The Best Youtube channels on K-beauty (and J-Beauty)

Originally I wanted to write this post about channels featuring both K-Beauty and J-beauty, but a few problems have arisen which I would describe below. All in all the Korean Dong Ahn image is based on the Japanese beauty standards. Due to Koreans being much more competitive about the worldwide selling of their products, they also made sure the majority of Korean brands, especially those they are selling in the US get a great deal of coverage. All the while Japanese don’t focus on selling their beauty products worldwide, apart from their luxury brands like Shiseido or SK-II.

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Korean beauty standards are largely based on Japanese beauty standards. One of the key products to represent Japanese beauty’s high quality is Shiseido

The problem with learning about J-beauty or Japanese beauty products

Japanese beauty products are way lesser-known or available to the larger audience and the reason for this is because the Japanese do prefer to keep it this way. To date, I haven’t found one single channel that would solely focus on Japanese beauty products and it’s in English. While there are high-end brands like Shiseido which Japan decided to be sold to the larger audience for sky-high prices, the skincare they use for real is to be kept in Japan largely. Also, their skincare products do not have English instructions and Japanese skincare companies also do not aim to get contracts with American or European cosmetic sellers, therefore Japanese products are not really talked about with the sole exception of Hada Labo’s Hylauronic acid range, which is just so good, that it just got hyped on its own right by several skincare channels.

Why there are almost no Youtube channels focusing on Japanese skincare products ( in English).



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Japanese skincare companies focus on Japanese customers

Sadly, this also means, that Youtube channels in the English language that would contain or focus on Japanese products only are hard to find. So, for now, we must be fine with Japanese beauty products being casually mentioned by all sorts of skincare and beauty channels. I am working on a separate post that’s solely about Japanese skincare products which are highly touted or which stand out for their quality or/and uniqueness.

UPDATE: After almost giving up I finally found one channel that I found good and authentic in terms of content and the channel is discussing Japanese products!

Youtube channel in English about Japanese products: 

Tina Tanaka Harris: after such a long time, finally I found an authentic channel that discusses Japanese beauty products also in-depth. I was very glad to find this channel which would introduce you to some of the best products such as Hatomugi which I discuss in my previous post about Japanese beauty products and practices.


What’s the key difference between K-Beauty and J-Beauty products? The key differences include quality, availability, marketability. Japan doesn’t need to sell its products worldwide while Korean skincare targets primarily the US with its products.

Beauty within – skincare for young women in their 20ies and 30ies

I like this channel but be careful, it can easily make you spend a lot of money

This is one of the largest channels on skincare led by two Asian American /Australian women in their late twenties early thirties based in New York. I really love their content but certainly, you need to take care as their enthusiasm can easily turn you a hoarder. But their content is great to learn about new products and to learn about cheaper alternatives. They largely use Korean beauty products, but occasionally also discuss Japanese beauty products too. They also discuss most problems especially Asian women concentrate on, such as acne, large pores, hyperpigmentation, skin brightening, etc. Both authors do have their individual youtube channels as well.

Gadgetlily – facial massage – skincare over 60

It’s a very nice, relaxing channel to watch

She is an Asian/American woman whose channel is very nice, featuring a really good, knowledgeable, and pretty professionally made content. Out of all, she features it’s her face massage videos which got the highest view count but all her other videos. She is fan of Shiseido products in the first place.

Liah Yoo –overall and brand

I highly respect Liah for her honesty

Liah is a Korean American girl/woman who has originally started as a vlogger then went ahead and created her own skincare called Krave beauty. her line targets acne-prone skin, skin barrier protection, and sunscreen. Regardless, what I find invigorating about her content is, that she is not pushing her own products and also discusses other products in her videos.

Wishtrend TV  – Korean channel for the website

This is a very entertaining channel to watch full of tips and advice

This is a real nice one. I wish there was one also done by Japanese. But at the same time, if the Japanese would do a channel on skincare it would be very similar to this one. This channel is primarily for the younger audience. It shares tons of skincare steps, guidance for teens. It also has tons of skincare routine videos for all sorts of skin types. I personally really enjoy its content and think it’s one of the best Korean channels in English on skincare. The sad part is, however, is that they are not fully unbiased as they only talk about skincare they sell on their website. However, as they say, they also use and test all the products they sell and build all skincare routines they present accordingly. This means Korean brands Fresh, Klairs, Cosrx, Wishtrend(their own), etc. I particularly like their videos featuring massage techniques. The channel has multiple hosts the key host Eunice has her own channel ( EnuUnni) to check out. Their website offers products for a good price and also always offers sales or extra prices for some products.

Kelly Driscoll – Korean beauty for caucasian/dry skin

Korean beauty all around

Kelly’s channel is really great to learn about all sorts of Korean products, particularly those which sell on the US market. Her skin is dryer which is also why I started to check her content ( I also have dry skin and as most channels trigger oily skin it’s not easy to find content for dry skin). Her opinion seems her own and there are tons of products and brands she is talking about.

Gothamista – all-round skincare trends, reviews, K-beauty, J-Beauty


Gothamista is an Asian American skincare expert and she covers cosmetics from all over the world but she also has the Asian approach to skincare which means a particularly ingredient-focused approach. I first started watching her videos when I was clueless about the Ordinary ( must be loved by all Asian vloggers).

Alicia Tan

I find Alicia’s videos quite handy and entertaining.

She offers a handful of videos on the highly touted „Glass skin” skincare steps and skincare routine and has some really good quality products to offer. Her channel is not solely skincare based, she also has makeup and lifestyle videos. She is using both Japanese and Korean skincare products.

Korean tiger – face massage

It’s a good channel to learn about DIY face massage techniques

Face massage is highly used both by Japanese and Koreans. This channel is one of the best when you are looking for face massage guidance. This channel has millions of views. Apparently, Asian women take face massage extremely seriously. And who knows, they can be right.

Kim Dao – Australia –Korea-Japan Japanese skincare, Korean skincare

Although K-beauty is not her sole focus, recently she does more videos about K-beauty products

Kim has lived in Japan for a couple of years and she also frequently visits South Korea, therefore she is somebody who is familiar with both the Japanese and South Korean skincare markets. Hers is one of the verrry few channels which more extensively talks about Japanese products, which Japanese really use.

Shiseido Youtube

representing the pinnacle of high-end Japanese skincare, this is a good channel to learn about Shiseido products

I’m aware this is very brand based, but I didn’t want to close this post without adding the very least one single channel that is about Japanese beauty products. Shiseido is one of the finest quality cosmetic companies out there, so all beauty products and beauty advice posted on this channel can surely be taken into account.


Beautyfymeeh doing all-round Japanese style pics here

If you are looking for a real authentic Korean youtube channel on Korean beauty of all sorts, this is a good channel to land on. Discussing K-beauty skincare, beauty and makeup products, the channel also has recipes, shares vlogs, and fashion videos.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are loads more channels that talk about Korean skincare products. I wanted to share those which I find the most authentic and the best in terms of learning about Korean (and Japanese) skincare products primarily.

Soo Beauty

Another Korean Youtube channel with worthwhile content on Korean skincare and K-beauty/J-beauty products.

I will follow this up with the representing of the Glass Skin tutorial and a post representing the best overall skincare channels on Youtube.

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