The Top Youtube channels 2018

The best YouTube channels to watch and to watch out for in 2018

2017 was all about slimes, school supply DIYs, lifehacks and more DIYs in all. I feel these topics have been well exhausted by now. So, 2018 sees the downfall of most DIY channels. Also, 2018 is literally the year of co-ops. When two or more YouTubers do co-op that’s for sure will bring a larger viewership, especially if it has some extra added ideas or plans to them. The YouTubers who cannot keep up with the force of co-ops have definitely experienced fallbacks, slight or not.

In this section, I may feature YouTubers who are also featured in my previous blog post featuring my 2017 top youtube channels, but I definitely did my best to bring in a couple of new people in there too. I not only want to feature those who gained or grew in relevance but also some new channels who I feel will become increasingly popular in the near future. As for those I already mentioned, I will enlist what 2018 has brought them so far. I hope you enjoy this post and if you feel there is anyone I left out, please let me know I’m always on the hunt for interesting youtube channels.

YouTube Channels growing in relevance


Ok, so I guess no one is surprised with me mentioning the biggest youtuber of all time on this list, but to be fair, I didn’t mention him in my previous post for the sole reason of him not having that much of a relevant content for my taste. 2018 has brought pretty much for the Swedish youtuber. First of all, they’ve been to Japan twice, bought a country home and he faced a lot of controversies. Also, he has singlehandedly volunteered to become the sort –of a nemesis of the sociopathic Paul family, whose two sons Paul and Logan would literally do all for fame but whose fame has suddenly and understandably dropped in 2018 when Logan was shown being rude and absolutely disgraceful by not just going in the Suicide Forest in Japan ( a taboo subject wich Japanese rather prefer not even talk about) but also featuring a corpse in his video. As Pew is a diehard fan of Japan ever since this happened he is out on a crusade featuring, documenting the fall of the Paul family and all the shenanigans they do to try to stay relevant. I really do love these videos because they perfectly feature the humorous, ironic side of PewDiePie. Also, he has a huge advantage above other YouTubers which pretty much keep him relevant without having to follow trends of all sorts. A humongous mass of people on Reddit. The meme crew. Thanks to his authencity and also featuring more and more content that’s not fully about gaming, the youtuber is getting close to amassing a record number of 70 million followers.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree star

To be fair I’m not all crazy about channels which are focusing on makeup tutorials because I’m not that much into make-up myself. I was featuring tons of make-up channels in my previous post, that’s typically for hijabi women, who in lack of hairdo would put a double effort in make-up. But deep down I knew, that I wouldn’t be able to avoid featuring this guy(?) anymore, especially, since 2018 is all about him in and out of youtube, with his makeup brand becoming extremely famous. While other popular creators do not wish to pursue youtube career ( with Huda Kattan being one of the most prevalent examples of getting out of youtube and focusing solely on Instagram) Jeffree is becoming the biggest make-up influencer out there. I couldn’t really put Jeffree in any category. In a way, he is a she-male but in a way, he chose not to become one. He wants to remain himself, which I really respect him for. Also, his opening up in Shane Dawson’s latest series is worth gold. All in all 2018 is all about Jeffree Star.

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson

Now, I know Shane was pretty big in the past years, but 2018 is definitely his year on Youtube. His newfound enthusiasm for doing fantastic co-ops and videos with friends has really refreshed his career and I think we can expect tons of new things coming from him. I do love his style, sense of humor and the fact that he is so really himself with all the good and the bad he thinks about himself. Above all, he is a great and humble person. I have recently started to watch his videos and I must say he taught me a lot about being more open and open-minded. He spends a lot of time with his friends and his boyfriend and his sister who are all silently amassing great views on their channels, partly thanks to Shane himself. I will enlist all their channels below. The one who stands out would be Shane’s boyfriend’s sister Morgan Adams, she is the one I definitely see growing audience in the future.

Shane’s friends’ channels -with lots of co-ops with Shane and each other:

Shane Dawson and friends on a haunted ship

Ryland Adams – the boyfriend. His content is rather targeting the gay male audience, so it’s simply not to my taste.
Morgan Adams – the boyfriend’s sister – nice content some ghost stories, LA stories, I like her channel.
Garrett Watts – he has good ideas but I feel he is hyperactive and his videos transpire this uneasy feeling. Maybe it can be thanked to bad camera work though.
All in all, together, they make a good group and sort of balance each other which makes good content.

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard

I’ve been paying attention to Safiya’s channel and I see her content is gaining a growing relevance. What I like about her is that she is not that typical youtuber beauty make-up guru who looks all made-up, she has several ideas and can fall into the generic trends but only with a reasonable amount of videos. Check her out.

Silicon Valley Girl

unnamed (1)
Marina Mogilko

You may not have heard of this girl Marina Mogilko before and for a good reason. She is Russian and although she has amassed a nice number of followers there, she has just started her English Youtube channel. She is an entrepreneur who has created a website that helps people study languages or anything else abroad. And she became very rich thanks to this move. If you are looking for a new inspirational channel for women definitely check out her channel which has a pretty dope content.

Megan Batoon

unnamed (2)
Megan Batoon

She is a lovely, beautiful girl having multiple talents, for instance to singing and dancing and her channel soon reaches the first million followers. And I think she definitely has good chances to become a relevant youtuber pretty soon simply on the grounds of creating highly interesting content in a good way. I have gotten to know about her thanks to one of Shane Dawson’s videos and I’m highly thankful for it. If you want to find someone new to watch, I’d definitely suggest you check out her channel.

Song of Style

Aimee Song

Aimee Song is one of the most popular fashion influencers on Instagram already but I specifically like her for her fun and interesting Youtube content. Within a few months she has amassed a 100k more followers, so if she has the energy to continue beside all her fashion-related trips and Instagram posts, she has a great future on Youtube too. She is of Korean descent and she’s been working as a fashion worker and blogger for a long time. These years, she has top deals with the most famous fashion brands, has managed to buy a great house and she is literally always on the go. Her channel also has some fantastic travel, skincare and lifestyle blogs.

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat

Definitely, with a whole lot more focus on technology gadgets, he’s been dealing with Casey’s channel continues to be on a roll. His latest interview with Logan Paul has 5 M views already ( anything with Logans will generate tons of views btw.) In the meantime his content visibly doesn’t feature so much of his own life than it used to, I hope he doesn’t have family issues. His channel in the meantime, however, remains adventurous and definitely is one to watch out for, for all the techies out there.

Youtube Channels which are ok yet stagnating

Lily Singh –iiSuperwomanii

Lilly Singh Headshot 2017 croped_0
Lily has managed to stay relevant but she has slowed down and I get the feeling this is stressing her out. The reason for this is, her always being with her crew and not being that much open for co-ops or try something new from time to time. I know, this is easier to say than done. I myself can be way too lazy even to find and edit photos for my blog posts and this keeps me from posting altogether, so I totally understand if someone gets frustrated because their content is not appreciated enough. Lily has that hyperactive positive attitude that others often find over-exaggerated ( also a common sign of bipolar and depressive disorders’ high stages) and this is not everyone’s piece of cake. I like her videos and her vlog channel is also doing good, I hope 2018 brings better things to her.



PieDiePie’s now fiancé Marzia Bisognin is a beautiful, young, great, creative Italian girl which means that there will always be plenty of people who would like to watch her videos. I personally like her content I find her very creative yet heldback. She doesn’t shine because of his famous fiancé but on her own right. Yet this year has brought so much new things to her with the release of her brands that she didn’t really have much time for Youtube.


unnamed (3)

Asians, particularly girls are crazy for cute and pink things and Wengie is definitely cute in the Japanese way which all the world gets crazy for. I like Wengie but her focus has shifted solely on cuteness and Asian schoolgirls that I feel, that her mass amount of school supplies videos are not doing her that many favors in the future. We all need to feel when it’s time to finish and shift focus. You cannot live on doing vids school supplies forever. To me, it’s getting boring at this point and her views are also dropping thanks to that.

Other Youtube news and YouTube channels in trouble

Grav3yard Girl


I like Bunny but I think what’s happening now, is that she got somehow entrapped in the game she pulled off in all the years previously. This is why now, she cannot really find the stepping stone to get to another level or do something else. Don’t get me wrong, I like her and respect her, she is pretty genuine and unique. She has managed to gain some attention back thanks to Shane Dawson’s superb series in which they try to help her rejuvenate. She’s been visibly stressed out, frustrated and depressed about her videos getting less attention than they used to. Although she continues, I wish she went on a hiatus somewhere, to find her a new life. I feel her fame dropping has to do with her moving to a huge mansion that’s really not for her.But mind you, it’s only my opinion.

Good Mythical Morning: the soulless tasting gone too far


After many years I have unfollowed their channel ( with all their subchannels) because it has shifted to become a soulless grind that wants to live on solely making tasting videos. And to me its boring and I think it is to a growing number of people. It’s also badly damaging their views at this point. I can only hope they change route back to where they started because their content of 3-4 years ago was where they should have stayed. Sometimes it’s not good to grow if you don’t do it the good way.

Lisa Koshy: possibly abducted by the Illuminati

Lisa Koshy

Now, this is a weird case and I hope more people hear me out on this. After breaking up with her longstanding boyfriend Dave, it looks like Liza a great comedian talent who has amassed millions of followers in the past 2 years especially, got apparently abducted and became the slave of a someone or something ( Illuminati?) therefore she is not allowed to post new content on her own channel any longer (apart from paid Youtube Red edited skits). I can only hope, she can get out of that place/company/contract in one piece and alright. So far, it looks like her whole being was bought up. I miss her fun videos and I am honestly worried for her wellbeing.

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