Sociopath manipulation tactics

With “real-life” examples taken from YouTube.

Shane’s series starts with the breakdown of some of the most common symptoms of sociopathy aka antisocial personality disorder and they also shown some great and shiny examples of the disorder via videos or the actions taken in these videos. All people asked were pretty much sure we are talking about someone who is clearly and utterly sociopathic, being raised by a sociopath and having an even more sociopathic brother with the last two closings on the borders of full-blown psychopathy.

And then, the same thing happened what happens whenever we encounter with a full-blown sociopath: his lies and his act simply mesmerizes us, it has a hypnotic effect on us and suddenly all the dark thoughts are blown away, all doubts are forgotten: here is a man that’s surely talking the truth there is no way he lies, why would he lie? No further questions are asked, why ask them? They are instantly closed out.

The Jake Paul video series are a great example of how sociopaths and their enables are perfectly capable to fool even the psychotherapists: those who believe they are ready for all that shit coming their way, it would clearly demonstrate they are not.


Once you encounter and start talking with a sociopath they can completely charm you into believing whatever they say. Shane was charmed and so way Casey Neistat ( even he admitted it because of he is intelligent enough to see its effects) Their intentions are so clear and clean, they are changed, persons. You come away light-hearted saying to yourself, oh thank God he is not sick, how could he be after telling me everything that has to be the truth.

Then days or weeks after that magical encounter all the lies, all the deceiving starts to unravel. It was all just fabricated, none of that was ever true. The ex-girlfriend is bound by contract and I believe with a good amount of threats to stay silent and just disappear in the shadows. The ONE that was supposed to be the change, the bright light, most likely never existed. Maybe even her, she believed she can bring the change. This is what most girlfriend believes, until the moment, they are inevitably discarded and trashed. Alyssa Violet knows and so does everyone who was ever a victim of a sociopath.

Sociopaths do and they get away with this for a surprisingly long time.

Why all the lies?

Because sociopathic people simply lack a genuine character yet they know the pretend-game so much. They love to make people believe in them. Hell, they even love to believe they are people with characters. The problem is, that they are not. There is no facade they could sustain for a long amount of time. Their love for fame and money will make them cross every possible limit. Sociopaths are clear proof of every single people being able to be deceived and this is what they love doing the most. If you want to face them and unravel their lies, they will put on a dramatic act to confuse you. ” I did this because I love you!” is one of their basic lines and so many women fall for this. Even if the man, who demonstrated a complete state of teary-eyed breakdown, would be laughing at her after 5 minutes saying “Oh you are so easily manipulated”

If anyone spends a considerable amount of time with a sociopath, their own reality will be twisted. Only spending time alone and thinking would do the trick, of freeing yourself from someone with the sociopathic disorder.

Maintain complete silence after the breakup

That’s exactly why it is so important to completely close down your relationship with someone with a sociopathic disorder instantly and just go completely silent. Because, they are like sirens, they can fool us with their voice, their tone, they are masters of the fooling game and that’s why women who leave them and choose not to completely end their relationship will get to be fooled by them over and over again. And in the end, they will end up being laughed at and they are told how stupid they are, how gullible they are to believe all their lies.

So, don’t try to be brave like Shane really tried to be, he ended up failing and so would all normal people do. Just leave them alone and make them leave you alone by disappearing. The only people who sociopaths cannot trick are other sociopaths and psychopaths. They see through them for the sole fact that they are much alike. They don’t belong in the world of normal people and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t try to experiment with them or try to test them or make them prove you right or wrong. Just leave them alone for your own sake.

PS: on a footnote, it clearly shows Shane’s Jeffree Star series did so much better in the full picture for the exact reason for Jeffree being a real character, which sociopaths lack and will never have.

There is no clearly defined science or workbook that will tell you how you can defend yourself or how to spot manipulative control freak people.

Some good literature includes MD Sandra Brown how to spot dangerous men.

On a footnote give Scott Peck’s People of the Lie a check but be overly careful when it comes to drawing conclusions on your own.