7 money saving myths to dispel

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The key lies to dispel about saving money

I was always bad with saving and handling money. Yes, even in my forties while making a more or less decent salary I do have the same issues over and over again. Issues which most of us face, when the end of the month is nearing: not having any money to spend. Therefore, it’s natural, that me too I’m attracted to all the blogs and vlogs which offer the so-called recipe to saving money, to live a more responsible life where I don’t have to worry about being zeroed out all the damn time.

While browsing through all the needful content about saving money I inherently started to think: am I alone when it comes to troubles saving money? What is really true and what is not out of all the articles and videos which talk about this subject. And then finally the idea occured to me. I will start my own series. Where I discuss the problems about saving money, where I offer a platform on sharing experiences and where I encourage every one of you to learn about handling money.

This is how I manage to find out how to get started: let’s first see what’s true and what’s not when it comes to saving money. It’s important to realize what can really teach us to be more savvy with spending and saving. And what’s a total BS. So let’s start with the BS section, because honestly, this is what I myself also love to read about.

The ultimate truth about money


When we grow up, the will soon learn the main and key truth about money which is the following:

  • Having money is good, not having money is bad.

There is honestly no simpler and better way to put this. Money is the god for many people, the elixir of lie. We couldn’t exist without money, yet money also couldn’t exist without us. Money shapes the world and psyche of millions or billions of people all around the world. But most of us are unable to grasp the ultimate wisdom on how to deal with money the good and smart way.

Handling money

Before I get started let me share a few important thoughts about money. Money, is like a domestic pet. You need to groom it, handle it with care, you have to love it but not be too obsessive about it. You ought to use it in a way, that it helps you and help it in the same time. Like a cow giving you milk every day. You have to be tender, if I may, with your money. And once and for all, before getting your cow, you ought to learn a lot about dealing with them, taking care of them so that they can grow old and be happy during their lives. Handling money is just the same. It cannot go without you experiencing how to deal with it, how to make it happy. This leads for me to dispell the two greatest lies about handling or saving money.

Lie 1: the poor people are much better with saving money

This is one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard. If you grow up being poor the only thing you learn is that being poor sucks big time. How can one ever learn how to deal with money, when they have no money to deal with? Poverty only teaches people the following: hunger. Hunger and desperation for getting more, more and more. Poor people are therefore legendary bad with money. When they get money, they will manage to spend it all. That’s exactly the reason why so many lottery winners, or stars who grew up poor tend to spend their money on dumb, kitschy, shiny and unnecessary things from Elvis Presley to the likes of Kanye West. You can spot who is the one who grew up in poverty: they have no clue whatsoever how to deal with money. They are only good with spending it all. And the other truth to it, they spend it all, because deep down they know, this period of richness will soon pass, so they want to live it while they can. So, no, poor people really cannot deal with money. They would however do everything to get money. Poverty equals losing most of one’s morality. It’s sad and not a state we should envy in any way, but a state to avoid on all price.

Lie 2: the rich people know how to save money

See my example above. There are so many rich people who actually have no clue how to deal with money, because they come from a very poor background. Richness doesn’t even necessarily equals having money per se. There are tons of people who only seem to be rich but are not rich at all. Most people you see flashing jewelry, Ferrari and all that pricey stuff, they are not rich for real. They are people, who want to show the world they are rich, mostly because they know this state is temporary and can be gone with the wind anytime. The real wealthy are people you don’t see or read about.  Money and wealth and handling it all is a taught attitude as I’ve written above. You must learn to cultivate what you have, like you would cultivate a domestic animal or grapes.

Lie 3: It’s smart to save it all

safes are dangerous, especially when all the more people know about you having it

I grew up in a household where everything was saved. While we weren’t poor all the things were not given granted. The only thing I’ve managed to learn is to have enough of it. Knowing we have money but not being able to spend of it. So, naturally as soon as I had my first proper salaries, I ve spent it all. And again and again. I was not old or mature enough to learn about the benefits of saving but I’ve seen the drawbacks of over-saving. One must find the midway somehow. You cannot just not spend because that stage will make you explode sooner or later. Keeping all your money and belongings locked is a very good way to getting murdered only. So, keep your money with great care.

Lie 4 It’s smart to hide money from your kids

Don’t EVER make your kids to wait for you to die to get rich. It’s a terrible situation for you and for them and it will likely not make them happy in the end either. It’s one of the worst money saving tactics ever. It’s a sad fact, SO sad but the majority of homicides related to kids killing their parents are about getting money. Money which they may have been told to get later. Suppressing the desire for money yet telling someone that the will get money later, or when they die is a very bad idea, especially if a kid is made to put his or her life on the money he or she is about to get or inherit. Never do that. Always make your kids earn their money then go through the ups and downs of having and not having money. It’s only through our own experience we can learn how to really deal with money. Some people will never learn this, and the majority of these people are those who never had money to spend.

Lie 5: the art of handling money has to come with age

Finding solution
3D photo on finding solution. Gotta love it

There are tons of videos which basically connect the knowledge of dealing with money with age. This will make the majority of people only feel ashamed.  Like Money Truths I learned in my twenties, things you must know by the time you reach 30 and so on. This is BS.  The knowledge and experience of handling money comes through experience. This should never be connected with age.

+ The biggest lies of all

  1. Money doesn’t matter

We will go a little bit in the realms of psychology in here.

You can get to hear this phrase in all different forms such as Money doesn’t buy happiness and so on. The hardest reality is the following. There are two key types of people who will use this famous pull in phrase ONLY:

  • Those who have money
  • Those who WANT YOUR money

2.  The Law of Abundance

This one is when someone’s life goes around playing (losing money) on gambling or lotter. Beware, this endless desire for the big win does equal the law of abundance and it can consume you in whole. Don’t get lost in this phylosophy and NEVER gamble.

Money makes the world go round. Never believe the people who use any of the upper mentioned phrases to you. Therefore it’s so essential we all learn how to cultivate what we have let these be coins or larger amounts of money.

In the upcoming series I want to give you advice on saving money and reveal further lies about saving or dealing with money. All through my own experience.

I will be very glad to hear your own opinion.

Most images are of courtesy of a financial advisor site I recently found. If you DO have money it’s a great place to learn more about saving on taxes and switching countries.