Reflecting on 2017 and welcoming 2018

It’s just a sort of a self refletive summary of all I feel I have achieved and of some of my plans in the future in terms of this and my other blogs. First of all I do hope everyone has a blessed, happy and healthy 2018.

My most viral posts of 2017:

I am more than proud of having created the following blogs with the largest success in 2017

The best Hijabi Youtube Channels Today               – my most viral post so far with 273 views

Top Beauty Channels on YouTube 2017 – my second most popular blog of 2017 with 84 views and 16 likes

The HAFU Obsession – in quest of Japan’s weird beauty standards  – 179 views

Travel Love  –  representing you my travel blogs  19 likes

I’d also love if you checked out my latest post on the Top HIJABI Instagram accounts to follow. Which took months of investigation and observation for me before writing my final verdict.

I do love all my posts I have created, from the one on Hygge to the one on healthy lifestyle.

I could exceed 30 followers which I do find a fantastic achievement. THANK YOU all for following me. If you are also blogging please leave me a comment and a link so I can check your blog out and give you a follow.

My plans for 2018

  • More content on cooking – I want to further work on my Moroccan Cooking blog and do posts like the latest tried and tested which I overly enjoyed doing.
  • More content on fashion, hijab style, fun, DIY and make-up also on the latest trends. I do have tons of posts in the making regarding the most popular and my most favorite channels on both Youtube and Instagram. Now that Instagram video has started its own life, Instagram is starting to become a sort of like a second YouTube.
  • More content on Morocco – I would love to continue working on representing a lot of beautiful sports in Morocco in my Morocco related blogs.
  • Achieving cooperations: I would love to cooperate with other bloggers, try guest blogging and so much more.
  • New topics in my repertoire: I have recently started and Arts and Jewellery segment which I’d love to further work on.
  • Bring all content under one roof. By the end of 2018 I will create my own web space on wordpress and I will bring all my blogs into becoming one large blog.
  • Working on my design skills. I am very proud on having designed a couple of covers on my own. I d love to further extend this knowledge. I am also glad to have created my first infographics too. I love photo editing. I will be glad if you check out my pinterest profile to see some of my works.

I am also looking into starting an online business in a couple of months. I will be glad to share further details with you as soon as the time comes for it.

Thank you again for helping me stay motivated for reading my posts and here’s to a fantastic 2018!!