The best Youtube Channels on life improvement

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The best Youtube Channels on life improvement

Ok let me get started with this sad truth: unfortunately I will not be able to teach you the ten skills to become a real life James Bond I just really loved that pic. BUT I can show you my choice of the best channels when it comes to self improvement and a little bit of motivation! So, here we go!

With the entertaining and trendy blogger section of Youtube being in constant demise, there are other genres which either start of keep on flourishing. In my quest to find channels which keep me entertained and also provide me with a handful of advice about tidying, conscious living or budgeting I finally managed to gather a handful of fun Youtube channels on life improvement. While some of these channels discuss psychological betterment and imroving through taking on better or brand new daily habits, they also give you useful tips on how to be more mindful about your finances, how to deal with debt, saving money and what to pay attention when it comes to credits or bank accounts.

While I don’t agree with all these improvement tips I acknowledge the rest of them and all in all, they do what they intend to which is to make me think about aspects of my life which I didn’t have that much time to think about. Their content would also inspire me to think outside the box, to be more creative and to simply have new ideas.

Improving our life as a whole is a quest which keep every single one of us busy. Listening to people who are worth listening to, learning from others’ experiences good or bad is a good thing. I hope you can check out the vlogs I have on offer and draw your own conclusions. The most important is never to follow suit but to get inspired or motivated to do something new, something better or to quit something which is not useful for you.

Let me quickly add, I use some channels’ videos as a meditative element before falling asleep.


If you are in a particularly vulnerable phase in your life, due to a recent trauma and/or depression you may feel you want to do big, radical changes to your life right there and then but please try to hold back. Some channels here may influence you to make changes or start following certain mindsets which may not be all that good for you on the long haul. So take all advice with a hint of doubt with a pinch of salt. Use these channels to help you think, relax, start sorting your life but do not commit to do any grand changes ( like getting rid of the majority of your things in the name of minimalism). Some of these channels may lure you into weird and untrue ideologies like the law of attraction not to mention weird habits like getting up at 5 am.

  1. Amy Landino


Out of all the lifestyle channels this is the channel which I like the most. It’s the most down-to-earth or normal channel which I would suggest for everyone to watch. It’s relaxing, it has tons of good life advice and it’s overall a nice way to spend some freetime while getting inspired. Amy is from the East Coast and what I really like about her, is the lack of desperation to achieve or to sell us stuff, either hers or others. She has recently gone through a pretty tough tragedy in losing her brother but she is back with a bang. I really do like her channel.

  1. The Financial Diet


This is another US channel which started up as a joint channel done by more people but as of today, it’s largely one person who is doing it called Chelsey. The channel also has its own blog also called Financial Diet where you can read about the life experiences of many people. You can also get tons of money advice ( some of these should however be handled with some care: read my post on Money saving myths). I really like to browse the channel’s posts and although it features money advice from a really American point of view, it contains well enough tips for a global audience too. If you want some money saving tips then head over there. The channel doesn’t necessary push you into getting things or signing up for getting things which is another reason I like it.

  1. Lavendaire

This is a channel which I really like, being done and cultivated by a nice Asian-American girl. But in the same time it’s also the sketchiest channels out of all, because it may tempt you to follow some weird up and coming lifestyle aspects ( like the power or now, the law of attraction delusion, minimalism, no waste theory and so on). So, while I find the channel overly relaxing despite the several promos I would also advise you to handle this one with care.But if you want to learn about the KonMari method then this should be your first stop.

  1. Gillian Perkins

While I’m not overall fond of her personality, I find that Gillian is a great professional and can give you tons of good advice, especially when it comes to business and multimedia business related advice. If you ever thought about getting rich by making YouTube or Instagram content, or want your business to flourish through these media then this is a good place to start. I have started to watch her videos because of the tons of advice she has about freelancing jobs. She also caters to her career blog bearing her name which is pretty good, so check it out.

  1. Silicon Valley Girl

This is a very good channel which I have already mentioned in one of my earlier posts about channels which have the potential to grow. The channel is done by Marina a Russian girl who has managed to create an English teaching school which also gives students the option to travel and study in the US. She has finally sold this business ( if I’m not wrong about this) for a great deal of money and now she is into doing youtube and marketing in other ways. Having moved to the US, she is a real self-made woman. I really like her videos and genuinely envy her for knowing what and how to do, despite being so young. Check her content out. For non English speakers, she still has her adjacent channel which is solely about teaching English and for Russian speakers, she also has her Russian language channel.

Last but not least if you want to go more in depth about life and life changes then check out the everlasting, evergreen channel of JP Sears who I mentioned in so many of my earliest posts like the best youtube channels in 2018, so, for this reason I will not write about him much more, but it’s enough for you to head over his channel and keep yourself entertained while learning in the same time.

If you know about any other good lifestyle and life improvement channels which inspire and motivate you please let me know in the comment section. I hope you liked this post and let me know what channels you would like to read about in the future.