The best HIJABI YouTube channels 2018

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The best HIJABI YouTube channels 2018!

So many things have changed in the lives of some of my favourite Muslimah and hijabi youtubers mentioned in my initial best Hijabi YouTube channels this past year and these first three months of 2018.


Sid and Dina2


Dina Tokio has moved back to Cardiff and has just recently announced that she is expecting her second baby, another favourite British Hijabi blogger of mine Sebinaah gave birth to her first baby a few months ago and Daniela Biah got married. Since all the fame has hit her, Huda Kattan literally stopped posting on YouTube and is solely active on Instagram, which is just sad. With all this, the dynamics of their content has changed as well. This is what initially led me to further on my search for cool hijabi YouTube channels, which have a fun, entertaining content and which are cool to watch.

New vloggers and great vloggers who I failed to notice

This list will not repeat all the names which I have included in my initial blog but it will add a few new names to it of hijabi channels really worth watching. The Hijabis enlisted here are mostly fashion bloggers, do all sorts of shopping hauls, make-up and hijab tutorial and blogging about their everyday life. Many of them have lots of travel related blogs which I personally love.

How to find out if a channel’s content is real good?

First of all, forget about the number of followers. A good channel is all about the level of entertainment it gives to its viewers. All is about the personality. You will realize when you like a channel because you just „forget” yourself in there. If you watch a video and you notice that you keep checking when it ends, that’s surely a sign of boredom. I have lots of criteria a channel should suit for me to be able to say but all this aside, it’s the vloggers personality that primarily keeps you watching.


Content wise my preferences are the following:

  • Colourful content: you can have a make-up channel or have hijabi tutorials but there are hundreds of channels who can offer the same sort of tutorials. Therefore vloggers need to add some extra personality and lots of different content so that the channel does not fade away.
  • Fun, entertaining vlogs: I love fun and entertaining content. That’s exactly why I so love travel vlogs.
  • Meaningful content: makeup and skincare if all good and fine but you need to learn along the way. I prefer skincare to make up because I come to get to know tons of products which I can use in the future.
  • Stellar editing: I do appreciate fine editing skills especially if it’s mixed up with great music.

My new favourite hijabi YouTube channels


This time around I’d like to be more specific on what blog is about what, with all the pros and cons if there are any therefore I will concentrate more on the specialties and on the overall effect all these vloggers have on me. As a result, I ended up with so many great new channels, I have initially decided to release this as a double edit, including an update for my earlier Best Arabic YouTube channels for makeup as well.

  1. Amena – UK

Main topics: make-up, look books, daily vlogs, lifestyle videos, shopping and Muslimah wear related vids.


I haven’t realized for quite some time that Amena is in fact one of the largest UK Muslimah fashion bloggers on YouTube. She’s been excessively popular especially since getting chosen to become a L’Oréal girl and she is one of the very few hijabis who are featured in widespread international ads. She caters to her own blog that’s also an online marketplace for her brand called Pearl Daisy, especially focusing on Muslimah wear and hijabs (or hoojabs).

I like her style, she is quite entertaining.

  1. Shahd Batal – US

Main topics: Q and A, Muslim and everyday lifestyle, useful tips, flat decor, hijab and make-up tutorials, vlogs


Shahd is one of the few black or African American hijabis out there who got mainstream attention. She also casually touches on the topic of racism also in the Muslim community. But what I really enjoy about her videos is that they are interesting, entertaining and really interesting. She gives her views and opinions on tons of stuff, she does shopping sprees, daily vlogs and you can also learn a lot about make up from her.  She has become one of my most favourite bloggers. Her friendship with Aysa Abdul is fantastic and they do many videos together.

  1. With love Leena –US

Main topics: Muslim marriage, hijab tutorial, makeup tutorial, healthy routines, travel diaries, Q and A and confidence videos


She might be familiar for those who have read my post on Hijabi Instagrammers. She also has her own blog too. I still need some more time to check through more of her videos though. I like her style, very honest about the situation and handling of hijabis she also has a few good confidence building videos.

  1. Noor – US

Main topics: political, feminist, movie, travel and daily vlogs


Noor Tagouri is a curious case as in, being present at most fashion events all around the world will not make her a fashion blogger. Her vlogs rather concentrate on family life and her journalist work. She has recently made a movie about the prostitution in the USA. She is very politically active, proud feminist, she has a husband of Moroccan descent (her roots are Libyan but she doesn’t really speak Arabic to my knowledge).  So, watch her if you want to grasp some other aspects on being a Muslimah in the USA.


  1. Fly with Haifa –ARABIC-ENGLISH VLOGS – Saudi/Jordanian

Main topics: fun travel and lifestyle vlogs.


She has become excessively popular for her fun travel videos, travel vlogs. Most of them are subtitled so that English language viewers can also watch them. She is indeed travelling to a whole lot of places.


  1. Ruba Zai – UK

Main topics: hijab tutorials, look books, pregnancy videos, travel videos,



Ruba will soon give birth to her first baby, so we may not see as many videos from her as we used to but until then, enjoy her older videos which are great to spend time with. Look books, hijab tutorials, makeup tutorials and all the trends (what’s in by bag, husband tag, fun yet modest challenge videos) will definitely make her channel alluring for many hijabi and Muslim women out there. I do greatly enjoy her laidback yet fun style.

  1. Subhi Taha – US

Main topics: discussing Muslimah topics, funny videos, about the right Muslim manners both online and in person



He is the dark horse on this list, as in he is not a she and definitely not a hijabi but a proper Muslim male. Being half-Arabic and half-Filipino he can see more aspects of Arabs and the problems within the Arabic and overall Muslim community. He is proud member of the YouTube Creators for Change program. He also has lots of entertaining videos and he also started his clothing brand. He lives in Texas but regularly goes to YouTube events. He is friends with other Muslim youtubers such as Dina Tokio.


  1. YazTheSpaz89  – US

Main topics: Muslim marriage and lifestyle, hijab tutorials, Muslimah lifestyle videos, pregnancy, toddler and mummy videos


Yaz is half Turkish living in Florida and has recently started to revive her vlog on YouTube. She used to be a real inspiration for many hijabis out there and way among the first ones back in the day, who started to post fun hijab and turban tutorials. Ever since she got married and gave birth to two kids already, she is quite busy with motherhood. It’s great to watch her blogs if you look for Muslimah inspiration, advice on being a wife and mother and all toddler and baby related topics.

  1. Chinutay – Canadian living in the UK

Main topics: fun cooking blogs, everyday vlogs, makeup, hijab tutorials, travel and husband tag vlogs, skincare. She also models for Muslim/Modest brands such as Modanisa.


She has become one of my favourite vloggers in a short time. She has a fun, entertaining style, she definitely knows how to do great make-up and looks fantastic. Having a Palestinian-British husband she has moved to the UK, I think she might be of Malaysian descent.

  1. Aysa Abdul – Ethiopia/Canada

Main topics: cooking, recipes, Q and A, Islamic and Muslimah lifestyle, daily vlogs, skincare routine, monthly favourites, make-up for ladies with darker toned skin.


She has a very pleasant style and serves as a great inspiration for the Muslimah and the African American Muslimah community out there. I definitely really like her lifestyle and recipe videos they are very entertaining.

This blog took literally weeks to complete. I do hope it is to your liking. I welcome all comments and if there is any interesting hijabi, Muslimah blogger I may have left out or not mentioned please let me know. I do love to get to know interesting personalities and learn from them.

Wishing everyone a lovely spring and a great preparation time for Ramadan.