The Spookiest YouTube Channels for Halloween

Spooky Season is HERE AGAIN! And I thought to celebrate it this time around with a unique release where I collect some of the best YouTube channels which have spooky content talk about paranormal activities, ghosts and various mysteries. I love Halloween and of course this is the time of the year where we all are more open to ghost stories, haunted locations and mysterious stuff all in all.

Spooky Season is here!!!

I wanted to collect YouTube channels which are spooky and entertaining in the same time. I didn’t have an easy job in filtering out the content which I find well done and interesting enough to watch myself.

I intentionally didn’t include channels which are straight creepy, which solely concentrate on unresolved crimes, the channels which are full of night-camera recordings ( I personally find those boring and disturbing on the long haul) and those of charlatans who have sort of a cult-like content that I would not really recommend anyone to watch. We are here for spooky stuff that’s for Halloween so I looked for channels which entertain me and keep on watching.

Paranormal videos were very promising, especially a few years ago, therefore there are tons of creators who made a few of them for the views and because it was a trend back then. The same goes for haunted location where tons of creators go. I did my best to include such creators who are more or less consistent about their content.


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Grav3yardgirl loves Halloween the same as I do!

I hate it that I have to be so repetitive at times, but she is one of the very few Youtubers who love Halloween as I do. She is also the only creator who makes Halloween videos every single day in October. I do love all her Halloween related content that includes Halloween Hauls, Spooky Makeup and paranormal stories. She is above all, the queen of paranormal vlogs, she is one of the few gifted individuals who ghosts seem to be attracted to. Therefore she is full of paranormal stories. Definitely check out her channel in this very season especially. Check out her most recent paranormal video.

Shane Dawson

Shane’s conspiracy videos can keep you entertained a lot

I like Shane Dawson and now, he has actually become a YouTube star and is trending so tremendously that other creators use his name to get views,  which I think it’s weird to him, being a humble guy who has been overlooked for long. About 1-2 years ago he has made a whole lot of mystery videos which are actually great especially for Halloween. Shane is a big fan of spooky things, he also has haunted places videos with the „squad” which are some of my favorites and he has that rare ability to mix fun and spooky things. I also like his conspiracy videos. Check out his videos, the creepy music of the videos would instantly get you in the Halloween mood.

Michael Magee


I was a little bit hesitant to include him on this list first of all, because of his last name, that’s for sure not his real last name, but I feel I would need to make the list all the colorful and he was among the less fraud-looking channels out there so I thought why not. Also, I appreciate the fact, that his YouTube channel does not include the „ donate” button which I honestly think was a horrible idea of YouTube. His content to me looks a little bit like a hoax on many levels. He has various videos which try or do capture paranormal activity. But I would rather suggest you checking out the Q and A videos where he replies to questions about ghosts, paranormal activities and happenings discussing whether these are related to paranormal activities or not. One of such examples is sleep paralysis. Check out his 2016 Halloween Special videos for the heck of it.



I’m actually sorry I didn’t see her channel before, but perhaps that’s what Karma wanted after all, to find her channel for Halloween. I really love her content that’s all what we need for a good Halloween gathering and for those cold fall nights, by the fire. She has many informative Storytime videos which I personally really like. She has Halloween and scary makeup videos, she talks about her experiences with haunted object or at haunted places. I like those scary paranormal experiences also mixed with some fun videos, theatrical makeup videos it makes her content much worth checking out, especially for Halloween or if you are a fan of horror or paranormal stories.

Loey Lane


Another vlogger and YouTube creator whose content is specifically focusing on mysterious and paranormal. I like to learn about the Ouija Board and she seems to be an expert at that, she also goes on ghost hunting, tells scary and spooky stories and she also has her own novel that was recently released. She also does daily blogs for Halloween, so I checked her 4 Scary stories about Ouija boards and I really enjoyed listening to her. So, this is a channel I definitely suggest everyone to give it a listen, if you are looking for some spooky atmosphere. Loey also has makeup hauls and overweight fashion videos out there for all of you to check.

  1. The psychic twins


To this day I have no idea if they are true or not but they are pretty good at what they do, they are also very professional self-marketers and content creators and have tons of interesting videos you should watch. I first saw them in their collab with Shane and Morgan Adams, where they go to her to learn about the ghost that has been with her for a long period of time. They also have lots of prediction videos where they predict the future of successful people and other youtubers. They also have informative content on numerology.

  1. Hailey Reese


Another queen of paranormal on YouTube, I really love her content and she is among the biggest paranormal themed channels out there which are entertaining and fun enough to visit. One of her specialties is haunted locations, ghost recordings and her spooky Storytime videos which I like the most. Learn more about the silent twins, the aging doll, and the story of Annabelle or listen to her stalker stories and all the more. I find her channel really entertaining and it’s the perfect choice for Halloween season!

  1. Jessi Vee


Well, hers is something in between a drama channel and a paranormal channel, but what caught my attention is her Creepiest Series, which I find pretty entertaining. Apart from that, if I will ever do a release on the biggest drama channels on YouTube I would definitely include hers in here, she seems to be the kind of person with whom always something happens.

  1. Kendall Rae
Kendall Rae is big in conspiracy videos

If you are looking for mysteries, whether crime stories or paranormal stories then her channel should be among the first ones to visit. She is specialized in mysteries and „ what really happened” videos and she is doing them pretty well! I really recommend you check out her channel for Halloween time or anytime to learn about mysterious cases, conspiracy theories and their possible resolutions. I tag her last year’s Halloween playlist which has plenty of ghost stories in them.

  1. Cjades

This is a new Youtube channel of a Texan girl which wasn’t created long ago and it has all sorts of content, however it concentrates on paranormal stories, creepy stories, haunted house stories and it’s overall a fun channel. It’s barely above a hundred thousand subscribers, but I think Halloween season would definitely give it a push. Jade’s channel also features hauls, baking videos, coop videos and videos about creepy stuff. I was seriously considering putting her in the drama category ( after all, there are people who are prone to all sorts of happenings around them) but her content is spooky enough to be included in this post after all. Check it out!

Well Happy Spooky Season for you all, I hope you liked this post! I will soon start decorating my home for it to have a real Halloween feeling!

As a bonus, for all the Spanish speakers looking for spooky content for dia de los Muertos check out the channel of Paulettee who I write about in my previous post on Top Spanish Youtube channels 2018.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos!