The end of Jake and Erika

The big breakup and why am I not surprised?

Because it was never real on the first place for both parties. It was all such as cosy situation for Jake to have an assistant that would do everything for him and is crazy for him but after a while this sort of antisocial personality would push away all help because it’s just the way they are. In many ways, Erika is extremely lucky that instead of being in a soon to be miserable relationship she is free to go.

Also, if you remember the Shane series she was very open about not wanting Jake’s father the ultimate sociopath anywhere near their house. Therefore, when it came to choosing, no matter what he said, Jake chose the father.

It is clearly a dangerous situation when someone is considered the saviour of someone else by everyone and this is very hard for the person who is considered to be a saviour. I think Erika was in love with Jake who has rather used her as a substitute, someone who makes him feel as good as possible when he won’t be able to feel good unless he returns to the reckless behaviour he used to exercise. It is not because of age it’s because of nature. People with personality disorder would never grow up, even if they pretend so or say so it’s just not something that they can sustain. Even during the lenght of the Shane docu series it must have been very tiring for him to pretend that he is normal, all grown up and that he want to be freed from a place where, because of how he is, he feels at his best.

Jake would soon return to his reckless habits and I hope Erika will be fine. I seriously think it’s all for the better for her to move out of that sick environment, however I hope her career would not be axed because of this.

This is a perfect example about not believing with people with personality disorder, they can pretend so perfectly until they have interest in doing so. I hope Erika will be through this in time and that she manages to find a much better person who she can really settle with in the future.