My review channel soon to arrive

After all the time spent reviewing and writing about Asian cosmetics, I must say that it brought me the inspiration to start to release my own reviews, based on my own experiences with all the products I would write about.

I’ve always wanted to see a review site, where reviews are absolutely unbiased but ended up disappointed from time to time, as most sites are exclusively writing about the brands which support them this or that way.

I am not planning to focus on Asian brands but would focus on brands from all over the world in any and every price range. So, with this in mind I want this to be a 100% honest review site, based on my own skin, my own trials, and experiences.

Testing a cosmetic product takes months not days. Mostly, it takes a lot of time to see if a product works really well ( unless you get an instant reaction which is bad news at all times)

I want to discuss cosmetics from all around the world from all price range from hot, trendy products to vegan products, to the old favorites. if I see interest developing I may also dig in more into the ingredient lists and tell you what’s good and what’s not. I’m ready to also test out and write about indie brands and give readers the chance to buy these as well when given the opportunity.

My review site is not yet active but it’s going to be here on WordPress it is to become in the upcoming week, depending on my free time. My first release would go through a brand that’s very popular recently. I hope, you will like my site.

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I will re-release this post with the proper web address as soon as my website is released. The address is