Blogger vs. WordPress -Updated

The reasons why Blogger failed – despite being the better platform


Recently I had the chance to spend quite a few hours trying to set up and edit my theme on this blog, which I could finally do with more or less success. This brought me to write this short blog where I compare WordPress with Blogger, mainly due to the reasons that I’ve spent years with blogging on Blogger and I know how much easier it works. Finally, I will let you know my opinion on why Blogger is still doomed, despite all the good points.

  • Better themes with better adaptability

If you want to create a Blog that looks good with the least effort, IT or coding knowledge possible, then Blogger is just the perfect place for you. It has tons of great themes which are very easy to adapt and also to edit for everyone. I love Blogger’s themes, they look fantastic and they display your photos perfectly too.  They are easy to adapt without running issues or other slow performance, something which on WordPress was hard as hell and ran as slow as possible. Btw. The preview option of WordPress themes would not work perfectly if you run Google Chrome with Ad-Block enabled.

  • More free options

Blogger is fantastic for its free options. You don’t have to pay for tons of stuff WordPress requires you to pay for. I was quite astonished to see, that WordPress requires you to pay over 200 GBP and to own a Business account, only to be able to add additional information to your 404 pages, to add additional plugins, and if you merely want to connect your account with the normal Google options which would normally include the Analytics, the Ad Sense and other important pages from SEO point of view, you cannot do these on WordPress for free and not even if you are a premium member either. I was very surprised to see this, as all these options naturally come for free on Blogger which would also show all your key statistics all for free, without pushing you to pay any extras.  Of course Blogger has that big advantage to be part of the Google team. All the key SEO tools coming from Google naturally connect with it. But I think that such a huge platform as WP also shouldn’t ask money for small services as a mere redirecting option.

  • All those loading issues

If you create a long post packed with photos on WP you will soon realize that you will have quite a difficulty to do the editing, as your post grows in size, When I created and edited my last post on Magic, my WP died on my several times. I find this pretty sad. Overall post loading time is much faster in Blogger.

  • Better editability

Editing your post is really a pain in the ass on WP while it’s overly simple when it comes to Blogger. Examples include the resizing of photos, the editing of the overall format and changing fonts just to say a few examples. Editing is hard in WP and oftentimes it’s very slow, at least on my end. The new editor on WP which is luckily not yet compulsory is really bad and much more limited in capabilities than the classic style editor.

  • Free SEO tools and options

See above: all the key tools are naturally for free in Blogger. I find it pretty bad that it was not enough to pay over GBP 150 for a Premium account and still not being able to get connected to Google Analytics for instance.

  • Better HTML edit options

Editing your theme’s or your content’s HTML is much easier if you know about HTML editing. I know that the new content editor would contain content HTML editing options, but you still cannot touch on the theme, unless perhaps you pay even more for a business account.

Why Blogger failed contrary to its benefits?

I have 5 active blogs on Blogger which I worked hard to fill with content over the past few years (for more info please check my post on my travel blogs, many of which receives daily traffic. But Blogger, contrary to being a much better platform for new starting bloggers is still doomed. Let me tell you why.

  • AdSense – AdSense used to be the best ever an option for new starters to bloggers to make some extra money through ads featured on their website. Some 10 years ago, AdSense was a big deal and people could really make some good money with its help. When Blogger came out as the only blogging platform which would offer users the chance to connect to it for free, without the need for a proper domain, suddenly everyone in the world realized they want to create a blog on the platform. This filled Blogger with tons of shitty blogs, most of which are not active any longer which literally contain no content at all, they were created with one main target only. Because of this phenomenon, AdSense has decided to set up some very strict rules for bloggers and gives access to AdSense ads only for those who prove to produce quality, meaningful content for longer than a year. But unfortunately, this would not wash away all the trash that was created in the meantime.
  • No proper platform – WordPress wins this race because of its fantastic community who are often on the WP platform and who have a real, genuine interest in each others’ contents. This phenomenon doesn’t exist on Blogger, because the G+ contrary to all hopes would not really fulfill the expectations, its loose community would not interact, communicate with each other. Contrary to the fact that I have over 10 thousand visits overall, I haven’t received one single follow through the G+ site, simply, because it has a non-existent, very loose community. And this is bad for Google.
  • No real way to improve – contrary to all the benefits, the fact that there is no community and no interaction would make it impossible for bloggers to show real improvements. While WP would give its users the chance to evolve their web content into a proper self-owned website, blogger doesn’t exactly has that, and even if it would who on G+ platform would ever care?
  • Since the Google community has ceased to exist, there is literally no way to present or post your blogs anywhere. The only way for you to do this is to edit the HTML and this way, to post the icons leading to your media outlets on the home page.

 The main issues that stop me from bringing my content over to WordPress


The issues with WordPress did not stop disturbing me. You cannot fully edit any of the themes this way there is no real way for categorization. It’s not easy to find posts from the past.

The plugins despite being a paid premium member, unfortunately, it’s not worth much and the fact that you can only access the plugins being a Business member, which in turn would cancel the like and follow buttons and even ending up paying much more money are the top of my issues. Why would I import my other 4 blogs to a platform which offers way less editing options and the plugins which are free to access on Blogger and the bot settings would be no longer available.

WordPress should at the very least offer some basic plugins for its paying users, even if it doesn’t do so for the free members. I find it bad, that there is no way to add the AdSense to your account. That I cannot add a proper list of contents to my posts. That I don’t even get the chance to manage setups which would offer users a homepage to go to in the case of Error 404.

I do hope that with time, WordPress would offer at the very least some of the basic plugins to all its paying members and stops disqualifying the Premium members in such way.

All in all, I want to say a BIG thank you for all You guys in the WordPress community, because it’s YOU who make all the difference. It’s because of You WordPress is a better place to be.

See, what this means, contrary to Blogger giving all the benefits, which literally don’t mean anything, in lack of a properly functioning, real community. 

Please tell me your opinions, share your blogging experiences with me, on different platforms.

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