The Top 10 Weeaboo Channels on Youtube


This is a topic I’ve been working on and have been researching for a while in relation to my other work regarding the Hafu Obsession, in order to be able to share some real meaningful content with everyone. Since the word Weeaboo itself is pretty controversial with not many being aware of what it exactly means I will first try to explain this to everyone, then I will share some other visible signs of someone being a Weeaboo. Last but not least, I will share the list of the biggest Weeaboo channels which I have managed to find on Youtube. In the meantime, I am already working on the next content to share with relation to Japan, namely the best and most informative Youtube channels on living in Japan. But let that be the next storyline.

Update: Since 2019 Weaboo has been changed to E-Girl. I want to make a new article about the revitalized Weeaboo/E-Girl trend and it’s most popular “ambassadors” on social media. 

So let’s get started!

What is a Weeaboo?

unnamed (3)
Wengie a famous Chinese Australian blogger who is also a Weeaboo like many Asian girls out there

First of all, don’t ask me where the word is coming from because I honestly have no idea. It’s nothing similar to any words I know that’s all. So, Weeaboos are basically the group of people who are:

  • Obsessed about Japanese culture, especially youth and teenage culture that includes tons of „Kawaii” ( cute) things and also includes the heavy use of pink. Many Weeabooks regularly travel to Japan and some even end up living there, generally up to the stage of realizing that it’s not what it’s like. Some Weeaboos desperately want to be seen as Japanese themselves and they end up marrying a Japanese guy or girl for this reason.
  • Obsessed about Japanese anime culture, Harajuku looks and wanting to basically look like a Japanese anime character, which makes things even more weirder as Japanese anime characters generally depict girls ( and boys) with mainly European features but in the same time having an inherently Japanese style of clothing and attitude.
  • Obsessed about being childlike talking in an unnaturally high-pitched voice to appear cuter.

The sad reality of this, which many Weeaboos get and understand is, that they will never be accepted as Japanese by a society which is way stricter on race than any other societies on Earth ( this is no joke, being of Japanese origin 100% is of extreme importance for the majority of Japanese, EVEN when most stars do their best to look like a „Hafu” ( half Japanese half European). Funny situation isn’t it? This is why, most Weeaboos are either located outside of Japan, or have to accept that deep down inside, all Japanese would regard them as gaijins ( stranger, non- Japanese).

On a serious note:

Most Weeaboos are weird obviously but through their videos you can actually learn a lot about Japan and this weird sub culture of cuteness, weirdness, anime which many Japanese are also fond of. Weeaboo often get confused with otaku but the two are inherently different concepts. There are many articles and videos which mention weeaboos negatively which I am sorry for. I think they are a very interesting intercultural phenomenon and an interesting choice of living life. It’s also often overlooked that how much these girls have made themselves experts in self transformation too.

Weeaboos at Comicon

So, let’s see some of the biggest Weeaboos on Youtube.

I would enlist some channels you may have heard of and some others which you may not. I have already talked about many of these channels before in different context.

Venus Angelic the first well known weeaboo on youtube

I honestly think there is no bigger Weeaboo on YouTube than her for many years now. She started Youtube being way too young for starting it. Due to good money situations, management by her mom and a weird addiction to cuteness and doll like appearance she has mastered a rare skill for applying make up using Japanese style eye enlarging contact lenses and Japan’s favorite look, being „Hafu” and how to appear one. She is talking in that child like high pitched voice which many Weeaboos love to do as well and is a fan for everything cute and unicorn. She has managed to make her dream come true and move to Japan, marrying a weird Japanese guy in the end. Since then there are only news of hospitalization, we don’t know if she has found a normal job out there, but I would doubt so.  I am sorry for her, because she is the Weeaboo who has quite a large mental problem. I do hope the best for her though and hope she finds a profession in doing professional make up.


Most people who are fans of Youtube, games and know of PewDiePie, with him being a big fan of Japanese culture knows about her girlfriend the originally Italian Marzia who is one of the biggest Weeaboos out there, very skillfully working cuteness with her other creative talents. I genuinely like her videos by the way, I have included her in my top channels sections several times the only thing I don’t understand is, why she would not reveal that she is talking with a higher than natural pitch of voice. They go to Japan pretty frequently and Marzia is a huge fan of Japanese anime, culture and her art work clearly mirrors that too. She has even dyed her hair pink, which has recently turned blonde from her original light brown. She is a fun of all things cute and Japanese.

download (4)

The largest Mexican Youtuber ever is now starting to take off her Japanese character like persona and name, but the high pitched childlike voice and the characteristics of a Japanese cutsie are still present in all her videos. She also visited Japan and Korea a few years ago.Quite interestingly there is a big deal of spanish language videos on Japan and living in Japan which I plan to talk about later on. Yuya is a real DIY queen by the way, that’s why I included her in my Top Latina Youtube channels last year and her content is absolutely cute and entertaining for all the Spanish speakers out there,


A real real real Weeaboo channel for everyone! With tons of wigs, make-up and last but not least, the color pink is everywhere! The girl is obviously crazy for Japan and would love to look like a real Japanese in her own way. Check out her Japanese adventures and other videos of her world as a real Weeaboo. By the way the pics are very tricky as I saw from her videos she is likely above 30 or even 40 years old only this is hard to see at first because of the schoolgirl uniform the make up. An entertaining channel if you want to learn about Japan’s cute side.


Kelly is actually not only a Weeaboo but a pretty good makeup artist and also a singer which I find motivating. She is really into Sailormoon, she has pretty good videos on how to do anime style makeup. Her hair is mostly pink by the way and she is American. She also has a weird series of videos where she is actually impersonating Sailormoon.

download (6)
Asian girl looking like Caucasian looking like a Japanese anime character is a classic Weaboo setting

Now, this is not an ordinary weeaboo channel but I thought to share it with you for the pure knowledge on make up and anime style looks it delivers. It also represents all sorts of looks, make up and dressing styles for gothic, schoolgirl, gyaru and any other styles you can think of. The shee magic of make up is pretty amazing so if you are into make up check out this channel.


She is either English or Australian, lives in Japan as far as I could collect and she is a Weeaboo being crazy for the anime style dresses, make up and overall for Japan. As far as I could see she is also over or around her thirties, but if you want to learn what exactly she is doing in Japan, you would need to watch her videos, I couldn’t figure it out just yet. Her videos are obviously Japanese style with the Japanese cutesie music in the background. Besides Weeaboo stuff, you can see vlogs about her everyday life as well and there are some make up and styling tutorials on her channel too.

Tasty Peach-6

She has a twin together they also make content but Alexa on her own is a big Weeaboo, anime fan and an allround gaming fan. She is also quite an expert in terms of doing make up as far as I m concerned. With her being a large fan of cosplay anime dresses and style she also has a large range of videos on wig styling alone ( cutting, coloring etc.)


If you are looking for an allround cute channel with lots of cute and pink things and overall cuteness then this is definitely a fine Weeaboo channel for you. The videos are a larger range from DIY makeup and hairdo to Japan hauls and coloring hairs.


Another very pink channel with tons of unpacking, hairstyle, vlog style and overall extremely pink aesthetic this is my last pick on the list of some of the most known Weeaboo channels. This one would not openly discuss Japan as much as most others, but it’s clearly a big fan channel where you can see Hello Kitties, unicorns and such.

And a bonus channel worth mentioning

Taylor R


She is a Canadian girl who is modelling in Japan and other places in the world. She started out as a Weeaboo a few years back making Hafu – living doll style videos in Japanese and in English but she has since grown out of it and became a legit blogger on beauty, lifestyle and such. She lives in Japan and is soon getting married to a Japanese guy btw. Isn’t that what all weeaboo dream about?