The Top Instagram Fashion Influencers to follow

The top Instagram influencers you need to follow – fashion, travel and lifestyle

The top Instagram fashion influencers to follow

Now, that Instagram video is out, it’s become clear that the death of Snapchat is not too far away. Today, everyone who’s or wants to stay relevant has to make sure that they do their finely edited, high quality posts on a daily level. I’ve started experimenting with Instagram for the sole reason of writing about it. I ’ve followed tons of accounts to see which are to my taste, which ones deliver quality content which actually can keep me interested for a long time.

Previously I have already enlisted my list of the Top Hijabi fashion and lifestyle accounts to follow and now, here is the masterpiece ( or sort of) which contain the best of the best: the list of fashion and lifestyle accounts you should definitely follow, if you want your Instagram to be a fun place on the long haul.

My Instagram criteria

Be it colorful, entertaining, not always the same pics, not always the same pose. I love beautiful travel photos, food fotos, everyday snaps and most of all, I like those who WRITE something meaningful, those who really DO want to connect to their audience. I also much enjoy high quality beautiful photographs. Another important criteria is motivation. It’s great if an influencer wants to positively influence her audience and this is what I’ve been looking for. Learn more about the key criteria for an IG account to be good in my post about Instagram criteria. Making this post alone took a whole lot of time, so I really hope you will like it and that you find a few new accounts you haven’t heard of but would like to follow.

Let me also add that Instagram is a platform for an extremely high number of bloggers. The influencers enlisted here normally have gained following first thanks to their blogs and use the app as an extension to their websites. I will do my best to also enlist everyone’s blog, if they have one.

Eva Chen

One of my most favorite accounts belongs to her, who is a proud Chinese American and who has worked all over the fashion world and is one of the most prevalent figures in it. I remember when I first read about her in Glamour I just couldn’t figure out why is she so popular? But her witty and funny writing style and great, sometimes extravagant fashion style has definitely made me a stan of hers. As she has two little kids, she is not as busy in the world of fashion as she used to, but makes sure to visit all the biggest and most popular fashion events. The sole fact that she is now head of Instagram’s fashion department says a lot of her overall experiences in the world of fashion. In addition, she just published her first ever book, a lovely fairy tale for kids.

Huda Kattan – 26.7 M

The Arabic make-up artist and blogger turned make-up tycoon who I mention in several of my previous posts basically lives on Instagram. With a whopping large follower base, it’s no wonder she is moving away from Youtube, which needs more work and obviously gives less. I like Huda’s channel and I can recommend it for everyone who’s looking for make-up tutorials, videos ( she reblogs a whole lot of videos of other make-up artists so it’s a great source for finding other make-up fanatics too). Nowadays she’s started to do funny skits which I particularly love.

Vanessa Hong – blog: the haute pursuit

This is one of the most popular Asian fashion influencer accounts, however I’m telling you I don’t know all that much about her, except that she travels a lot, has a great taste for entertaining photography, let that be travel or fashion related and her blog posts are also very entertaining. If you are looking to follow someone who rocks colorful clothes to get some motivation on how to dress out of the box, yet still keep that elegant, feminine edge, then she is definitely an influencer to follow.

Susie Bubble – Susie Lau – blog: stylebubble

Susie Lau is not particularly beautiful which is very refreshing for me to see, after all the so many Asian influencers who look all too much plasticky. This is of course not to say she didn’t have plastic surgery. I may never know. One thing for sure, is if you like the brand Gucci, photos of Italy and other lovely places, then hers is definitely an account to follow. I like her colorful choice of dresses and the interesting pairing of items which makes her style definitely very unique. She also posts videos taken at fashion shows. She is also a mom of one.

Kattanita – Kat Tanita – blog: with love from Kat

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Hotel Luna 🌙

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Another fan of Italy, the New Yorker Asian American blogger and fashionista also has a great account to follow. Many of her photos are of gorgeous looking places ( Italy especially)  I also like the nice variery in themes and topics she shares on a daily basis. I like the Mediterranean love of life feeling that her posts deliver.

Rachel Parcell – blog : pinkpeonies – Utah

The Utah based blogger and mom is definitely a super achiever, working out a lot, being a church visiting catcholic he has amassed a nice number of following. Anyone who looks for ideas on how to dress casual yet stylish her account is a good place to start.

Jeanne Grey – blog: the grey layers –NYC

Jeanne is from the Philippines but living in the US. She has just recently married in Bali. Her life is definitely full of travelling, she is literally always on the go. She has her own site and own webshop which definitely goes very well, she is one of the largest fashion influencers out there with a global following. I like her motivational messages she posta with her photos. Also, as a sea lover myself, I m pretty fond of all the places she goes to. She is above the average fashion influencer, so you won’t see her go with the rest of the bloggers to fashion events.

Camille Charriere  – blog: Camille Over the Rainbow

There aren’ that many good fashion influencers who are not Asian, so Camille is a refreshing exception. She is also one of the largers out there, with her follower base slowly reaching a million followers. She is also always travelling especially in Europe, therefore if you like photos of Paris, London, Italy and so on, then her blog is excellent for this reason. She also models oftentimes.

Wendy’s Lookbook – Wendy Nguyen – blog: wendy’s lookbook  1.1M

She is of Vietnamese origins but she lives in the US, NYC area.  She is among the bigger fashion influencers, I like that her photos deliver a natural feeling to them, she is showing off dresses anyone can wear anytime. She is also an advocate of Juvenile Justice and happily married. Her photos are overall nice and fun to watch in the same time. Her blog is also a very good read, I definitely suggest you to hop on it when you feel like reading a bit.

Nellie Lim – blog: Nellie Lim

Another much relevant fashion butterfly ( this is a nickname I may keep as I’ve come up with it LOL) fashion butterfly equals to the blogger/instagrammer/influencer who goes to all the relevant fashion events alongside the others. The Singaporean Nellie is among the biggest fashion bloggers. As Asian market is by far the biggest when it comes to buying luxury items, Nellie is extremely popular. I love the high quality of her photos, her travel pics and all the colorful items she is wearing. She also makes beautiful photos of sites, interiors and else. She travels so much it’s literally dizzying.

Aimee Song – blog: Song of Style – 4.9 M followers

Aimee is one of the very few relevant Instagram influencers who tries her best to also be active on Youtube, I personally love her content both Youtube and Instagram. I think it’s crazy how much she travels. As you can see by the sheer count of her followers she is one of the top fashion influencers out there and her story is pretty unique too. Originally starting as an interior designer, by chance she got to work in the world of fashion. Today, she is among the biggest and has top deals with the best luxury brands out there and is on friendly terms with all the most relevant designers, journalists and with most fellow fashionista bloggers too. She is of South Korean descent. You can also check out her sister’s Dani Song’a Instagram. She doesn’t miss a chance to actually speak to and reach out to her follower-base which I consider a great think. Check out her Youtube channel in my article about the best fashion Youtube channels. Aimee lives in LA in her newly renovated house ( in those few days she is at home).

Julie Sarinana – blog: Sincerely Jules  – 4.9 M followers

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I got instantly attracted to her account because of all the top quality travel , sea and beach photos she is making. She is also among the biggest fashion influencers and has her own shop running smoothly, which means she is pretty much set and all she does is travels to beautiful destinations ( or at least this is what we can see) originally of Mexican descent Julie is a real Latina and has a great summer style. As she prefers tropical climate and lives in LA when she is not away, don’t expect much else than summer on her Instagram.

Rosalyn Lee aka ROZZ – videos: Rozz Recommends

Let me put this way: if there is only one single account you want to follow, then I highly recommend you follow hers. Always being on the go visiting unique, beautiful destinations Rozz does not only make fantastic photos ( she is also armed with a drone to help her) but she TELLS STORIES. You can learn so much with each one of her posts. Rozz is from Singapore. I came to know her from Now she has several pretty hefty sponsorships ( Tag Heuer being one of her sponsors)  she is basically only dealing with traveling and making travel related documentaries. Also she is overall a very unique personality.

NC Wong –Nicole Wong – blog: NCWong

If you are looking for an artsy, unique and more of an extravagant fashion blogger to follow, give her a check. She also models, has lots of deals and she also deals with so many other things, especially travelling. I like the diversity of her photos. Besides I call her the girl who never smiles ( she really doesn’t). She does great photos however and also models for Asian magazines.

Camille Styles –  blog: camillestyles– Austin, TX

Another great blog with diverse content ranging from fashion to meal plans, Camille is one of the most relevant US fashion and lifestyle bloggers on Instagram. Her newest posts about Mallorca are simply amazing. The quality of her photos are pretty great. Also love her food posts and photos. It’s definitely a good account to check out.

Nicole Warne – blog: garypeppergirl   1,1 M – Australia

Despite her name, she has Asian heritage and she is pretty beautiful. She is also one of the key fashion bloggers out there, one of the very few who have made it real big. She has been featured in several magazines also among Forbes’ under 30 most influencing people list. She currently works with Quantas, she is also modelling and blogging. Her account is definitely a great idea to follow.

Drea Chong – blog: Drea Chong

Another Singapore based Instagram fashionista and influencer Drea is pretty big, with above 300 K followers, one must wonder how her account is not yet verified. She works with many big sponsors such as Clinique and she also actively models in Singaporean fashion magazines. I like her style, it’s elegant, heldback and timeless. She also has lots of posts about her everydays, which means it’s a less edited account and with more natural content. She also has tons of lovely travel photos. Check out her photos made in Egypt or in Sa Pa Vietnam for instance they are simply great.

Yoyo Kulala – Yoyo Cao – blog: Yoyokulala

A great diverse account with tons of great content, featuring modern and extravagant fashion items, make-up, lots of travel photos this is definitely an interesting account to follow. Yoyo is also among the largest fashion influencers on IG and she has sponsors such as Sergio Rossi, Luis Vuitton and Gucci among others.

Sorry guys I did not put an instagram pic for all the accounts but it takes too much effort with Instagram extension keeping on freezing on me.

Hope you like my post, if you know other great fashion and lifestyle influencers I didn’t mention here, please let me know.