The Best Hijabi Makeup & Beauty Youtube channels

Hijabi Youtube Channels – not only for English speakers

Youtube has changed tremendously ever since I started to create my best of hijabi channels. First of all, read my article on hijabi YouTubers taking off their hijab which has basically signified an end of an era with Europe based hijabis. This is also the reason that hibaji and Muslimah content has started a huge decline since 2018. The other reason for the decline is, that many of the Muslimah YouTubers have given birth, which clearly takes their time off from youtube. Now, we are in a phase when we look forward to the emerging of new Youtubers who would further represent what hijabi style means and how to style hijab all in all. Now, that 2019 is closing, what I will attempt is, is to draw your attention to some of the new creators which I haven’t featured yet. I will also do my best to present some hijabi channels which feature their content in other languages, like in Indian, Arabic, and French this time around.

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What does Hijab signify?

Funnily enough, those who decided to take off the hijab didn’t really gain anything from this action. Also, it was those who were the strongest on the hijab not representing oppression of any sort. basically wearing a hijab is a choice. It is not specifically written in the Quran to wear a hijab. However, doing it requires tons of courage day by day, especially when you do so in countries that are generically non-Muslim. By wearing a hijab you make yourself a target. I believe this is the main reason why many decided not to wear a hijab any longer. Wearing a hijab is not easy especially to sync it with your face and make yourself still look good in the process. That’s why I have tons of respect for all those hijabis who didn’t give up on wearing the hijab despite living in a non-Muslim country.

these decorations which must be pretty unpleasant to wear are particularly in style in Egypt.

Hijab, niqab, turban and the sorts

The good, informational videos would also mostly teach viewers the key difference between hijab, niqab, hoojab and turban styles and also may help clear misunderstandings regarding these. All countries, tribes have their significant styles of wearing the hijab or niqab.

What sort of Hijabi channels was I looking for?

I was looking for channels that do give good quality, comprehensive information on not only hijab style but on the whole aspect of Muslim lifestyle from their own point of view. It’s not an easy task to find real enjoyable channels with such specific content, so I do hope I will do a good job and really represent you with good, meaningful content regardless of the number of subscribers. The other important factor was recent posts. I have excluded the Indian language Muslimah channels as their content is way too specific and limited to those who are actually Indian.

The importance of hijabi style channels:

I believe the hijabi style and lifestyle channels are important. First of all, it’s a fantastic source for those who want to become hijabi. Hijabi style can range from very basic to extra lavish styles. I feel it’s great to actually get inspiration from those who are wearing the hijab on a daily level. So, let these great ladies be a good inspiration for all those hijabis who may feel insecure or self-conscious and let them learn how many ways one can still be stylish while maintaining the hijab.


Amena hijab

British-Indian youtuber who has been on youtube for pretty long, she is today one of the key British hijabi YouTubers. She is one who I have previously had to mention at least in my blog that was about the most prominent hijabi Instagram accounts. There, unfortunately, aren’t so many hijabis whose voice can be heard internationally, therefore when it comes to choosing the best content, it’s very hard to find brand new faces only. I like her content as it’s very diverse. It contains every sort of video from hijab styling, makeup, fashion, lifestyle. She is happily married but to my happiness, she does not feature her husband in every single one of her videos. She is one of the extremely few if not the only one hijabi to have ever been featured in a L’oreal advertisement.

With love, Leena

American hijabi with an Arabic father and an American mother who has with the “fall” of other hijabis has become one of the most prominent hijabi YouTubers these days. She is also prominent on hijabi Instagram. She is working as a model for Muslimah or as they call it these days Modest fashion pieces. She is one of the very few who could actually achieve to get sponsorship deals with key brands such as Calvin Klein. Check out her video on how she became a hijabi. I’ve been listening to this channel while attempting to edit the cover for this post and it’s a good one! With all respect due, she does also not feature her husband in all her videos which I’m glad for ( I greatly dislike couples who act like one human being as I find that abnormal on many levels.)

withlove leena hijab



Sukaina is an Iraqi Arabic youtuber who spent her childhood in Morocco. She is an upcoming one so I will be happy if you give her a chance. Some of her videos are recorded in Arabic. She as I suppose lives in the UK. She has all sorts of videos covering hijab styles, lifestyle, cooking, makeup, DIY beauty products. Her channel is quite pleasant to watch so I can recommend it to everyone. She is married and a mom. She has a great interest in indoor plants and has plenty of advice on growing them as a specialty.



Saima is an Indian vlogger ( with Turkish ethnic heritage) who I think lives in Canada. She has tons of travel, makeup, and beauty related videos. I have decided to link her Orlando Florida travel vlog as I love travel videos. I like her content it seems interesting enough to check out.  I also like her makeup related videos. I haven’t checked her content for a while because I confused her with another vlogger who’s named Saima.

Sevis World

She is another upcoming youtuber who is Turkish and lives in Germany. Her vlogs are mainly in English though and she has literally tons of hijab tutorials. Recently she started to mix up her content with other topics as well I have a good feeling about her channel, so please check her out.

Sevis world hijab

Indian language Hijab and Niqab Youtube channels – Modest Lifestyle by Muna and Noshin Nower containing tons of HUUUGE and bulky hijab and niqab styles. Another one: Hijab with Sabha has tons of instructional hijab style videos featuring tons of colorful hijab style with music only.

Indian-English Hijabi vlogs

Femina and Shajin

This is an Indian-English channel. I’m not fond of couples’ channels but this one is really not that much of a couples’ channel. If she is trying more videos in English I think this channel has a good opportunity to become popular. It also contains lots of videos that were shot in India and lots of family vlogs all in Indian. It was a pleasurable experience so I can recommend this channel. It has also some great cooking videos.


French language Hijabi channels I found interesting:

Hello Cocoon and Salima le vaut bienSalima Hijab francaise 2

hello cocoon francaise

Both these channels seem great choice hijabis who speak French!

Hijabi Youtube channel in Arabic



it’s still challenging to find proper youtube hijabi channels in Arabic ( with English search I must add) so the only channel of a name I could come up is this one I have already mentioned earlier in my post regarding Hijabi Instagram influencers.

I hope you like this post. I wish I could feature more channels and I promise I keep on looking but to be honest, this is a changing and challenging period for hijabis. In a few years, new vloggers will take over hijabi Youtube.

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