Releasing my Patreon page

Dear Readers,

First and foremost thank you for following my blog over the time you are following it. I do my best to write about topics which I consider interesting to read about and which interest me and I’m glad you are reading my posts. I will of course keep on posting here.

Asking for or even counting on others’ support is challenging. All I have to prove myself is my content, so it’s a new challenge to take, to up my content to such a level so that anyone who subscribes would feel that a good thing to do.

However, I need to think about the future of my writing career and instead of having to perform poorly paid ghostwriting jobs, I thought to give a try and set up my Patreon page where I will post many of my more peculiar posts which need lots of research and work to come to fruition. I humbly ask you to help me on this journey. It’s not about to earn a profit, but rather about being able to pay the Business account over here, to help me continue and pursue my writing career. I have tons of new topics to come up with both over here and on my Patreon page.  Becoming a member really doesn’t cost a lot, it costs less than your daily coffee/tea/meal consumption. I will greatly appreciate and award all my subscribers with facts about Japan, magic, sciences, and other lesser-known issues.

In the upcoming days, I will upload my ” Weird Japan” and other Japanese culture related peculiar posts of mine on my Patreon site. Please visit my site by clicking here.

My decision is mainly due to the fact that I cannot set up subscription-based services or memberships due to my country of residence.

Upcoming posts would also cover manga, anime, otaku cultures, ghosts, mythical creatures, and a lot more in the near future.

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I’m also planning to nurture my other blogs and

I also have another blog on mental health but I simply have not much time to create posts on it just yet. Any idea what you would like to write about would be much appreciated.

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