Hijabi Youtubers taking off their hijab – good thing or bad thing?

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Hijab. It’s the symbol of feminine Muslims or how they are called Muslimahs and it’s taken very seriously in the Muslim community. In fact, so seriously that the hardest and most ruthless judges of hijabis are other hijabis. If some hair shows hell breaks loose. If someone doesn’t wear their hijab appropriately according to other Muslims or Muslimahs, then they are even labelled as non-Muslims. All in all the judgement is hard and the worst think of all is, that it’s Muslims who judge you the hardest. But hijab is a symbol of the deen on the other hand. No matter how you wear it, I think it’s a very proud thing to wear it, especially in the West where people stare at you, judge you or even afraid of you.

Dina Torkia aka Dina Tokio one of the biggest hijabi youtubers who decided to take their hijab off

Recently there is a movement among Hijabi media personalities, that they start to reveal more and more of their hair from under the hijab. Then it all started with Dina Tokio’s sister finally deciding to take off her hijab. This shocked many people. As for me, I rather felt sad. I think hijab is a feature a symbol that gives that extra to someone’s appearance, which should not be treated as a label but as a gift. I am very proud of all the hijabis who wear and continue to wear their hijab the way they do, to me this is what makes them unique. Dina’s sister, from the moment she took off her hijab was, to me no longer unique.

Someone can say the religion does not depend on hijab. But still, it was Dina Tokio who said a few years ago, that hijab certainly give a grace, something that means order, inspiration and an extra moral strength.

I see hijabi youtubers also like Habiba da Silva, who started to reveal more and more hair recently. In my opinion, if someone definitely feels hijab is a prison, then they should take them off. But consider it well, because with the hijab, lots of other things will be also lost. And this is what makes me sad.

Another thing that makes me sad is that perhaps hijabis take off their hijab because of the continuous judgement they receive from both their Muslim brothers and sisters and from all those who are non-Muslims.

For all those who struggle with hijab let me say the following. I think most women admire Muslim women and the hijab. I certainly do and I also feel hijab represents a morally higher level, that may not always be present, but somehow, it’s still strengthening the deen.

I feel Dina took off her hijab in support of her sister. But I don’t definitely think it was a good thing from her to do that. She was one of the biggest hijabi youtubers out there and to free yourself from this label, I think it would definitely mean loss of following and loss of her own business. I’ve felt she is struggling with crisis for a while now, especially having given birth to her second child but I will be very sad if she decided to take off her hijab, it’s ultimately something that would make her be part of the crowd and I don’t think it’s definitely a good thing on every level.

Hijabi lifestyle and fashion represents a very important trend in the world. If someone would not wear the hijab, they would ultimately be out of this lifestyle and I think it would make them lose a part of their personality. I don’t know if Dinah’s sister is happier now that she is no longer wearing the hijab. But I hope she is of course. I just feel sorry, I think it’s definitely a start of a big switch in regarding religion in the West, but I would be sad to see hijab go.

Habiba da Silva another prominent hijabi youtuber who started to reveal more and more of her hair in the past few months.

Please tell me how you feel about this.

Let me finish this post with the wise words of Tazzy Phe one of my favorite hijabi YouTubers, luckily getting back on track hopefully we can watch more videos from her in 2020!

Tazzy Phe on Muslim Youtube