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My favorite vintage Youtube channels

Vintage is bouncing back! There are multiple reasons for this: one is that vintage is virtually timeless so it’s out of the normal limitations which regard every other fashion trend. Just look at Dita von Teese. Every 3 to 5 years it’s making a comeback because it’s weird, strange, different and in my opinion, the other reason might be is, that with the help of vintage fashion ideas you can emulate an overly feminine style. Vintage channels are also all dipping in to DIY projects which can give us all a sort of a nostalgic feeling. Women used to do so much DIY back in the day, purely out of necessity. Some of the ideas, however, are fun to learn about. The key point of vintage channels is to do with the hairstyle. Back in the day, women were really serious about looking good both being at home and going out. This is why vintage channels can give us a whole lot of great ideas about how to style our hair, how to do good make-up and learn about other household things, including fashion. Vintage basically comprises the timeframe between the forties and sixties, but some of the fans may even go back as far as the thirties. I hope you will like this post. I wanted to really post something that’s different from the mainstream youtube channels.

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representing some distinct vintage styles

What can we call vintage style?

Vintage basically references the age of a thing, let that be a dress, a style, a car or furniture of any sort. It can also be any sort of a tool. As per the lingo of antique dealers what we consider vintage is the age between 50 to 99 years. If anything is older than a hundred years, then it’s called antique.

Vintage style is an umbrella term that’s used for multiple styles of multiple ages, ranging from the Twenties to the early Sixties basically. The most popular ages and styles are the Twenties (Great Gatsby), Fifties and early Sixties ( Rock and Roll and Pinup styles flourishing).


What I love about Vintage

Vintage means so many different styles in itself starting from the decadent fashion of the Twenties and Thirties (most popularly labeled as Great Gatsby style) to the lively big frocks of the late fifties and sixties. This way, vintage styles have something to offer to fans of different fashion trends. The hairstyles of the forties and fifties are incredibly beautiful and offer us a lot to learn from. I’m aware that I’m not alone with this. The British series Downton Abbey had tons of viewers who solely watched the series not for the storyline itself but for the particular fashion and style is featured. Vintage is in many ways freestyling. There are no rules and limits. While you can wear vintage style clothes, you can also look for the real thing online or on thrift sales. Most fans of vintage pick up one or two of their favorite styles and keep to these while also experimenting with other trends in the meantime.

Other specializations:

When it comes to vintage there are 3 sub-categories we would need to discuss: vintage as the old day, gothic vintage ( Addams family style) and the rockabilly style that’s retro mixed with punk-rock. While each has their own category, they also do connect in many ways and forms.

Christine McConnell


This is a new find, a recently upcoming channel which has some serious gothic undertones in it and I definitely love the atmosphere it represents. The lady who is making all these videos is a genius. She can sew, she is modeling, doing carpentry, embroidery, redoing furniture, cooks, bakes and all. If you wonder to check out her home video where it will be revealed that she did the majority of renovations herself! If you are into gothic-vintage don’t miss out on this channel. I do hope for more great videos coming from her in the near future. It also gives lots of down to earth tips not to scare those away who are new to vintage style. It’s an overly inspirational channel for me. I wish there were more channels that tastefully represent the gothic style. As interesting information, Christine is very popular among other YouTubers, particularly fans of vintage and she used to have her own Netflix show but perhaps it was just too soon. It was called off after season 2.

Update: I’ve managed to watch one part of Christine’s series and with all those fluffy but definitely not lifelike talking creatures with unfunny dialogues, it all made no positive impact for me, unfortunately. So now, I get why those Netflix series were canceled. But I hope she would bounce back with something better. I think what she does now on youtube would be much better for Netflix also.

A Vintage vanity

vintage vanity

This is a channel I was watching more than 5-6 years ago as the first and main channel of my vintage inspiration. This was also the time when Vintage style really flourished. The channel’s owner who is a very nice Chicago lady called Jennifer did the majority and the very best of her videos. I do hope she will bounce back as she is definitely a great lady and very talented. A Chicago lady called Jennifer who is into otherworldly things, sewing and knows it all about vintage style is a great way for everyone to get started in being introduced to vintage dressing, makeup, and hairstyling. I do love her travel videos. Out of all the vintage channels, this one is my favorite because it simply makes me feel good.

PinupDoll Ashley Mary


This is a channel that is the best when it comes to vintage hairstyling. Ashley has tons of videos that feature all the most intricate hairstyles of the fifties and sixties. As the channel’s name suggests this channel has to do with pinup style (pinup was the old-time sexy model which was pinned to the walls of boys and men hence the name pinup). The lady is a real pro in self-transforming as you will witness it and a real pro in doing hair.

Vintage Current – Super Kawaiimama

hqdefault (1)


This is an Aussie channel and it’s not active any longer really (the last video was uploaded over a year ago) but it has all the best information about vintage hairstyling, dresses, and lifestyle. I like its content it’s very relaxing to watch and listen to. I do hope the channel revives one day.

Cherry Dollface

cherry dollface

This is a channel that’s best suited for all those who are fans of the rockabilly style. It features lots of hairdos, makeup, and tattoos. The channel is old now, but luckily it’s still alive and well. Give it a watch if you are into rockabilly or want to learn more about it.

Fitfully Vintage


This is the best British vintage-style channel I’ve to manage to find. I really admire all the hair this lady has. The channel is concentrating especially on hairstyling of all vintage and antique times. It has some very nice and inspirational ideas.

Rachel Maksy


This has become one of my favorite channel within a day. It’s a fun and definitely promising channel as I can see from its content featuring everything vintage from dressing to hairstyling and makeup. She has taken up vlogging as her primary job last year. Give her channel a visit also if you are fan of watching a fun channel overall.



This is a channel that’s not focusing on the style itself but it features a couple who have decided to live the vintage way. This is a German lady who is a huge fan of all things old and British. This is why she and her husband decided to move to England about 2 years ago. They try to emulate the old British ( country, Victoria, Edwardian and the lot) times in their home. Her channel doesn’t so much focus on the vintage fashion but rather on the atmosphere. Also, there are many great travel videos on her channel as she is traveling a lot visiting all the loveliest towns and villages in the UK and Great Britain. It’s a great channel if you are planning a trip to the UK and want to learn what are the loveliest places to visit.

Other up and coming channels which I want to check out on vintage style but cannot yet confirm whether they are good or bad are the following:

Shirinatha – this is a rather new but seemingly enthusiastic channel on vintage style.

VIntage styles fashion history and sewing:

Karolina Zebrowska – focusing on vintage fashion this is another channel that’s useful to check out in my opinion.

Bernadette Banner– fashion history, dresses, and sewing tips and DIY

I hope you liked my post. Please let me know your opinion, comment if I forgot anything.

Most of all I will be glad if you give any of these talented ladies a chance and visit their sites.

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