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This is just a snippet in itself, where I’d like to share my other blogs with you. I have recently done some makeovers which made me very proud. The fact I’ve got no following on those blogs is probably thanks to the fact that it’s on Blogger and that G+ is not yet that strong in itself. It lacks tons of features ( I cannot for instance look for others’ blogs in various topics). By next year I will probably import everything on this site and will purchase my own domain over here so I can have everything in one place. Until then I would be glad if you gave them a check and like my posts if you would like to.

Moroccan travel blog

Click on the pic to visit my Morocco Travel blog

I have started blogging on Blogger and I thought to start up with a country I really love and respect and which I have visited several times. It’s Morocco. I thought my tips and advice will be useful for everyone who has plans travelling there and for those who don’t yet know much about it. I have around 30 posts there in various topics. Some of my first posts I have also posted in here, but as I’ve learned more about SEO I also learned that duplicate information in fact works against us bloggers, so I’ve only done it with two maximum 3 blogs parts of which I have since re-edited.

Moroccan food, recipes and traditions

Please visit my blog on Moroccan cuisine and traditions

I love Moroccan food and Moroccans have their own specific cuisine, which is in fact among the best and tastiest in the world. I would love to make this blog larger, share more thoughts, information and recipe with all of you. I also wrote about the world famous Moroccan mint tea, the Argan oil and other things very unique to Morocco. I would be more than happy if you checked it out and let me know your opinions.

Venice travel tips

Visit my blog on this fantastic place Venice Italy

I’ve been to Venice more than 30 times and it’s like my second home. I thought to put my experience in words and share some travel tips and info with everyone on this lovely, magical place which happens to be worldwide unique too.

Moroccan Riads 

This is an offbeat of the original Moroccan Travel tips blog and I plan to further enlarge it with information on Moroccan hotels, resorts, spas and riads these lovely traditional homes which were transformed into a so-called mini-hotel. I see lots of possibilities in this blog as everyone wants to stay at an authentic place when they visit a country and for Morocco nothing can be more authentic than a Riad or a Dar Please give it a check and let me know your opinions.

I’d love to have your opinions, suggestions on how to make these blogs ( and this one) more professional looking and finally how to import all of them into one large blog.

My 6th blog will be on arts and fashion but I still need some time to work on it. I also plan to revisit this blog’s design to make it more enjoyable for all the readers. If you have any suggestions, templates you are  using for your own blog please let me know. And finally if you also have your own blog, please let me know, I’d like to give everyone a follow who follows me. Also, all new follows are more than welcome 🙂

Wishing everyone a great week, more blogs are on the way!


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