How to boost your online creativity

We can often get bored thanks to the everyday mill and dealing with our usual activities. That’s when sooner or later we are starting to feel empty, bored and somehow unsatisfied.

Creativity can be used in every aspect of our lives. In cleaning, DIY ing in our home, in finding a new hobby, finding new trends on the internet or in learning something new. This time around I’d like to give you some tips and tricks which work for me and keep me inspired and motivated to learn something new.

Rustic Mornings

  • Get enough sleep – however dumb it may sound, if there is not enough sleep, then your work life balance is definitely in a big trouble. I know that because I work in all sorts of different shifts which often leave me tired, exhausted, not letting me have the time necessary for me to get creative thoughts at all. While we all work different, an average of 7 hours sleep should be important for everyone.
  • Try to get at least an hour of „me-time” every day. Use this time to soak in the bath, to read, to reflect on the day and think about the future or career/ life goals.
  • Have a dedicated time for your phone and online social activities. Instead of scrolling through instagram and facebook, that only makes your eyes and mind tired, try to make this time shorter. However nice it is for us to see all the great places others go to or great things others could achieve, try to achieve things on your own first. Why lose time on watching what others do when you can do so many things for yourself?
  • Try to take on something new this year. Let me give you some of the most inspiring pages, which helped me so much last year. Forget about adult color books. These sites are super easy to work with and they can really bring out your creative side:
    1. Experiment with CANVA: when it comes to web-design no matter you are a blogger, an avid instagrammer, you work on your own branding or you would just like to make some designs on your own, Canva is by far the best way to try yourself. It’s largely free and gives you the chance to do so many things such as
      1. Covers – many of my blog covers are designed over here because it has some fantastic texts and editing options: try Facebook post, Social Media or make your own poster. You can upload any photo you want to work with and there you go. Check out my pinterest to see some of my creations. I also made this very cover with Canva.
      2. Infographics: 2017 brought the huge trend of making infographics big. I ve seen this trend and really wanted to learn how this works. Then I realized all this leads to Canva again. Although there are other fantastic pro software you can work with in the future such as Visio, Canva is a fantastic way to start and see how this works for you. Check out my infographics here.
      3. Color palettes- mood boards: another huge trend which took me a while to find out, that I can do this on Canva as well! All you need is to upload a few pics and it would instantly make you a fantastic color palette/ mood board.
      4. Photo collages: Canva has lovely templates for photo collages ( see my favorite creation here) and most of them can be used for free! It’s a fantastic way to create your very own collage no matter it’s for your home or for your post.

All in all Canva has it all. You can do invitations, banners, presentations and so much more! Try it because it’s so much fun!

  1. Upgrade your photo design skills with Fotor. Fotor is another app that you can mostly use for free and it’s fantastic to reinvent your photos. I particularly love to use Fotor for making specific designs ( see below) and I love it’s fun stickers which I often use for my blog covers too.

I love Codecademy and I think it’s by far the best site where you can learn about coding successfully on your own. It’s easy, it explains everything clearly and it teaches so many aspects of coding. Find out how to get started with web design HTML , Java basics, databases such as SQL and tons more! I know I should dedicate more time for it and I definitely intend to in the future.

Hobbies such as drawing, painting or pottery can not only make you more creative, it can also introduce you to some great communities and all of them are actually medidative,  calming and mind healing activities. Look around and check for an arts course in your surroundings.

Painting is far from being hard all you need is some paint and some time

Sports such as yoga will not make you tired but still will make you active.

  • Read more: reading is getting so underrated but for no reason. Reading is one of the activities that can help your creativity the most. It’s inspiring, makes you think, makes your imagination work and also it’s one of the best pastime activities ever. I do love reading! Try to get some books in the theme you feel you prefer. Sites like Amazon offer books extra cheaply. I always go for paper books, they are much better an experience to read.
reading is extremely relaxing and refreshes the mind
  • Get out more! I know it’s so hard to go out but do try your best to visit a site you love at last once, during weekend. A short walk can do wonders for your and fresh air refreshes the mind as well. Walking does burn calories, makes your muscle move and imagine how much fun it is. I love going out and have a little walk in my area or in the city. Travelling is also a great way to tune out from the everyday rush.
It’s lovely to get out every once in a while and it’s extremely refreshing for the mind
  • Visit art galleries, animal parks, aquariums, exhibitions, museums whenever you can: there are exhibitions going on everywhere around the world and some of them are pretty much fun to visit! Look around and see what may interest you the most. If you want to save money, most exhibitions are cheaper during the weekdays. Check out my posts on the weirdest museums around the world ( coming up shortly).
the signt of these giant fishtanks is extremely calming and beautiful in the same time
  • Try wellness: Wellnes and Spas are getting more and more popular and for a good reason. I do love to go to our Wellness Spa that’s a section of a thermal bath here in Budapest. Only spending about 1-2 hours there, trying the saunas, swimming in the thermal pools or just soaking can leave you extremely refreshed!  It’s also a great way of working out as swimming is the activity that makes the highes number of your muscles move in the same time.


  • Do a „try something new” day when you try something you haven’t tried before. No matter what activity it’s connected with, cooking, DIY, watching a movie or reading a book you haven’t read before, just do it! It will literally fill you up mentally.
  • Spend time with your friends, family or try to find your own community.: It’s hard to keep in touch with friends as we all work and barely have time for other activities, but do your best, get out and spend time with your friends, family or join a new community and see how this works for you. There are tons of groups one can join both online and offline. To me I am about to join the online community of JP Sears who is one of the greatest and funniest mental healers out there.

And my last tips:

  • Do not think something won’t work because you haven’t tried it or you have bad memory with it. Be brave and try it again to make sure.
  • Do not force anything: the rules with creativity are, that there are NO rules. If you don’t feel going out, then stay at home! This is not an obligation so never think about it as one.
  • A good sleep, a good laugh and a good cry are the best cures for our soul
  • When it comes to hobbies first think about things that make you feel good and start working around those things.
  • DIY channels can help you wake up your creativity too. My favorite one is Wengie’s YouTube channel
  • Start a diary and write down your reflections of your days.