The best Muslimah YouTube Channels

The best Muslimah YouTube channels: revisited and refreshed as a special for Muharram the Islamic New Year. 

This was originally a Ramadan post back in the day and now, it’s become an Eid and Islamic New Year special post ( Islamic New Year this year will be held on 18th August 2020) yet a lot has changed in the Muslim social media world, lots of hijabis took off their hijab, as the continuous stress of being visibly Muslim finally took a toll on them. Now, there is a new generation of hijabis who are joining social media adding some very meaningful content, in terms of Muslim mindset and lifestyle who are really worth checking out.

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In this mini-article, I’d like to introduce you to some of my current favorite Muslim YouTube Channels which I particularly like watching during Ramadan. While some of these bloggers were also included in my Top 10 Arabic YouTube Channel series, you can bet that there will be some changes and some novelties included too.

Naima Wazuki


She is among the newer hijabi content creators whose content is not really about fashion but rather concentrates on lifestyle, Muslim religion, and all the questions that may come up while wanting to get married to somebody not originally Muslim or not from that culture. She has an Italian husband so she may really know. She also shares tons of cultural aspects of being Muslim. I really find her content very interesting, so check her out.

Haute Hijab – the US


Another channel to seriously check out from Melanie a US hijabi blogger, who has Arabic origins. She works in the world of fashion, so expect lots of hijabi fashion-related content. This blog is among the very few which is authentic, which has more than one type of content, which mixes lifestyle videos with hijabi fashion and style and there is lots of food of thought. She would also discuss questions on what’s halal, what’s haram and other Muslim religion-related topics, questions, debates. Her content has plenty of great locations via her travel blogs overall her content is very engaging and can keep you watching for quite a long time.

Honest Tea Talk


This is a great channel which consists of faith, Muslim lifestyle-related conversations between Muslimahs, Muslim men and they discuss tons of very good topics, regarding marriage issues, family issues, acceptance related issues. In addition, there are lots of topics that are not connected to religion, such as struggling with depression, how to exercise self-love, improving health and lifestyle and so much more. The best thing about it is that you can see lots of people, many of whom were born in Muslim families while others are converted to the Muslim religion from every culture and race.


Daniela m Biah.

Daniela M. Biah

The half Palestinian half Mexican beautiful Daniela has been quite big on releasing Muslim Girl and Muslimah lifestyle hack videos and I’m very glad about that. I think it’s just never enough from funny educational videos out there and she is doing a great, quality job. She has also released some Ramadan Vlog videos and her work is so good that they are very finely distracting and entertaining at the same time. While Daniela is not one who wants to wear a hijab she could see the opportunities that hijabi and Muslimah culture can offer for her, so lately her posts are much more focused on the Muslim religion, lifestyle, marriage,  hijabi, and Muslim dressing and makeup. Since I wrote this blog she got married to a Muslim guy who she would not show in her videos.



If you already checked out my other post regarding the the top hijabi instagram accounts to follow then you will surely know she is among the biggest names on Instagram for a few years now. The sad news is that the youtube content of this beautiful Lebanese lady is wholly in Arabic. So, in case you don’t speak Arabic, you can head on to Instagram to check her photos, which need no further explanation.

  1. Subhi Taha


I have only come to learn about Subhi only recently through Sid and Dina’s channel where they recently released a couple of collab videos. Subhi is an Arab guy who lives in the US and I think he can serve as a great role model for the modern Muslim guys out there. He is teaching a lot about the Muslim religion, lifestyle and of course, he also has his own set of Ramadan videos. Subhi has since gotten married and preparing to become a family man.

  1. Fafo  – Arabic!


Here we are again with another lovely Arabic DIY channel which I really fell for recently. Fafo is a girl who will not show herself but it’s not bothering one little bit because she is creating some amazing things. Especially when it comes to food which are all really yummy!  Listening to her channel is awesome for relaxing, it’s definitely inspiring and I simply love it!

  1. Noor Stars – Arabic with English subtitles


This is a lovely funny channel of Noor who I suppose is Egyptian (but tell me if I’m wrong! I don’t yet speak Arabic) as an extra, the channel is fantastic for all those who don’t speak Arabic as they are subtitled and this is definitely a great help. Noor has a huge selection of funny videos which are great and also distracting from the fasting (and also from the daily stress all in all) I definitely suggest this channel for all Muslimah out there to check out.

  1. Alkhattaf Sisters – Arabic


I think hijabi and Muslimah communities need much more fun and laugh and this channel of the Al Khattaf Sisters is exactly about that. Being a Muslimah is not like being a nun. You don’t have to be holy all the time. Hijabis need a good laugh and we need to be aware of the fact that despite you wear a hijab that should never limit you or hold you back from being a genuinely fun-loving creative person. I like this channel and I love to listen to it, despite the fact that I do not yet speak Arabic so I don’t understand what they talk about. The leading sister also has her own channel called Khattafya where she represents jokes, fun stuff and plays with the SIMS as well. This is more of a vlog sort of channel. I don’t know where the sisters live and where they are from, so if you know it, please let me know.


Update: I’m almost sure they are Egyptian

Well, that is all for today I hope you liked this blog and it helps you find some really good and thought evoking Muslim content out there.

I have been planning to release a guide on Arabic only YouTube channels which are fun, entertaining and educating for hijabis and Muslimahs. While started as a Ramadan post, this will be converted to a Happy New Year post! Happy Muharram to all my Muslim readers!!

Please check out my other posts on Arabic and Hijabi social media best of which you can find with the help of my newly improved menu that you can see by clicking on “Karas Blogs” on top. Happy Eid and Happy Islamic New Year.