The surging need for Youtube content remapping – dying channels and the few which survived

The big remapping of YouTube –channels which are dying and the great few who survived

Since the Shane Dawson series finished, I keep experiencing a weird thing on YouTube.. a certain sort of a burnout that results in people just not watching YouTube videos any longer, meaning that the current content needs serious updates or a remapping because past content became all too boring, too much of the same and people are simply not interested in many channels for this reason. On a footnote, this is a brilliant opportunity for all the smaller, new and upcoming YouTuber channels out there to create their own fandom. This is the start of the big 2018 remapping of YouTube content meaning that the trends which lived on in 2016 and in 2017 are finally dead.

I will enlist some of the biggest channels back in 2016 and in 2017, then I will also enlist the type of content that’s dead and last but not least, I will also enlist those few who survived this remapping. I will follow up with a post enlisting the trends which were on in 2018 and the newest trends which are just coming in.

Miranda Sings / Colleen Ballinger


The fact of the matter is, that contrary to all the many collabs she partook and all the fuss about her character she created called Miranda Sings who also got a show I never found neither her nor her character particularly funny. There is an obvious rule, that as soon as a YouTube starts posting desperate videos, we can notice that this means, their content fails to touch the audience the way it did back in the day. Colleen has altogether 3 channels and all three are slowly and surely dying in the past two years. Now, she is pregnant and married and I hope she finds her way to go forward in life, this or that way.

Lily Singh

She is iiSuperwomanii a Canadian-Indian youtuber who has been creating funny videos and skits in the past 5 years, making herself one of the biggest female youtubers of all time. This has finally rocketed her to L.A, where she created her crew who are also her friends (which is weird to say the least) and bought a big house. She is hanging out with some movie stars, but I think since her LA move she hasn’t been the same. L.A seems to have started to change her and created a gap that’s widening between her and her fan base. From her videos earlier on, she rather seemed to target the teenage audience, particularly those of Indian origin who especially understand the Indian family related jokes. Nowadays, however she seems to be losing it, getting stuck between a raging feminist and a teenager. Her feminism is in fact so raging at times, one would question whether it has feminist or lesbian origins (unfortunately the lines between the two are pretty blurred at times). On another hand, in her vlogs she acts so hyper for such a long amount of time, normally only those do who are high on antidepressants. I understand she wants to look optimistic and positive but it’s all getting too much as if the real side of her is hidden in the shadows. I think she has the intentions of eventually getting involved in politics, and I wish her good luck with that but I hope she moves back to Canada for the better. She just recently released a pretty bitter song, a Nicki Minaj remake full of demeaning remarks on male youtubers. I’m sorry for her, I used to really like her content.


I was talking about her a lot and I may also have mentioned how Shane tried to save her channel and help her reinvent. But one thing he left out of thought is, that for this particular YouTuber, YouTube was a way of self-therapy. Many YouTubers have depression and anxiety disorder but noone as much as her who has serious mental issues and makes her videos according to that.  Maybe it’s me but I feel the shift has come when she built her castle home and moved there from her normal human like home-where people could see her kitchen and other rooms, she even had pets. Moving to that rather huge and unfriendly mansion has limited her to literally not show anything to viewers at all. She is also a good example to what always being at home can do to someone. I feel her boyfriend is also a sort of a nurse to her. She is dead rich despite the fact people mainly see her in cheap clothes looking simple. Despite what Shane advised her to open up more, to show more of her life, she did none of that, remained just as secluded she used to be. I wish she could move somewhere nice like Costa Rica to spend a few years there, but I feel not leaving home much and not meeting people is part of her anxiety-depression and this also limits her from any sort of reinvention, that would need to come from the inside.

Conor Franta

Conor is a gay YouTuber, but unlike other gay YouTubers, who went on to greatly capitalize from the fact they are gay, he didn’t do that. He did quite good comedy videos for a few years before deciding to come out. His channel is strongly going downhill, partly due to the fact that he lost motivation and is currently looking for new ways to evolve and partly due to that, that he doesn’t really do entertaining content because of that. I wish him all the luck, I hope he finds the best way for him to evolve and build a career.

Joey Graceffa

Another gay YouTuber, perhaps the biggest more than a year ago, when this videos got over 5 million views which made YouTube put his series on Premium, featuring other top rater YouTubers. He has over 8 million subscribers. However, it looks like these past months didn’t do him much good and his views are really going down. On a footnote, hopefully he can get some of his revenue back by his book that has been released just a few weeks ago.

The Gaby Show – aka Gabbie Hanna

She fell a couple of times before, last time decided to come out with a renamed and revamped channel but she is a hot mess, always deciding to hook up with mentally ill guys, having stories of meeting with mentally ill guy and sadly this is showing that she is not mentally all there. I originally wanted to make a drama series featuring YouTube drama channels but I also include her in this. Her views are declining because her content is simply not coherent enough to watch at times that affects her whole channel.


Despite all the Chinese cutie fandom she could gather and who are the core of her fan-base, as said earlier, Wengie went full on making her channel be almost solely about slime and school supplies in the past 2 years. This has affected her channel greatly and made me sad as I really liked her content up to this point. I hope she can reinvent because her quality videos, especially those older than 2 years old are still top notch. It should be of no surprise that her today’s video is another school supply hack video.

Good Mythical Morning


I loved GMM and I was a keen fan of theirs until they decided to completely cash–in and focus on taste videos. This is doing bad to their channel and depletes their views very badly. I do miss their honest talks and conversations, which have ended since they decided to build their team. Lately they seem to have noticed that they are going down, so they have started to do collabs and also talk about other topics than tasting, but they keep on falling back on that, which I hope they will soon stop.


The English YouTuber is so smashed at this point that it’s a wonder if anyone watches her ever. One thing I know is that I do not, it’s well enough to hear all about her scams and frauds. Honestly I’ve heard so many bad things about her that I don’t even feel like watching any of her videos.

Emma Chamberlain

She is a teen, so her fan base is primarily teens too. She started up with DIYs but then she went wild and moved to LA. I have no idea about her age. But she started to get a lot of shit lately for being changed ( moving to LA again did not affect her in a positive way). I see her content diminishing.

YouTube trends which are virtually dead for now

All Vintage fashion, hair and makeup channels I used to love about 4-5 years ago ( when it enjoyed a brief comeback thanks to Dita VonTeese) are literally non-existent at this point. We know vintage style has its ups and downs, and it keeps coming back every 10 years, apart from the small group of vintage fanatics who do vintage every day. I’m very sorry about this, both because I personally love vintage style and because I was planning to put out a post focusing on vintage fashion and style YouTubers. DIY and crafts channels, reaction channels are also on the go-down. Clickbait, while it’s still in there in many titles is not ruling YouTube as it used to do about a year ago. I am greatly thankful not having to see buzz feed videos in my list of recommended videos any longer. On a footnote, I definitely plan to still release a post about my favorite vintage channels, as this is an evergreen classy and feminine style and vintage hair and makeup videos are absolutely amazing!

The YouTubers who managed to keep up with their audience

I went through tons of channels and watched a whole lot of videos in the past days, months and years and here is what I’ve learned in the process. Representing you with the great few who keep going no matter what.



The thing Pews does is great and it doesn’t have anything special about it. He ENJOYS his own videos greatly and he doesn’t give a damn. He is one of the VERY few who managed to survive this big burnout post –Shane era of YouTube. And as you can see above, he simply really loves and enjoys what he is doing and this creates the difference. He is not interested in views, not interested in anything basic money –oriented YouTubers do worry about and get depressed about.

Casey Neistat


Another creator like PewDiePie, the reason Casey remained untouched is that he couldn’t give a damn about sticking with the YouTube trends or making money out of YouTube. He has his own brand, business and family and he is at the point, he can afford to really do and post whatever he wants to and people appreciate that.

Shane Dawson


Shane is the recent star and he is at the pinnacle of his career. There are so-so many YouTubers who capitalize from using his name in their video title which is quite desperate, but since his big series almost killed YouTube and the post-Shane era left a really burn out YouTube behind, it is no wonder. I like his content and the way he could always reinvent himself, without being a traitor to what he really likes and wants to do.

The makeup lady boys: Jeffree Star, James Charles


It’s really a high time for those lady boys who do it the right way and who could be a better example than Jeffree Star, who is at this point so rich, he could quit YouTube anytime he wants to, so he really features stuff what he likes doing and that’s largely makeup mixed up with other content too. His co-op with Shane did him very well, both mentally and content-wise, because since then he started to mix it up better, also putting some vlog like content in his posts. I must say however that I still like his Shane co-op the most.

Rosanna Pansino



The ultimate baking queen of YouTube as I saw she is still the largest female YouTube channel of all time, I am pretty convinced she has acquired so much wealth that she would really not need doing YouTube at this point, still she seems dedicated to it and even decided to give a little bit of a makeover to her channel, by doing videos which are not solely about baking.

Jemma Marbles


I didn’t follow her videos but I see she could reinvent herself pretty well, from a blonde hottie to an ordinary woman who explores things and does videos about it. As a trend, exploration and trying-out videos really rock these days and she has a great number of views varying between 4-5 million per video which is pretty good. She like S. Nygaard primarily focuses on experimenting style videos. I am personally not interested in her channel, but that’s only me without any specific reasons.

Safiya Nygaard


Another experimenting sort of a channel which seems to really rock and the fact that none of her video titles can make me interested enough to watch any of her videos makes me amazed. I think the reason for that is, that her content mainly targets the teenage girls. Despite my incomprehensive disdain she is doing pretty great in the era of today’s YouTube.

Vy Quaint



Vy is I think of Vietnamese or Cambodian descent and a few years ago she decided to almost fully copy Wengie’s content, which at that times featured tons of beauty hacks especially hair hacks. Her channel barely survived the next 2 years, until about a few months ago, when she and her husband started on a weird project featuring some hacking group calling themselves Project Zorgo. Since then they have these weird escape-room-like videos which the audience seems to love, because most of them get over 3-4 million views. I personally don’t watch these videos any longer, I think they are pre-planned and scripted but that’s just my opinion.

The curious cases:

The Liza Koshy abduction-situation

As I have mentioned in my earlier video, it would be very interesting to know who contracted Lisa in such a strange way that literally doesn’t allow her to make content on her channel any longer. It must be a very strict contract ( Disney perhaps?) all in all, she kind of disappeared and it’s a strange case where it’s literally like she was kind of banned from making video content, apart from that paid series she released earlier this year or last year. I hope she is fine though.

Marzia stopping YouTube altogether

PewDiePie’s long-term girlfriend a Weaboo, who has managed to gather quite a large audience for her videos has just recently decided to finish her YouTube career and trying herself out in something else. I find this a brave move and a good one, which other YouTubers who feel they are stuck, should also follow. I personally really liked her videos, so I feel sorry she decided to go, especially before the festive season, but I feel for her.

Off topic: who the hell is David Dobrik?

I honestly tried to watch this guy who I see is big friends with many of the top media personalities which I don’t really understand, all I saw of his videos is him trying to cash-in on his ex-girlfriend Lisa Koshy being actually funny. If he did something worth mentioning I don’t know about please let me know. His channel seems to survive the remapping btw, but I somehow can’t bring myself to watch his content I find the guy irritating.

Please let me know your opinion on all these channels, let me know if there is any channel I left out or forgotten about which I should have mentioned and let me know which YouTube channel you would like to come back stronger. I am working on the post to feature new trends and my next best channels I would like to recomment everyone to watch.

Happy Diwali for all my Indian readers and Happy rest of the Halloween weekend for everyone else!