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 Dear all,

I always had a great interest in otherworldly creatures, such as ghosts, spirits and I was always amazed by the Japanese belief system ( that happens to be shared with China and other neighboring countries as well) The sheer fact, that ghosts are considered naturally existent in these countries and hence are treated as living beings is what I find so amazing.

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Tengu is present in so many stories, that its existence is highly factual by most Japanese

As I have covered in the first part of my series there are so many words for ghosts, spirits of different kinds including mythical creatures ( and sometimes one creature can belong in multiple categories) that it’s really challenging to differentiate between all of them.

My plan is that I would introduce readers to the world of Yokai, which is probably the largest used umbrella term for every creature that’s out of the ordinary. I would like to introduce readers first of all to those Yokai which can be considered mythical beings. This means they are not human yet can have human features or can self-transform into looking like humans and those which can be considered ghosts or descendants of humans or which have a strong connection with humans and the human world.

As the sheer number of mythical creatures is extremely high, I have decided to open a different series about these. The 2nd part would consist of the introduction of the Yokai which are animals. This will include some of the most popular Yokai, many of which people already know. I did my best to introduce you to some of those who are lesser-known.

I also want to do my best to share some stories related to these creatures. Sometimes the lack of time and lack of space make me not do so.

The third part which is still underway would consist of the Yokai which live in objects and in humans. This is a category which I find the most intriguing and it’s still a lot of work to cover all those Yokai here which I deem interesting enough to cover.

In the upcoming series I would specifically like to make separate sections about ghosts as Yurei and Obake and as said above also about the mythical creatures which are often dealt with as Yokai or Yurei but are mainly in their own league.

It’s fascinating to me, how often Japanese include these creatures in stories, even those which are historical this way the existence of tons of yokai, yurei, o-Bake is factual, just as if we were talking about a historical figure. I also want to highlight some of the key differences between all the different names of ghosts/spirits/otherworldly creatures.

Kappa guarding the streets

I do hope you will all like these series.  To read the first two parts please click here to go to my Patreon page where they are featured with more parts to be released soon: