I’ve been away …but I’m getting back

But I m getting back slowly and surely step by step.

First and foremost I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!

I am thankful for everyone reading my blogs and that’s why I would like to ask for your input as to what you would like to read about the most and also share some plans which are in the works:

The best  hijabi makeup channels 2018

The best instagram influencers to follow: fashion, travel and lifestyle

My 2018 Venice update: on this years’ trip to my favorite place

My upcoming trip to Marrakech

Last but not least I’m eventually planning to write about all these, but would love to learn about everyone’s preferences.

Please tell me which you would like to read about the most.

I also want to start up a sub-blog that’s called My Encounters. I want to teach all of you how to detect and avoid people that are toxic or have serious mental issues, issues so deep that can very badly affect your life. I would be glad to hear if anyone of you would like to read about my experiences and my advice on this.

Wishing everyone a great summer up until then and I look forward to your comments.