Best Spanish YouTube channels 2018 – on lifestyle and fashion

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I have decided to do a more in depth breakdown on the best Spanish YouTube channels after seeing the success of the post I made last year on Spanish YouTube channels. The reason for that, is that there are so many ways, themes and topics that would make a channel interesting. Especially considering the fact that not everyone likes to watch makeup channels. That’s why my research took more time and thus produced more results as well. These are the Youtubers whose content I watched and I liked.

Naturally, there are for sure other channels too out there but they are still growing and need some more time to be enlisted in my opinion. So, let’s see the second part of my research which presents channels that are primarily chatty, vloggy and discuss all sorts of topics.


American youtuber Superholly

Her channel kind of stood out of the crowd for me, because it presents a girl who’s not inherently a Latina, she is an American who grew up in Mexico and therefore from a younger age, she had to learn to deal with language barriers and cultural barriers. Today, she is happily married with a Mexican guy. She can teach us so many things about Latino culture, the language. Also she has many videos dedicated for those Spanish speaking audience who would like to learn English. In return she also has an English channel where she is teaching Spanish too. She also started collabs like other youtubers, which resulted in many fun videos. Check her out, whether you want to learn English, Spanish or if you simply look for a fun channel.

Kika Nieto

kika nieto
Kika Nieto

Another highly popular Columbian youtuber Kika is among the biggest Latina Youtubers out there at the moment. Her videos are all over the place but they are mainly in the story time and vlog category which means, if you want to hear and watch someone’s daily life, then this is the channel to visit. Apart from that she does hacks, DIY, trends and all sorts of other videos too. Definitely a fun channel to check out.

Anna Vbon

Ana Vbon

Ana is a Mexican youtuber whose channel is just starting to get relevant. This is a channel which I found only recently and I like it, it shows genuine content and I think it would grow just finely. She mainly moves along the line of lifestyle, stories and fashion tips, mixing this with some makeup and other videos too. I find hers a nice entertaining channel.

Mis Pastelitos

mis pastelitos
Mis Pastelitos

Another fun Colombian channel done by a vlogger called Gris Verduzco which is over 5 Million subscribers and does certainly have a weaboo feel to it. The channel as you can guess by its title is mainly focusing on smaller cooking and baking projects but there is a lot more about it too with all sorts of DIYs. I found this a relaxing and a rather entertaining channel which is absolutely family friendly. It also includes tons of other DIYs, collaborations with other youtubers. It’s a real fun lifestyle channel which I really suggest everyone to check out.



She is a Colombian youtuber and her channel is a bit different from all the other channels and that’s because she is one of the very few who likes to talk about mysteries, which involve criminal cases and also paranormal stories. Besides that you can also find a lighter, happier content on her channel which fluctuate between makeup tutorials and other YouTube trends. Now, that Halloween is coming up and people’s need for spooky stories grows, I think it’s the best time to check out her channel, if you like talking about ghosts or other mysteries.

El Mundo de Camilla

Mundo de camila
Camila, the Cuban millionaire

If you are interested in seeing how the riches live, who can buy so many things normal people cannot do, seeing someone buying all sorts of branded goods, cars and show you around their lavish homes, doing hauls and who earns more money sort of videos  (multiple for that matter) then this is the channel for you. Quite surprisingly this youtuber Camila Guiribitey is a Cuban youtuber, that already makes her quite unique, but she doesn’t live in Cuba. I find her channel quite entertaining as it includes a nice variety of videos not showing only one sort of a topic. The channel is new and it just started to gain more attention, but I think in a few months it will be well over a million followers. By the way I have no idea how she has so much money. But enjoy luxury through her videos.

So, that’s about it for this time, I will come up with more posts on the best Latina or Spanish YouTube channels out there enlisting the best channels for pranks and also those on travel. I’m also planning to have a separate post dedicated to the Spanish speaking community which is fan of Japan and those Japanese channels which are in Spanish.

I hope you liked this post, if there are channels I haven’t mentioned and have fun, entertaining content please let me know, I will soon be back with more!

And as always, thank you everyone for reading my posts and thank you for following me.

Also releasing a Halloween Spooky Channel post soon as I love Halloween!