My Final Thoughts of Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul series

My Final Thoughts of Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul series

The first thing that came to my mind is that I’m exhausted. The second thing was, that it was a very bad tactical decision to make the final interview before the actual interview with the girlfriend.

But we could find out many things about Jake like this too.

  • He clearly showed no remorse for most of the stuff he has done
  • People will minimalise his behavour saying that he was doing all those because he is still young.
  • He couldn’t give a damn about representing himself as a bad example or manipulating kid, he just wants the money.
  • His first and key thought on his brother’s suicide forest video was about all the money and deals they both missed out on. He added that he asked his brother if he really wants to publish this and it was a blatant lie. They both couldn’t have cared less.
  • He initially put all the blame and shame on Alissa on what happened. He lied about many things in there which I will not even enlist. The first and foremost thought of his initially is that he was a whore to sleep with his brother. Saying that he thought that she wants to stand in between them was another lie. He has to know his brother and that he couldn’t care less about consequences or responsibilities either.
  • It came out that both their parents were never fit to raise them and are not fit to give them any normal advice on moral things especially.
  • Many issues were not addressed such as the hatred for all people who leave the Team 10 clique. It was never asked what issues he has with Nick Crompton either.

I was glad that Shane understood his disorder  up to a certain point. He had to be very careful regarding many things to avoid being blamed or even sued and he very elegantly pulled that. He should have asked so much more.

I was sad that this video didn’t have a few minutes where Shane would say his own thoughts. But I guess the reason for that is to avoid any legal problems with the bigger bro or dad.

I think this went on for way too long. I got tired and so did many other people. And in the end nothing was really addressed and nothing will really change. But all in all I liked it.

Now, as many people talked about it I would like to know about those mysterious investors who are so rich to pay for huge houses for youtube cliques to live and work in. It would be fun to learn more about these people or companies who I suppose are Asian (Arab or Indian) companies.

What do you guys think and what are your final thoughts on this series? What do you think Shane should do next after having a looong break?

As a disclaimer these are my own personal thoughts and opinions and that’s it.