The Jake Paul -Alissa Violet situation

When I started to watch part 7 of the eight part series the following things come to my mind as first thoughts

  • Alissa Violet looks stunning. No wonder the curent girlfriend released a song in which she repeatedly says „I’m not like her” that means she couldn’t fully take her place and keeps on fearing and comparing. Comparison is very dangerous in a relationship and those who are compared will never be like the original.
  • This is probably the most important part of the whole series because it’s mainly through girlfriends or other close family members you can see if someone is a sociopath or not. They know it the most vb

The interview with Alissa has proved lots of my earlier throughts on stuff I thought it may have happened. From the fact that she confirmed that she wasn’t allowed to leave to the fact that she was abused and used.  It also got confirmed that both brothers are sociopaths with their father possibly even a psychopath being the culprit.

  • She was living in fear for such a long long time and it shows on her reactions
  • She fears to this day, from the rage of the Pauls that’s also why she is in a group environment surrounded by people all the time for protection.

As a former girlfriend of someone with sociopathic tendencies she completely does the things most other girls do when they are past a toxic relationship. On of these is rebound with someone quite similar to their abuser in some way or form.

She moved into an environment that’s more or less a carbon copy of the group atmosphere she was in previously. Out of all this, I think it’s highly possible she grew up in a family where at least one of his direct family members were either abusive or addicts both of which points to having a disordered mind. This also shows from the fact, that she could be there and living in an abusive environment for way too long. She tried to change Jake Paul and of course she couldnt change her. She also comes off as a codependent type of personality who cannot really get on, on her own.

She mentions she was used like a pawn however I m not sure she is not used as one in her current situation. From seeing her past so far and seeing the current boyfriend, I’m really afraid Faze is an addict, this is something I also tend to see on him whenever I see him. Which would make the ideal mistake that abused women do, when they get into rebound relationships.

The toxic relationship of Alissa and Jake

What was clear to me is, that Jake was copying the pattern what he saw at home. The relationship you got to learn about was exactly what both guys had to see going on at home for quite a while. With their mom being a nurse, that’s always the perfect kind of person for abusive men to abuse for longer periods of time, it’s a wonder she could go on for so long, but it’s very hard to get out of abusive relationships because of all the fear the victims have and from the fact,most women have practically nowhere safe to go. I would swear Logan’s girfriend if he has one is someone who also lived in an abusive environment, therefore the perfect person to bear all the shit happens every day. Like nurses do.

On the new girlfriend Erika

I feel quite dissappointed that Erika could act as the best friend to Alissa seeing all the stuff happens and all this time waited to become the next girlfriend. Now she tries to be the girlfriend and mother to Jake in the same time, the protector. I see a lot of work was done on her to look better. As said in my previous post in the FAQs it’s highly dangerous to put someone on a pedestal, saying it’s only her who can save someone’s soul. This is not true. She would wreck herself  but she will never be able to save Jake. The question is, how long will she be able to live in this situation.

The truest sentence of Alissa was, when she was asked what she thinks would happen to Jake in a few years and she says „ Prison?”  this was so true and yes, after all the fame is gone, that’s definitely a possibility and a direction most sociopaths choose to go.

I went through most of the same shit Alissa went through, so there were parts I was literally shaking. I m also very aware of all the acting skills of mentally disordered people. They do act so well, that in the moment they also believe it’s the truth. Mental disorder is so different from normalcy that us normal people will never quite be able to find out about the thinking patterns of the disordered. Another good example of this is, that a mentally disordered is able to show true remorse, and they they can forget about it all within an hour or even less time. This is true to all they promise or what they do. That is also what makes it extremely hard for any normal person to spend longer time with someone who has a personality disorder.

As for this series, I am afraid lot of the controversies will never be addressed. All it needs is Jake  to show true remorse for a few hours which sociopaths have the perfect capability to do, what they cannot do is to sustain these feelings. Cannot sustain feelings, promises and long term plans. Then he would forget about it, we would forget about it and life will go on as it did before, until he can keep up with all the crazy stuff to earn money. No love can change someone who has sociopathic traits so deeply embedded in them. But at least, it was a highly enjoyable series, which I feel was streched out for way too long than it should have been.

What’s next for Shane?


I hope a good old break because this all must have been mentally exhausting for him. The bad thing is, that with this series he really got to the pinnacle. I do not have any idea who he should interview next or expose after that, what would create the same amount of interest. These were some of the most controversial figures of Youtube. So I hope he can work out the way to go. I absolutely love his content no matter what he does so I am sorry he will be away but I totally understand that and he needs a break from this social media frenzy.

Check out my earlier posts on sociopathy, personality disorders and my opinion on the Jake Paul series. And lastly I have strong thoughts on the subject because of my own experiences and because I am fully aware how victims of abuse are so often silenced, how the enablers and the abusers themselves try to minimize their behaviour and make victims appear as someone who is dumb, wrong or attention seeker. I wish the best for Alissa Violet and I hope I won’t be right in many of my predictions.