My view on the Mind of Jake Paul by Shane Dawson

First of all, I am a huge fan of Shane and I think he is a fully blown empath which basically says he is a normal, sensitive, neurotic person like most normal people in this world. He has faced a huge challenge and I hope he got out of it more or less sane. Because being in the company of sociopathic people would completely twist someone’s reality. And believe it or not, it doesn’t even require all that amount of time.

About sociopathy

Many people seem to use the word as an umbrella term also covering psychopathy. But the two are greatly different. If you want to really get to learn about sociopathy, there is only one single book you need to learn and it is of Robert Hare. By far, he is the one and only person in the whole world who could completely describe the case of psychopathy and he would completely describe how the two disorders differ and where they meet. Most people, when talking about sociopathy they mean psychopathy. But the two are much similar in a couple of ways. Some of the distinctive things that make both sociopaths and psychopaths different from others are the following traits many of which are not mentioned or mentioned in a twisted sense in Shane’s video which I found amazing as it’s a professional who is saying this.

  • Both are aware of them being different but while psychopaths born the way they are sociopaths are tend to get breed to be as they are. Generally by psychopathic parents.
  • Sociopaths are aware they are sociopaths but they won’t tell you in the face.
  • Great acting skills: both sociopaths and psychopaths are fantastic actors. The thing is however, that they are unable to sustain normalty for a longer period of time, which means weeks or even days. They breed their victims with large steps to see how much they bear and then step by step they lead them into their own deranged normalcy, that’s extremely far from any normal person’s normalcy. This requires some high level manipulation skills.
  • Why the victims don’t leave: in Shane’s video they keep on asking, if those guys were abused why didn’t they just leave. This is far more complex than that. The real explanation will not be said because people are ashamed and I also think they were bound by contract to bear most of the cruelty happened to them. Those guys didn’t leave, because they were really really in fear. And by fear I do not mean the normal fear. In the socio or psychopaths world nothing is normal. Fear is the real deal in this context which if you didn’t yet experience in your life, be happy for it. That’s why those guys or girls they had to wait out to get sacked. They were bound by fear to do so..
  • The things they say, can say with such persuasion you will eventually end up not demanding them the actions they promise they do to prove they changed. And this just means they don’t change. Dr. Phil is saying correctly in the short segment in Shane’s video. Many of socios and psychos go to therapy to learn new skills to try on their victims. For this great sadistic enjoyment of being able to pull people into their trap, these people both sociopaths and psychopaths cannot be cured. Why would they want to?
  • Sadistic enjoyment of causing harm, pain or sadness. And confusion and chaos in general. In Shane’s interview the therapists say that sociopaths cannot differentiate between good and bad. This is not true. They know pretty well what’s bad or what’s evil. They just don’t care about it they do not have interest in it because they completely lack emphathy, to feel what others can feel. Why would they want to change, when they reach their goals pretty well at least for a good amount of time and people believe all their acting?

We try to seek the good in people and many of us try to believe people can change for the better. Unfortunately these two disorders is where we need to back off and simply try to save our own lives for our own good.

Both disorders are hard to diagnose and the treatment is made impossible by the patients’ who often lure in even the professional therapists to believe them. Yes, just like Joker in Suicide Squad. But despite famous beliefs they create connections but only when they badly need something the other person has. This is mostly money. Sometimes the victim’s whole life.


Can you actually notice who is a sociopath in time?

Almost never. You must unfortunately experience some of his or her twisted reality and be strong enough to back out in time and to cut all contact. Most people are weaker than that or they are fixers who these people love to lure in and they often end up losing almost all or all their lives because of that.

Who is the real sociopath here?

Psychopathy can be inherited and I do think the real deal is the father, he was the one who made his sons to be how they are today. I do think the bigger brother Logan is a full blown sociopath as well. As for Logan I think he was grown and schooled at home to become a sociopath in the footsteps of his father and brother. Sociopaths are weaker, more neurotic and they always feel they must prove. This is where they greatly differ from psychopaths who naturally lack this feeling as a whole they are too grandiose for that. What normal parent would not only let his kids go through life threatening situations but basically tells them ( or orders them) to do so for the views, to earn more and more money? I don’t think it’s anywhere near normal.

Why not the brother?

From the beginning I kept asking myself why not the brother? Why the little bro Shane wants to learn about? As out of the two Logan is the more abnormal and the bigger ( he is the prototype, the original basically)  in my opinion it would have seemed natural to me, that he starts with him.  Then I think I understood the reason althouh it would really need him to explain it. But I think the mere explanation is the following:  Shane hopes there is still hope for the little bro while he is fully aware that for the bigger brother there is surely no return. The other explanation is fear. Manipulation is a fucked up thing and only those can understand who were ever in touch with a sociopath or a phychopath. The big bro is an expert actor. Unfortunately Jake too seems to genuinely enjoy causing pain, chaos and confusion. So I don’t think there is a way back for him either. Don’t believe anything he says, just watch out for what he does in the future.  We are too keen to believe what we hear.

The continuing

I am quite worried for Shane’s soul I can only hope he will be strong enough because he will be completely out of reality by entering the world of a sociopathic family. I wonder what they will say, and you can too, all I am asking you is not to believe anything those guys say no matter they cry they seem deep. I think the end is near for the brothers’ careers and that’s when we will really see their capabilities.

As I come from a relationship with someone with this disorder this is something I wanted to share for a long time. Seeing this video really made me want to share to make people aware to watch out real well who they decide to trust. I keep watching for the continuing of this and I wonder how Shane will see all that’s happening.

Check out the first part and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: all I have written only express my own personal views and opinion according to what I’ve learned and experienced. I am not a licenced therapist or a phychiatrist so this is not a professional study by any means.