Friday the 13th –  The story behind it and a witch spell to protect you

The majority of people in the Christian/Catholic world grow up with the firm belief that Friday, the 13th is considered an especially unlucky and unholy day, but do we really know why this is? What are all the reasons we have one such especially unblessed day that’s not connected with a specific date or year?

Friday the 13th happens relatively rarely, normally only once or twice every year. But many people dread these days.

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This is one of the strongest, most popular superstitions out of many therefore I thought it’s fun to learn more about it, especially on a Friday 13th!

Friday13th is one of the strongest superstitions worldwide

Let’s find out what are all the reasons as today is, in fact, Friday the 13th.

I have written about British superstitions before, where we can also get to find many superstitions which have been well known all across the Christian and/or Catholic countries. According to these beliefs and superstitions, which oftentimes also combine superstitions with biblical events both Fridays and the number 13 is considered especially unlucky for several numbers of reasons. Therefore, if the two are combined and happen at the same time, that means we can expect especially unlucky scenarios. There are people all around the world who choose not to even go out on Friday the 13th.

Why Friday is considered an unlucky or unholy day?

Let’s first see what bad fate is connected with Friday.

  1. Jesus was crucified on a Friday

Indeed the bad luck is primarily brought on Fridays because of this very important biblical event.

  1. Eve gave Adam the Apple on a Friday

The apple that was the root of evil in human hearts and temptation which humans were unable to resist has eventually made God dispel Adam and Even from Paradise and made them live their own lives and build up humankind on Earth. This is why the event of Adam accepting the apple on a Friday is considered a very unlucky event

  1. Cain is said to have killed his brother Abel on a Friday

As we can see Fridays were pretty stacked when it came to bad events.

Why the number 13 is considered unlucky?

  • Judas was the 13th person at the Last Supper ( and Jesus also predicts that the last one joining would be his traitor)
  • Other than Biblical mythology in Norwegian mythology, the 13th uninvited guest to an important feast of gods is Loki who as all Marvel fans know is always there to cause havoc.
  • 13 is displayed as the number of Dead in Tarot cards.
Tarot Nr 13th

The first person to combine Friday and 13th to create the unluckiest day:

Many people do not know but the very first person to officially combine these two bad events together to create an especially bad day related superstition was writer Thomas W Lawson who released his novel with the title Friday the Thirteenth in 1907.

The significance of Friday 13th in witchcraft



Witches do not see Friday the 13th is an especially unlucky day, but they see it as a significant day for a different event, that’s also connected to both Roman and Norwegian mythologies according to which Frigga the goddess has gathered 11 witches and the devil every Friday for a bonding sermon. As per the Romans, witches had to gather in 12 specifically for the devil to be the 13th. To give power and magic to their rituals, whatever they may be about.  Friday to this day is called the Sabbath of the Witches by many.

Friday the 13th Spell


Last but not least let me present my readers with an easy special spell for this unholy day. What can it do for you and how it can help you?

According to witches, this easy spell is to help everybody fight all the negativity and bad luck that may occur today

What you will need?

Note that some of the ingredients are challenging to get therefore get prepared to do the spell next Friday 13th if you are not ready yet. Also be aware that as it goes with all spells and wishes, they highly depend on your willpower and focus. Therefore you need to demonstrate your clear intent on making the spell for protecting you, your family, your surroundings or your home.

  • An airtight jar with a lid
  • Rainwater collected during the waning moon – for banishing negativity – you can use tap water in case you have no access to rainwater.
  • Silver nails or thumbtacks – to represent the protection around you – while silver is the best you can stick with silver-colored nails or thumbtacks.
  • Fresh petals of sunflowers or violets for protection and power
  • Fresh basil – to drive off hostile spirits and protection
  • Fresh mint – to banish negative energy
  • Ground cinnamon – for protection
  • Ground ginger – for strength
  • Paper
  • Pen/marker with blue ink
  • One or more black or dark blue candles


  • Write your intention on a piece of paper. Focus on your intention. Be as specific as possible about what you want protection from. Then fold and drop the paper to the bottom of the jar.
  • Drop the nails or thumbtacks into the jar first.
  • Get some leaves of basil cut them or tear them to pieces then mix them with the ground cinnamon and ginger, and sprinkle all into the jar.
  • Drop the petals from the violets or sunflowers on top of it all.
  • Lastly, pour rainwater or tap water into the jar, imagining it flooding away from the negativity and harm.
  • Seal the jar and burn a black or dark blue candle over the top of it to seal the spell.
  • Place the jar to a safe yet defining space in your home.
  • Some witches make miniatures to carry with themselves throughout the day for all-day protection.

Once you sealed the jar do not open it up, or the whole spell would be deemed worthless.  Spells do not forever and they all have their expiration. The spell should work until you can see visible signs of rotting or rust. Dispose of the jar with care without opening it.

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