Blog Update: on contribution, sponsorships and diversification

Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you all for reading my posts. This is the most important once and for all.

I have today decided to insert a contribution button to my content. it was a hard decision since I don’t do videos, giveaways or any of these to offer for those kind people who decide to contribute to my content.

I’ve been doing blogs of all sorts for many years now. Since Google has finished it’s G+ community site by blogs on Blogger are more or less stuck. It is a wonder how they can be found much less visited. If you want to learn about checking them out please check out my post about my travel and cooking blogs here. As I can see the moment I can update to the business account I would bring my content over from Blogger which I feel sorry about, as the editing options on Blogger are better than here ( check out my post which I wrote earlier about the key differences and pros and cons of both WordPress and Blogger. 

There are not so many ways one can ask for a contribution when they are bloggers and before I can promptly start the diversification of my blog content ( e.g. hijabi, youtube, Japan, lifestyle and so on). All these content is weird to be in one place and I have so many ideas more, on what to write about.

I would be very glad if you could help me grow. I can only afford to do this when I have tons of free time. With Your help, I would be able to create my Japanology blog which would solely focus on weird and interesting information about Japan, Japanese culture, etc. I would be able to create more of my regular Youtube related content and I would also like to put more focus on the featuring of countries, cultures and other interesting information. WordPress costs money. I would badly need to upgrade to the business account to carry on featuring multiple blogs and to make my content more SEO friendly.

I have no means to save the world or to promise anything I clearly won’t be able to make come true, I’m no politician after all. But I have always been interested in creating content, that’s out of the ordinary, one way or the other. I will be thankful for all and any contribution.

Also, this is NOT to say, I won’t be continuing to create content. The contribution button is luckily optional 🙂

If some of you who have their business decisions to sponsor me in return for writing about their services, they are more than welcome to contact me.

So please be prepared for more interesting posts to come. And a HUGE thank you for everyone who is reading me and who gave me a follow. I am ALWAYS looking forward to more suggestions about the topics which are interesting for you and about which you would like to learn more.

All those who contribute will be thanked personally by me of course. 2 EUR is not much money to ask for but I guess it’s rather about the pairing up of will and way. I know I’m not the kind of person who likes to give money away ( although I can be an overly impulsive spender at times) so I will definitely much appreciate all help coming from you. Also, help is in NO WAY obligatory. I will do my best to carry on anyways.

Have a lovely week everyone!



Contribution to my page

I would be very glad if you could contribute to the improvement of this blog. With Your help, I will be able to make more important and interesting content every week. THANK YOU!