, but I did my very best not to make this post the twin-sister of the previous one and I’d like to introduce you to several “new” faces too.

About Hijabi instagrammers and hijabi fashion bloggers

It is undoubtedly a very inspiring and in the same time very challenging job to do. As Dina Tokio has said several times, many people do act very ignorant when they see someone is in fact Muslim. That’s exactly why these girls really are worth to be respected because they do show the world that hijabis can be fashionable, they can be open-minded and they are just as colorful as any other fashion bloggers are if not even more. I do hope you will find this post inspiring enough to follow some of these accounts. You can see most of these hijabi fashionistas at Sebinaah’s or Dina Tokio’s Modest Fashion week vlogs, with the latest one held in December in Dubai.

Samia   sauf.etc

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Samia is one of my most favorite instagrammers ever because she has some of the best, most colorful content out there, makes loads of fantastic travel photos all of them in awesome quality! I don’t really know much about her, I wish she uploaded more videos on her YouTube Channel so that we know more about her, what she does and about her life. For me it is extremely strange that someone who is so popular on Instagram is not somehow pushed towards being more active on YouTube as well, but we shall see what the future brings. Anyways do not miss out on following her on IG because she is one of the very best Hijabi Instagram accounts to follow. By the way another weird thing: she does not talk in her YouTube videos, she does a sort of pantomime instead.

Withlove Leena

She is a New Yorker hijabi she is one of the few hijabi fashion bloggers and influencers who is actually invited to larger fashion shows throughout the world. I like her Instagram because it’s a very cool account. It has all sorts of fine quality photos of travels, scenes, cities, fragments from her life. Also she has ads, beauty tips, hijab tutorials and what I find especially attractive about her is that she is not one to hide her opinions or what she really thinks about all sorts of stuff. Definitely check her IG account out if you would like to follow a fun and fashionable hijabi account.

Allthingsfatima – Fatima Abdallah

She is an American hijabi of Palestinian descent and she is one of my favorite hijabi Instagrammer because her photos are wide in variety. She is also a hijabi fashion blogger.


Her beautiful photos, most recently from Dubai are really inspiring, colorful and really reflect so many things, that I do find very inspiring about a person She lives in Amsterdam, she works as a hijabi fashion blogger and basically that’s all I know about her. But I do love all things she posts and she looks to be a happy, shiny and overly positive person which I also find very motivating. By the way she has some of the best quality photos I’ve ever seen and loves to shoot lots of city and scenery pics as well. Also her fashion sense is pretty good and she has tons of contracts of all sorts of clothes and watches/jewellery companies whose products she advertises from time to time.


Soha is one of the Arabic language speaker hijabi fashion instagrammers. Living and working in Dubai she has her own line of cosmetics, her respective website where you can also read her many blogs and if you would like to get inspirations for haute hijabi clothing, advices on make-up and cosmetics and see some fine quality pics of beautiful scenery and interiors. Although this account is focusing more on showing fashion pieces I do find it enjoyable. She posts both in English and in Arabic too, that’s why her posts are for a larger audience.


Dalal is a hijabi fashion blogger who is from Kuwait. She also has a very popular YouTube Channel which is in Arabic where she is giving make-up and fashion related advice and does vlogging too. Check her out, I do find her style very entertaining and her photos are of great quality. She is featuring a great range of hijabi and modest fashion pieces. I do love her food pics too. She travels a lot and does fantastic photos of all the places she visits. That’s also why I find her Instagram channel very entertaining. I do wish she did videos in English too in the future.


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Sun in the eyes. 📸 @neda_hamood

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Noore is an American Arabic hijabi fashion blogger who lives in Orlando Florida and she is one of the more active hijabi instagrammers out there. If you are looking for modest and Islamic fashion inspiration which looks modern and trendy, then check out her channel. She also has a less active YouTube channel which is also worth visiting. She also does travel photos and has some great accessory photos too.

Isha Loona

She is one of the deep thinker hijabi instagrammers, writing her opinion on many things, also on hijabi and the mistreatment of Islamic women within the Ummah and by others. I like reading the poetry she’s posting and her thoughts. Apart from that, she has tons of makeup and fashion related photos as well.

Muslima Apparel Things

This was one the first hijabi accounts I’ve followed and I do love it because it features a great selection of all hijabi instagrammers posts. I in fact found most of the featured hijabi instagrammers thanks to this lovely account. It features all sorts of lovely posts, from beautiful sites, places, cities, to make-up guides, selfies and fashion shoots.

Maya Al Rifaie

She is also an American Arab hijabi who lives in Dallas Texas. Apart from fashion blogging she also deals with beautiful floral designs on her website she also features a fashion blog. She also likes to take part at modest fashion events, travels a lot and she is overall a very bright personality. The fashion pieces she is featuring are really beautiful and she is also very good at make-up.


Noor Tagouri is one of the most known hijabi fashion instagrammers, fashion bloggers and she also works as a journalist. She actively takes part in all hijabi and all other sorts of fashion events too and has her own website. She is of Libyan descent but does not really speak much of an Arabic. She writes for magazines such as Forbes. I like her Instagram it features tons of videos, photos of her daily life and travels. She has a bright, outgoing personality. She also has a YouTube channel Noor Tagouri, check it out.

Honorable mentions for hijabi make-up Instagram accounts:

Sabina Hannan

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Love me a gloss 💋

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Sabina features tons of make-up related photos and videos and she also has a youtube channel. The only reason I did not feature her on the list is that she is too much geared towards make-up selfies which is too much for my taste. But if you enjoy Arabic style strong make up and want to check out her tutorials definitely follow her on Instagram or on Youtube.

Huda Beauty

I cannot not mention Huda Kattan’s channel as she has literally skyrocketed to become one of the most followed Instagram accounts ever. She is also one of the busiest instagrammers ever and featured tons of make-up lines which have made her super famous. She posts tons of make-up and other funny videos on a daily basis. If you want to follow a busy and active account about make-up do give her a follow.

Habiba da Silva

She is one of the most popular hijabis both on Instagram and on youtube. The half Brazilian half Lebanese YouTube and Fashion instagrammer has a very successful hijab brand and make-up line and contrary to all this, she could manage to stay humble which is a great quality in a human. Check her youtube channel most definitely.

So, that is all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed these small representations and check one or more of these hijabi instagrammers ladies out.

Wishing everyone a very happy and successful and healthy 2018!