The Top 10 Latina YouTube channels 2018

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Latina Beauty and Makeup

First of all, thank you for everyone who expressed interest in my last year’s piece of the top Spanish YouTube channels for women today which as I see on my stats is doing great! This is why I’ve been doing a research for a while now, to actually continue last year’s series find out which Latina Youtube channels are doing the best this year and which ones are really worth visiting. Let me add, all these channels are Spanish speaking ones although some of the Youtubers do have English content or a separate English Youtube channel.


Latina style
The classic Spanish Andalusian style that’s paved way to Latina fashion  in terms of looks and style

Trend attack

As I can see the trends have really infested most Latina YouTube channels and literally almost all of them go through the same trends one by one. These trends slightly differ from the American ones and I am planning a separate post to talk about these later on.

The Latina YouTube channel characteristics


Most of the Latinas who are active and have a high follower base on YouTube work very similarly. This means, they have their base account, which I will enlist. Then they likely also have an account together with their boyfriend or husband. Many of them also have a separate vlog channel as well. This way, one channel in real means 2 or 3 some even 4(!). I did my best to find new, entertaining channels for you. Though my last post was mainly targeting make up and beauty related content, this time around I want to give a more comprehensive guide on channels which simply make interesting content and which are worth visiting.

My research

I spent a considerable amount of time to try to find channels which are really good, really entertaining and which do not particularly try to copy others. I intentionally decided not to mention channels of teenage girls who I deem far too young to be on YouTube. I also decided to leave out this new trend of lesbian Latina channels who intentionally use the fact of being lesbian to gain more views. I spent months catching up on Spanish content and did my best to really show you good content. In the end, I still ended up with far too many channels with a great diversity of themes, so I decided to break this down and feature them one by one according to the channel’s main theme. My first post is going to be about makeup.

The best Latina YouTube channels on beauty and makeup


download (4)

The Mexican blogger whose real name is Mariand Castrejon Castañeda, DIY and makeup queen is still the biggest Latina Youtuber of all time with a whopping 22 Million followers from all around the Latin world. However, unfortunately the bigger she gets the more she starts to lose connection with her followers and keeps on getting more and more negative comments from her followers on not connecting with them as much as she used to. She has recently gone through many changes in her life, like moving from home and decided to make changes to how she represented her channel before. I have presented her in many of my posts such as my latest on Weaboo style vloggers. I think her follower base consisted of teenage girls mainly. So, now that she deviates from the earlier DIY models and starts doing a more diverse content her follower base would need to grow with her too. This affected many badly but I think change is healthy and necessary when you are in YouTube you need to change from time to time. I like her channel, but to be frank, I prefer watching her older videos. She has hundreds of videos on makeup and hairstyle worth watching.



Paula Galindo, is one of the very few Colombian vloggers who could make it big on YouTube. She also works in fashion and she is a pretty nice girl she has recently moved to L.A from Bogotá. Over the year her channel has grown tremendously. Currently she has just passed 7, 5 Million followers, so this definitely grabbed my attention. She goes to many fashion events and I think Los Angeles is the perfect place for someone in fashion and makeup to build a bigger platform. What I also like about her is that she actually made the effort to connect with English speakers and made a channel where she also uploads videos in English. She also has a separate vlog channel as we can expect from a Latina vlogger.

Rosy McMichael


As featured in my latest post on Spanish YouTube channels, if you are looking for a good quality makeup channel that discusses makeup and beauty solely, then this is the channel to visit primarily. Rosy is a professional makeup artist of Mexican origin based in Texas and shares tons of her makeup tips in her videos. I especially like her videos where she features makeup fails, the reasons and shows how to do it well. In Latina fashion she also caters to two other channels although those are not used as often as the main account. A Vlog and an English language channel for the English speaking fans.



Her channel discusses all sorts of Instagram makeup and beauty trends, a very colorful channel. She is actually pretty good at doing makeup, she is always trying new products and tells viewers her opinion about these and most importantly, she keeps on trying on makeup products of famous or popular brands and stars. We can see the new trends, Instagram makeup tutorials and much more. It’s a refreshing channel targeting a younger audience.



This channel left me amazed by how much positive change makeup can bring for someone’s looks, if it’s done properly. Her channel can be a real inspiration for so many girls out there, especially for those who weren’t blessed with the best quality skin and for those who struggle with weight issues. That’s essentially why her channel grabbed my attention. Besides makeup she also posts vlogs and I like her content, it’s fun and down-to-Earth.

Jackie Hernandez


She is another vlogger I featured in my earlier post on Spanish YouTube channels and I’m glad to say that her channel is doing well and she also started a sort of a chat show, where they talk about all sorts of different subjects with her friends. She is also keen to try some of the trends, but looks like she decided not to become like many of the other Latina channels who rebuilt themselves based on the newest trends. She also has like 3 other channels, one of which is trying to push English language content, which I hope she will cater to, to get the attention of the English speaking makeup fans too.

Anna Sarelly


I know there are channels which are more popular at the moment than hers, but I still decided to choose her channel above others based on the depth of her videos, not only showing how to apply makeup but also getting into topics discussing skin types, skin treatments, acne treatments and more. I feel you can really learn more from her videos and I also think this is also why her channel is bound to grow as there are not that many makeup and beauty channels which discuss cosmetics and makeup in much depth. So, learn more about your skin through her videos.

Nury Jimenez


I was a little hesitant to include her channel but finally I decided to do so, because I find her personality entertaining enough for her content. She is primarily interested in makeup but she is also all along trends and does Storytime videos too. Nury is from Mexico and she does a great deal of her videos with her mom.

Jeamileth Doll


Another beautiful girl making herself even more beautiful with the help of makeup. Her channel includes tons of entertaining videos mainly going along the latest trends, trying out makeup of several brands and YouTube stars, but she also has a more diverse content and a separate vlog channel too. And in case you are interested to see how she spends her days, then check out her vlog channel too.

Styled by Ale La Chula


Her channel grabbed my attention because there are so many Latinas who are fake, who had visibly plenty of plastic surgeries to look their best and contrary to all that, her looks are rather natural. I think this is the kind of person who can be one of the best to watch, as she really tries to accentuate and not totally change her features. In addition she also has English language videos and two additional channels, one with the husband/boyfriend the other is a vlog channel. Apart from makeup she also has try outs, hauls and some vlog like content too. The makeup she features is daily makeup anyone can try and follow.

I hope you liked this list. If you know Latina Youtubers who are strong on makeup and are not on this list, please let me know I’d love to visit their channel too!

I will continue this series shortly enlisting  the best Latina Youtubers of other diverse themes.

Wishing everyone a great week!