The toxic world of self-help

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The Toxic world of self-help on the internet

It’s been a while I posted real full posts, due to many reasons. Most of all, however I had to have the time to think about what I really wanted to write about, which may be of people’s interest. I have decided to come up with a revealing series about the dangers of self-help and the effects of internet gurus of which there are numerous.

We all want to make money. But is it fair to make money selling fake promises? Probably not. But so many industries have been selling nothing but a promise with success for many decades now. Internet influencers, “teachers”, “gurus” are no exception from that. I wanted to gain an insight in their world, while resisting being swept in and would like to present a hopefully useful revealing series for everyone who want to better themselves without making other people rich without a cause in the process.

At least, in most cases

I want to explore numerous subjects in separate posts:

  • How and when self-help can turn really toxic to an individual and all the people around them.
  • Are all the self help methods only worth of fools’ gold?
  • I want to introduce to you to some of the biggest names of the business and tell you how they operate
  • I want to break down some of these gurus modus operandi according to their agenda.
  • I want to write about the myth of and beliefs regarding the so popular „manifesting” which so many internet gurus use in their agenda. I also want to write about all the reasons why people are so keen to propagate this technique.
  • I want to reveal the best and most often used marketing techniques by internet gurus, to lure people in their net.
  • I want to reveal the whole online marketing net, so often used by internet gurus to keep and make people more attached to them and their agenda.
  • When business turns into cult : I want to write about the signs of influences who want to create a cult.
  • I want to write about the skills which we must be born with and those which we can train to become better.
  • If I’m not myself, then who am I?  – Lastly, I’d like to write a few helping words on how every single person must force themselves to find their own way of making money and create happiness in their lives.

What I’d like to ask from you is the following:

  • please comment and let me know which of these topics you would like to read about the most
  • any questions which come to your mind, which you would be happy to read about.
  • I’d like to open discussions about internet gurus, I’d like to hear stories good and bad about them.

I’m already planning a continuing series where there will be talks about the dangers of exaggerating today’s biggest Clean, eco and other green trends, such as the clean beauty, veganism, minimalism and so on.