The best YouTube channels on fashion & style

The best of Youtube on fashion & style

The Youtube channels I would like to present to you are all those which I have recently started watching and which I think have a bright future ahead, at least for a while. It’s a good period to check all these channels as they are also stacked with Christmas gift ideas, fashion and winter fashion ideas which may come handy to some of you. I hope you will like this post, I ’m also preparing a separate post that focuses solely on Japanese/ Asian skincare.

There are channels which I intentionally excluded because they are their own league these include the following:

  • Makeup channels
  • DIY and Cheap-living channels
  • Thrift store/Estate sales channels ( this is way too particular as thrifts just like state sales are only held in the US) I also find their continuous posts on their hauls boring after a while.

I also would like to wish happy preparations for all those preparing for Christmas and Holiday time. This can be such a beautiful period of the year if you use your time and possibilities wisely.

Shea Whitney

Shea Whitney

I have recently got to find this channel and I’ve quickly decided that it’s pretty fun to watch! It has tons of down-to-Earth fun ideas whether you keep them or not. Shea is an American family woman and mom ( I’m really sorry I have no idea which state she lives in but it’s I think Pennsylvania). I like her ideas and so do others, because her number of followers keeps on growing. It’s a fun channel all in all, great to listen to also when you are just relaxing or have some time for yourself. I do hope she keeps ongoing.

Marie Anne Lecoeur


Now, this channel is pretty unique. We all know that French fashion and style is considered number one. However, we don’t have lots of real resources on this topic, besides the pretty expensive books written by non-French women telling you how French style should be. But this channel would give you the chance to listen to the secrets of the French style from a real french woman and what’s more, it’s in English! This is why I would really like to recommend this channel, especially for mature women who would like to also learn about how to style yourself elegantly, when you are turning middle-aged.

School of Affluence


This is a weird channel in many ways. This channel is meant for those women who would like to become part of the elite, frequent elite circles and learn more about etiquette and elegance. Its content is interesting. (In Eastern Europe/Russia, there is a definite breed of girls who are groomed from their early teens to become what’s called a luxury prostitute. They have the ultimate goal to become a luxury wife.) In Russia, there are tons of etiquette courses for those girls who want to marry someone very rich. The lady who owns the channel is called Ana lives in Geneva and is pretty beautiful, so she is one who made it but who is also talented enough to create her own company. She has her own school or course on etiquette for women who want to make it big in high society. Give this channel a check however at least for its uniqueness. The channel keeps on growing steadily. Then create your own opinion about it.  PS: it has some hilarious content such as how to attract a rich man or what to gift to your millionaire boyfriend.

Alexa Chung


Alexa Chung is someone you must have heard about a lot especially if you live in the UK, where she is widely considered a style icon and a celebrity altogether. There are no magazines without showing at the very least one photo of her and it’s a fact!  I’m wondering why she decided to make her own Youtube channel but luckily she did and you can check out many of her style secrets online.



It may be surprising that I include a magazine here but Vogue has been working hard, on making its own content pleasant, interesting and watchable especially this year. I genuinely like its content. One of my favorites is their series of 73 questions ( their video featuring Kim Kardashian just reached a whopping 40 M views!)  and the series where Anna Wintour, the gracious British editor is being interviewed about style and her thoughts.  I find the content of Vogue refreshing. It also contains makeup and styling tips coming from supermodels. Go and check it out. Once you are there you can also check out the channel of British Vogue which is less entertaining but does have the potential to come up. Vogue also has its respective channels for Spanish and French viewers.

Dominique Sachse


If you are someone who is getting mature this is a great channel to watch. Dominique is a Texan entrepreneur and presenter which means she is pretty professional. She has tons of great advice, tips and overall widely entertaining content which I genuinely like to watch. Of course, the channel triggers mature women living in the US but besides that, it has good content for every woman out there.

Audrey Coyne


Despite her name, Audrey is a lady with an Asian heritage. As far as I can see she has videos for everyone who would need advice and tips on style or finding their own personal style. These also include decluttering tips, money-saving tips, dressing rules, etiquette and more. I don’t really know her content that well just yet so it’s on you to check it out.

Further Youtube channels on fashion and style to check out

And now, let’s enlist some of those vlogs which may be interesting for you to watch but the content of which I don’t really know:

Christine Ressel: all about style, mature style, styling, fashion

Leigh Ann Says: another Texan channel with beauty tips

Niki Sky: style and fashion

Tracy Hensel:  East-coast version of Dominique Sachse, it feels not as authentic.

Justine Leconte: she is the other French vlogger who speaks in English but it was not for my taste. She, however, discusses interesting topics so check her content.

Check out my gift ideas and my gift etiquette to learn more about giving the proper gift in the proper way.

I do hope you liked this post. If I left anyone out please let me know. Tell me which channels you did like and which were the channels where you felt that these are not for you. I wish there were more Youtube channels made by African American or Afro-European ladies when it comes to style.

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